Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello to all of the Blog Stalkers and my NKOTB recap

So I am the top blog over at Blog Stalkers Unite this week. HELLO!!!! If you have never been here before welcome....a little warning.....I sometimes use dirty words and make fun of people, places and things....other than that I am pretty cool!! I have an awesome husband and 2 kids that prevent me from sleeping.....they are 5 and almost 3. Here are some of the best of the best.....or the worst of the pick!

TheTaleoftheDragonandtheQueen or why I hate geese

I get cranky when you don't say my name correctly

I used to be cool

I hate winter

Mommies gone wild

Give your period the respect that it deserves

pee standing up. you know you want to

And for those of you who already know me.......let me just say.....BEST. NIGHT. EVER. Sorry to have left you all Hanging (Tough <----like that New Kids humor) but alas I did not run away with Joey McIntyre this weekend. Though not for lack of desire trust me. My husband dropped me and BFF Jess of at the bar to meet BFF Liz and our awesome DD Paul.....we drank until the show started. Okay, and during. When those lights went out and those HOT HOT guys (except for 2 of them) came up out of that stage I thought I was going to pee my pants. They are AWESOME!!!! 20,000 screaming women.....I took some video but you can hardly hear it because of all of the screaming. My voice is shot to hell today and I think I am still hungover but it was one of the best times I have ever had!

The average age was probably early 30s.....some girls came out in New Kids shirts (my favorite was the pregnant chick with her shirt all tight around her baby bump) some girls had HUGE buttons, some had signs. It was INSANE.

If they come your way and you loved them back will love them 100 times more now! I totally wanted to stalk their hotel room like the 90210 kids did for Color Me Badd.

When DD Paul dropped me off at my house I spent 5 minutes trying to get my key in the door only to hear later that Joe left the door unlocked for me. Yeah vodka!!

Sorry I don't have pics.....they are on facebook and I cant get on there from work.

30 people fed my need for attention:


I knew you would have a blast!! It was soooooo much fun!!


I am glad you had a great time, if only Jordan would call me, we would have such a great time together.

NKOTB rule!!!!


Glad you had a great time!

I am a fan of your blog! Come over to my site and get a fan award:)

Hope you had a great weekend!


You're on facebook... Now, I'm gonna have to find you there... and stalk! :0)


Wow, totally missed that. You're added soon as you go home and hit accept, that is. LOL

Connie Weiss

I'm a little disappointed that my fantasy of you running away with Joey didn't come true...but for the sake of your children (and your thoughtful husband) I'm glad it didn't!

Sound like a great time! Whoo Hoo for being hung over two days later!


Congrats on being Top Blog at BSU. That's where I'm stopping by from today.

And I wanted to see NKOTB SO bad when they were here in LA and missed them. Glad to know it was a fun show!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I would have loved to see that pregnant lady with the shirt. That sounds hilarious to me right now!!


Yay! Congrats! Love it!


LOL Awesome! I liked going back to read past entries- a couple I haven't seen before. I'm a fan!


I'll probably spotlight you on my blog for Tuesday Toodles sometime- let me know if that's ok with you.

Kristina P.

Congrats on being Top Blog! You deserve it!

And I am so sad I didn't go to the concert when they were here.


You are so funny! The NKOTB were very big when I was a tween/teen, but I was not big into them. It sounds like you had a fantastic time! Congrats on being Top BLog!

E @ Scottsville

Well, please tell me you PLAN to upload pics on Facebook soon?! Surely!?



Congrats on being top blog. I love that goose story!

Have a great day.

Bee and Rose

Congratulations on your top blog status! You are on a winning streak, girly!

I thought about you over the weekend and wondered just how hung over you were?!


Congrats on winning the top blog award, I slid over here to read your fun stories. You deserve the honor. I found your fine stories to be very entertaining, and, I dare say, informative! I will never look at bolts of printed fabric the same again! Pat yourself on the back for a blog well done. Happy Monday to you, Love from "Mrs. Slug" in Oregon


Oh, and by the way....back in the summer of 1991 I bought a plastic NKOTB mug from a grocery store at the band's height of fame. It got squished and broken over time, but I remember it fondly and send the spirit of the mug to you today! If it were still intact, I would would send it to you with a little hair of the dog that bit you as a token of my appreciation for your blog! xoxoxox, Mrs. Slug


I hate key holes when I have been drinking. They should make special keys especially for drunk people. I should work on inventing that...

Glad you had a good time!!

Kami's Khlopchyk

Well you did it up right! Glad you had a good time :)


Happy Top Blog, thanks for the great NKOTB story! Visiting from BSU and what a beautiful family!

Jim Brochowski

Glad you had a good time!


NKOTB is coming to Connecticut in June! Arrgh! Kitten wants tickets!

Glad you loved it!

Domestically Disabled Girl

Ahh, now you need to post pics for us, you know, so we can live through you!


i am so jealous, i was so in love with the new kids when i was a girl. i mean a teenager, there's been no sex change:) i never did get to see them in concer though.....yea for top blog!

Hey Mama where's my...

Glad you had a great time!! I am so jealous :) I added you to facebook yesterday but then realized you may not know it was me. I feel better than I did yesterday but your comment made me laugh and that helped tremendously~ Thanks, have a great day!


Congrats on the Top Blog feature.


I'm happy to hear you had a good time. I can only imagine what those women were like. LOL

Kelley with Amy's Angels

OH MY WORD!! I saw them in October in Minneapolis and LOVED IT. For the record, Joe pointed at me when he was on the stage. I swear it. Check out my blog posts (check the archives--in October). I've got video and everything!


I'm glad you had so much fun! =)

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