Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition:1

Good morning and welcome to the first edition of "The Kids Said WHAT?". In keeping with the constant joke that is raising my little heathens angels my children pretty much gave me nothing this past week. Nada. But that is okay because mommy has an endless brain and will just have to pull from there this week. So, although not all of them happened this past week we will just pretend that they did. Hopefully by the end of this blog I will have figured out where and how to add Mr Linky so that you can play along! Oh, and snag the button too....I made it myself thankyouverymuch.

Mallory has given me the following nuggets.....
The other day while hopping onto the potty she bumped her head on the cabinet and in true Mallory fashion proceeded to behave like the world was coming to an end. I told her that she had to calm down so she could go potty and she said....."And then I can cry again??" Thinking that this would be the end of it I replied "Yes baby, and then you can cry again" She stops crying proceeds to go potty, hops down and begins to cry again.

In keeping with this theme....the other day (and this has happened more than once) she was pissed about something and started to cry and after a few minutes I asked her if she was done yet. "NO, I want to cry all day!!!!!!" Well then.

While in the car with my mother my mom asked the kids if they wanted to play the "quiet" game (silly maw maw). She proceeded to say "Ready.....GO" to which Mallory promptly responded....."I'm out!!"

On to big brother Pierce whose 5 year old wisdom never fails to amaze me.
While watching TV with Mallory an infomercial for some sort of toy came on and Mallory said "ohhhh, I want that!!!" and Pierce responded " have to be 18 to order!"

My Ohio State peeps will appreciate this conversation....
"Mommy if you smell something that means it smells bad"
"No bud, if you smell something it can smell either good OR bad and if something smells bad sometimes we say it stinks"
"oh, well the lemon does not stink"
"nope, lemons smell good"
"well you know what DOES stink?"

And lastly this conversation between the two of them about a month ago.....The hands are full, Pierce, Mallory and I are heading downstairs to leave for the day when I realized that Mallory's shoes were next to my bed. I asked Pierce if he would please go find them for me since I had other stuff in my hands and off he went to grab them. As soon as he catches up to us (and I should have known better) her majesty says "NO, I want to find them!!!!!!!"

Pierce looks in total annoyance at his sister. Drops them right there on the floor in the hallway and said...."There.....find them."

And walked away.

Here's hoping that they actually give me something to use for next week so I don't have to go digging. Punks.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(almost) Wordless Wednesday- Because I Am Too Lazy To Make A Big Deal About It....

Although it would be pretty cool to get 200 comments on my 200th post like I did with 100 on my 100th.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

I ♥ Faces - At The Beach, and Why It Sucks To Be Mallory's First Boyfriend

Before I post my entry for I ♥ Faces I wanted to post what I am sure most of you already know....Sweet Baby Stellan is back in the hospital and not doing very well at all. Please send up a prayer for him and his Dr's so that they can find out how to make him well again.

This picture is from our trip to Holden Beach earlier this month. I love her smile and how she is just kind of off to the side. Head over to I ♥ Faces to see more entries!

So I imagine that face is bound to get some male attention down the road yes? Let me recap an incident that occurred on Friday at daycare. Pierce has been mentioning a new "friend" in his class by the name of Phoenix. Apparently the 2 of them are not getting along all that well. He has mentioned on more than one occasion that he does not like her and that she is mean. I pretty much just told him to not play with her if she is mean.

So I get there on Friday and it is later in the day so they had combined preschool and Pre K and they were out on the playground together. The first thing he does when I get outside is run up to me and tell me how Phoenix had just ran Mallory over with a tricycle. "Oh know she DI-ENT" was my first thought. Before I could even respond he took off running. I did not think much about it since Mallory was still playing and seemed to be fine. I was talking to one of the teachers when I heard someone yell his name. It appears that after he ran off from me, Pierce had gone over to the swings and proceeded to kick this little girl each time she swung up. She started smacking him back. Before it got to out of hand I yelled at him to come back over to me.

The teacher was trying to get him to apologize and he was not having any part of it (duh, he was not sorry) and he wound up starting to cry. I told him that he was NOT in trouble but that it was not okay to use his hands or feet on other kids ESPECIALLY not a girl. I praised him for wanting to stick up for and protect his little sister but told him it was not okay to hit. I personally was having a hard time not wanting to kick her myself actually.

I can only IMAGINE what this scene will look like when they are both in high school together and Mallory has her heart broken for the first time. God help the kid who does it

Funny thing is later that night they were back to wanting to kill each other. Apparently it is okay for HIM to beat on his sister so long as no one else is doing it

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear So and So

Another Friday, another list of things that just need to be said. HAPPY FRIDAY!! Before I get into berating people places and things I need to note....THIS is my 198th post. How in the HECK did that happen? If you missed my 100th you can find it HERE. I don't so much think I will be shooting for 200 things about me OR 200 comments. Perhaps I will just let it slide on by. Maybe I will do a give a way, maybe I will just ask for presents. Anyone want to sponser a giveaway? Anyone? Bueller?

Dear eBay Seller,
Hi, I'm Cammie. You may note by my 100s of positive feed backs that I have been around the eBay block a few times. I love me some eBay. Last week when I bought 3 pairs of size 5 navy shorts off of you for my son's new school uniform I was super excited to be getting them for $6. I was NOT however super excited to see you charge me $10.95 to ship them. Really? $10.95 for 3 pairs of little boy shorts? Did you forget to take the lead pipes out of the pockets? Now I will take a tiny bit of blame for not paying attention to the shipping cost but never have I paid that much for shipping so I just did not think to pay attention. Imagine my further surprise when I found out that you were NOT shipping from Europe which could have been the ONLY reason for such a high cost. I also find it amusing that when I called you out on it you refunded my money without further discussion. Chicken.
My feedback is higher than yours,

Dear Chipolte,
Oh how I love your Mexican goodness. You rice is always perfected with just enough lime and cilantro, your chips just enough salt...but better than that is your sour cream. No other Mexican restaurant can perfect your sour cream which has a constancy like no other. How DO you make your sour cream that it does not just plop in the middle of my chicken fajita bowl but oozes off of the spoon to spread nicely across the top. I'm honestly not sure I want to know but I thank you Chipotle and shall forever remain....
A Loyal Customer

Dear Nintendo,
I love my Wii. I love that I can download old school games such as Super Mario Brothers and Punch-Out onto my Wii console. In fact I love it so much I may end up sending you the bill when I get carpal tunnel. Please....for the love of all that is holy.....give me Super Pitfall!! That is WAY cooler than some of the random crap that I can find. I promise to still feed my children if you give me Super Pitfall.
Yours until my hands go numb,

Dearest Mallory,
Mommy loves you so very much. I'm not a huge fan of sharing my bed with you for half of the night. Let's be honest....most of the time I'm not even fond of sharing it with your daddy. I realize that I am SO lucky that you were night potty trained within weeks of being day trained but did you REALLY have to choose my bed for your first accident? That was your gimme. Do it again and we may have to press the issue of you sleeping in YOUR bed. Trust me, I look forward to that battle less than you do.

Dear Punk Ass Kid In Swim Class,
So I hear from your big brother who was sitting next to me that you got kicked out of pre-school. LE GASP!! Really??? With such behavior such as spitting water in kids faces I would never have guessed. You really are a cute kid but I'm going to need you to stay away from my kid. And yes he IS that gullible that when you told him your name was scarface last night he proceeded to call you that throughout the class.
Don't Make Me Drown You,
Pierce's Mommy

Dear Rambler,
I told you so.
Cammie Cullen

And Finally... To My Darling Husband,
I survived the week with you out of town. Barely. I hate when you leave and I sleep like crap just WAITING for someone to come and kill me. It did not help that the damn cat would "knock" on the door in the middle of the night. You get home tonight. My scrapbook stuff is packed and by the door. Don't call.
With All My Love,
Your Wife.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Life According To.......

My life, according to...
The rules to this game are:
1) Answer the questions as well as you can, but using only song names from one artist.
2) Try not to repeat a song title
3) Pick your own artist, leave mine alone (to quote someone).
4) Tag a bunch of friends. Tag, you're it.

So I first saw this on The Wife O Riley's blog and I thought it would be super fun to do. I thought about what singer/band I would use. And I thought MADONNA....she is awesome, she is timeless....she is already used on Tooj's Blog. Well Crap. Then I thought about Sarah McLachlan or the Indigo Girls but they were a little too obscure. Well, who else do I love? Duh, The New Kids!!

So here is my life according to them!

1. Are you a male or female? Cover Girl
2. Describe yourself: Hangin Tough
3. How do you feel? Twisted
4. Describe where you currently live: Games (toys anyway)
5. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? New Kids on The Block (this IS a song and since they don't have one about a tropical destination I will have to use this...)
6. Your favorite form of transportation: Step by Step
7. Your best friend is: My Favorite Girl
8. Your favorite color is: White Christmas (okay, not really but this is HARD)
9. What's the weather like? Summertime
10. Favorite time of day: Tonight
11. If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Call It What You Want
12. What is life to you? The Right Combination
13. Your relationships: I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
14. Your fear: If You Go Away
15. What is the best advice you have to give? Baby, I Believe In You
16. If you could change your name, you would change it to:-Mrs Right
17. Thought for the day: This One's for the Children
18. How I would like to die: Dirty Dancing
19. My soul's present condition: Keep on Smilin'
20. My motto: Don't Cry

One final note....I think I am going to use THURSDAYS for my edition of "The kids said WHAT?" You have a week to stalk up on their juicy bits of random. Have fun!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Would you play?

My kids crack my ass up every single day. The random stuff that comes out of their mouth blows my mind. Since they never shut up. Mallory has even started talking in my sleep which of course I know because she is always in my freaking bed.

So I was thinking.....I know mine are not the ONLY ingenious children who say the most random things, hard to believe I know because they are so fabulous. Any of you feel the need to document their little nuggets of wisdom ala blog carnival? Ive always envied MckMama and her NMM (Now NMKM) and the owner of Wordless desire for a button and a Mr Linky is wanting to just burst free. So, who would play? Does not even have to be YOUR kid. Who wants to name it? What day is free so as not to pee on anyone else's carnival?

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Reason #233 Why Boys Are Dumb

I got a new toy over the weekend. It's pink, it's 10 inches and it brings me great pleasure.....want to know what it is?

Now that your minds are out of the gutter you little pervs let me tell you about my new toy! It appears that Joe and I I have a problem sharing. Each night after our kids are in bed I would plop down on the couch and proceed to monopolize the laptop for as long as I felt need to do so. I'm a busy girl, what with building my virtual zoo on facebook and chatting with my mommy board friends. Now granted we have a desktop in another room but it is very far away from the TV and neither of us would sacrifice our shows to go use the crappy computer in the other room. Finally Joe got tired of my bitching and decided that we could get my pretty pink dell mini!!

On to the reason why boys are dumb....Seriously....why can guys not ASK FOR HELP when they need it? Why do they think they can do everything all by themselves? I swear I want to tell him that even though he CANT fix our broken dishwasher he is still good in bed....the 2 are NOT related. I remember back when I was pregnant with Pierce and we had just moved into our house.....he came home one day with tons of pipes mumbling some nonsense about re-doing some GAS pipes in the basement. I picked my poodle up and headed to my mom's for the day and told him to call me when he was done if he did not blow up the house.

I digress. This issue is about my pretty pink laptop and how I needed it hooked up to the Internet NOW. Now Joe is a smart guy and he actually does know how to set up wireless on a new computer....he did it with the soon to no longer be shared laptop and I was not at all concerned that he would not be able to get my new one set up. Until he couldn't. Apparently doing the normal thing that you do to set up a laptop to wireless was not working. That was the first night. The second night I told him that he should just call the Dell 24 hour customer service line. An hour later he is still sitting there looking at my laptop. Whenever Joe is fixing something or putting it together (Pierce's bike, a table that we bought, ect) I can guarantee that 2 things will come out of his mouth at some point. "This doesn't make any sense" and "sonofabitch". I again encourage him to call Dell to which he told me that I could call them if I wanted to. mmmmmmkay. FINALLY he concedes and gives them a call.

10 minutes later my laptop is up and running. Apparently my screen resolution was all jacked up and there was a little box that could not be seen that needed checked.

10 minutes later.

Boys are dumb.

(He also told me that the first thing he was going to do once he took posession of the old laptop was remove my Twilight wallpaper and replace it with some hot chick background. When he wasnt looking I replaced it with a picture of me. HA)

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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Parade of Homes makes me sad, how I spent my weekend blind, and I heart New Kids on the Block

This past week has been a bit on the crazy side. I did not post much last week and I finally figured out why. Not only was I crazy busy but a little crisis hit my family last week that pretty much took a big steamy one on my desire to try and come up with anything fun for the blog. I did not post about it here in my desire to pretend all is well in the world of me. Anyways, last Saturday my mom had a TIA which is a mini stroke. It sounds much worse than it is but it still sucked. She was taken to the ER after the left side of her body went numb and she could not walk very well. By the time I got there that morning they had ruled out major stroke and her symptoms were going away. A TIA has stroke like symptoms but there are no permanent problems like with a major stroke. She was not admitted, they sent her home and she has since had some tests with her Dr and nothing has shown up. So, I spent most of last week calling her every 5 seconds to check on her, hung out with her on Monday and finally just as of this weekend have chilled out a little. I was even able to toss her a couple "don't have a stroke mom" jokes. Now my biggest concern is that her and my step dad who is retired are home together for ANOTHER week of marital bonding and I hope that they don't kill each other

While I was not calling my mommy every 2 seconds I had a few dates this past week. None were with my husband so I did not have to put out which is always a bonus. On Wed I went with BFF Brandy to see the new Harry Potter movie which was FANTASTIC. Also fantastic were the 2 sangria's I sucked down prior to the movie. Even more fantastic is that I did not have to leave the movie to go potty one time....yeah for my bladder.

Thursday's date was with BFF Jenn to our annual buzz kill called the Parade of Homes. We spent 2 hours hating people we don't know for having houses WAY cooler than ours. Some of my favorite's this year....a theater room with a planetarium type ceiling, huge walk in showers with no doors and heated floors, wine cellars and vacuums built into secret holes in the wall. Even I would run the sweeper if I could just pull a hose out of the wall in each room. After pretending I was rich I went home to clean cat vomit off of the floor and wipe up my non ceramic kitchen counters.

Friday. Sigh, oh Friday. Friday morning as I lay in bed with my evil precious daughter.....the one who needs to START SLEEPING IN HER OWN BED I reached over and pulled a "mom". By that I mean I went to swipe a booger out of her nose with my finger. And she put her finger in my eye. In her effort to swat my hand away she stabbed me in the eye with her pointy little finger. I swear I saw fireworks. I had to call Joe because I could not see, make him come home and we had to go to the ER. I had lasik not even a year ago and I was so scared that she jacked up my "flap" which is the cut they have to make to fix your eye. 2 hours later I leave with a diagnosis of 2 corneal abrasions, some eye drops, and an RX for vicodin. Really? Vicodin? They also tried to give me a tetanus shot which I was a finger nail, not a rusty nail (Nurse Heather, Nurse Janeen, want to weigh in on why they tried to stick me?) The last time I took that I had a BABY cut out of me. Now, that is not the biggest crisis of Friday. The biggest crisis of Friday was that I had a date with BFF Liz to watch the web cast of the New Kids on the Block concert at her house. And I was NOT missing it. She had to come and get me (thanks!!) since I could not see out of one eye and take me back to her place. The concert was AWESOME. Even out of one eye. My vision is STILL not back to was better on Sat (meaning I could open the other eye)but still not perfect. Hopefully in a few more days. So, how was YOUR week?

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Because I got nothing today.......

How about some pics? These were shot by our wedding photographer Karla Banks!!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

A Plethora Of Randomness

So I thought about a blog post today but really I have nothing going on up in my head but a whole lot of random. I will share it with you. You're Welcome

This past weekend we went to the Kalahari which is a super awesome indoor water park up by Lake Erie. Pierce looooooooves the Kalahari, loves it so much that it is usually a fight when we have to leave. Some observations from our time there...

Mallory spent a week bitching at the beach. She did however enjoy the water park. She played in the toddler area and even let herself get wet. At one point she even sat at the very edge of the wave pool. Does anyone see the irony in this?

Why do teenagers (and in some cases adults) feel the need to wear the smallest bikini ever to a WATER PARK. Do you want your boobs to pop out? I fear that in most cases the answer to this is yes.

Some people who wear bikinis should not. Period

I am OLD not as young as I used to be. I don't recall needing to take an Aleve after a day of water park fun when I was younger. Water slides hurt your back.

The lazy river is meant to be LAZY. I wanted to drown asshole kids who were running through it with no flotation device to be seen

Mallory was supposed to start pre-school today. Keep in mind that pre-school is down the hall in the same building from where her toddler class is. She knew she was supposed to go to a new class today and she talked a good game over the weekend. Today she told me that she would go in 5 days. She was dropped off in the toddler class so as not to traumatize her. And by her I mean her new teachers

My sister and I have been in a disagreement for a few months that involves her treatment of our mother. That is putting it nicely. Today I tried to talk to her over text about how we needed to act like adults around her and not get into some screaming match that will stress out our mom. I asked her if she thought we could manage that and she told me to go fuck myself. I guess that answers that question.

I have 2 dates this week and neither of them are with my husband. I'm kind of excited because since they are not with my husband I wont have to put out. The first is on Wed with BFF B. I am going to see the much anticipated new Harry Potter movie. I cannot freaking wait! Friday I have a date with BFF Liz....we are going to the New Kids on the Block concert. Okay, we are streaming it live into her big screen TV but don't think I still wont throw my panties at them and lick the screen. I'm sure BFF Liz wont mind so long as I am not licking Donnie.

Happy Monday!

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mallory vs. The Toy

Yesterday I came home to quite a circus of drama. I could hear the screaming as soon as I got out of the car. There is nothing quite like coming home from work to total and complete chaos is there?

So picture it with me. I open the door and step in the house. Mallory is sitting on the chair screaming her face off. A toy hamster is stuck to the side of her head

This toy was bought at a Cracker Barrel on the way home from DC when we realized that we pretty much had nothing for her as a present. It is a stupid hamster that runs around in a ball, or you can take it out of the ball and let it go. The kids named it Rhino after the hamster in the movie Bolt.

Apparently Mallory decided to see what happened if she stuck it to the side of her head. Good thing she has pretty to fall back on right? By the time I entered the shit storm Joe had taken the hamster part off and all that was left stuck to her head was the battery pack that also contained the wheels. And she was freaking out. She begins to scream at me that she "got Rhino stuck on her head" and Pierce (always extremely helpful in these situations) was telling her things like "I wonder if it will stay there forever" and "we are gonna have to cut it out"

Well, big brother was right in this case. We did have to cut it out. You would have thought someone was coming to steal a kidney the way she acted. Joe had to hold her down while I got as close to her scalp as I could and did not poke her eye out.

Now one would think that after the evil toy was no longer attached to her head and mommy hugs and kisses were given that all would be well with the world yes? No. I have mentioned my daughter's temper tantrums before. Last night was no exception. She proceeded to go into the toy room, throw her self on the floor and freak out like she was on fire. Every now and then I would hear her throw a toy or kick something. I generally just let her go when she does this but she really needed to get settled and eat dinner. I asked her if she wants to call Maw Maw and tell her about what happened. She screamed at me NO. Helpy McHelperson chimes in with "I DO" Sigh

Thankfully you cannot tell where I had to cut the hair out. For your viewing pleasure.....

Final Score- Evil Hamster Toy:1 Mallory:0

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Where Was This Little Gem In My Ohio State Days?

I came across this taste of awesomeness while on vacation last week. I'm sure that some of you have heard the old wives's tales as far as how to avoid a hangover after a wild night out. My personal favorite was always 2 tylenol's and a glass of milk before bed. And by milk I mean without the Kahlua.

There is also the mix of a raw egg with tomato juice....this probably would have worked for me also since it would have caused me to vomit the contents of my stomach. Don't forget about that cup of black coffee to cure your morning woes.

Well forget all those ideas kids because now you can just pick up a pack of The Chaser and be on your drunken merry way!

Now back when I was a drunken sorority girl in my glory days I could have totally used this! I cannot tell you how many times I peeled myself out of my boyfriend's bed feeling like I needed to shave my tongue and stumbled to class. Please take note that I said my BOYFRIEND's bed and not some random dude. While I may have been a lush I was not a slut.

Once I saw this I thought it was GENIUS....I mean this stuff should come in welcome packet's for new college students. Imagine how much more productive we could all be (not just those college kids) if after a night of bad choices we did not have to feel like total shit the next day. I can honestly say that I have had maybe 2 hangovers since becoming a mother and they were the worst 2 hangovers of my LIFE. I could have handled hours of Mickey Mouse like a champ had I not been hungover. But I digress. Let's take a look at how it works!

The formula in Chaser helps to absorb the toxins in alcohol that cause the unpleasant side effects of your drinking and passes them through your system. The best part is it does not effect your ability to actually get wasted! Whoo HOO!

Two caplets last for three hours of drinking, or for up to six drinks. If you drink over a longer period, or more than six drinks, take two more caplets. I personally would have probably needed a box per weekend. At least my sophomore year

Chaser (and The House of No Sleep) recommend not drinking in excess and never drinking and driving (duh, that is why we had pledges in the sorority and why I have a husband now) You can find this miracle in a box at your local pharmacy located next to "Skank Be Gone, and Beer Goggle Cleanser

Please drink responsibly. And by that I mean don't spill your beverage

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Monday, July 6, 2009

I can run, but I cannot hide

Sigh. I wish I was still at the beach. Joe and Pierce wish we were still at the beach. Mallory, not so much. I'm also back at work today digging through one meeeelion emails. Because of that I am going to just leave you with this little nugget of goodness.

How on earth did I spend an entire week at my in laws beach house (not to mention 5 or so other times spent here) and not notice THIS little bastard hanging out above the kitchen sink

The constant goose eye is starting to make me nervous. I know the little demons are just waiting to take me down. Must talk to mother in law and find out who's side she is on.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear So and So.....Vacation Edition

On my last full day of soaking up sunshine in beautiful Holden Beach, NC I thought I would take the time to address the many people/things that made this visit well as a few random things that I have waiting for me back home

Want to play along? Go link up with Kat. She is cool for a variety of reasons and her husband just got a promotion in the military so she doubly deserves a shout-out this week

Dear Holden Beach,
I heart you. I truly do. You have given us awesome weather this week....the water has been awesome too. Mallory does ask me to pass on a little message for her but please note....this reflects nothing on my love for you.....Mallory would like you to know that your constant waves in, waves out drama really sucks. She thinks you are scary and would appreciate you keeping the movement to a minimum next year. Pierce also asked me to pass along that he had an AWESOME time riding the boogie board and jumping your waves. Many thanks for wearing him out every single day
Until Next Year,

Dearest 6AM,
I cannot tell you how awesome it has been not to see you one time this week. Apparently the secret to forever leaving The House of No Sleep is to move to the beach and play in the ocean every day. I don't mean to be a bitch, but I really don't like you 6AM....
See You Next Week,

Dear Pierce and Mallory,
Mommy hopes that you had an awesome time this week. We tried new things (putt putt for you sissy, sleeping till 8 for both of you)and you pretty much behaved ALL WEEK. Pierce, you seem to have picked up that nothing really all that exciting goes on between the hours of 6AM and 8AM....what are the chances of you keeping this up when we get home? Maybe just on weekends? No? Suck. Mallory my beach hating princess.....I'm so glad that on your LAST FLIPPING DAY HERE you decided to accompany me down to the "wet sand". You let me hold you at the very edge of the water let the water get your toe toes. Next year let's try and get your knees wet. Please keep the fighting to a minimum on day one of our drive home tomorrow. Mommy does not want to have to break out the duck tape.
Love, Mommy

Dear Self,
Way to be a dumbass and decide that you don't need the camera on your last day here. Suuuuuure, we don't need the camera on the last day because you have taken hundreds of pics down at the beach this week. We did not need to capture that last day. The one wear Mallory actually let the water touch her, the one where we dug a HUGE puddle for the kids to play in....the one wwhere we caught some tiny little fish and put them in that puddle making Mallory bust out "The Sissy Squeal" which is one of my favorite sounds. Good job slacker.
Smacking Myself In the Head,

Dear Betty's Waterfront Restaurant,
Oh how I love you. Thank you so much for the 5lbs you helped me gain in one meal. I love that your signature dish is a pound and a half of really BIG crab legs. I love feeling like a messy disgusting pig as I suck down every last bite dipped in butter....I will send you the bill for my stint placement.
Forever Your Biggest Fan

Dear Makeup, hair product and on occasion bra and panties,
Thanks for taking a back seat in my life this week. I love beach living that even WITHOUT you I'm still prettier than some of the other people making bad fashion choices down here. I loved lounging around the beach house and on the deck with the neighbors having NO clue that I was flaunting my girly business under my cover up. Being as I DO have to go back to work on Monday we will be reacquainted soon. My co-workers will appreciate it.
Enjoying the Breeze,

Dear Tivo,
Sweet Lord how we have missed you. Growing up in these times my children do not realize that when WE were little we had to put up with what was on, when it was on...not to mention that whole "change the channel with pliers once the knob fell off" deal. This week we were forced to endure constant episodes of Oswald and Pinky Dinky Do before it was time to head down to the beach on top of listening to Mallory bitch about wanting to watch Diego or Mickey Mouse. These kids would not have lasted 5 seconds in the 80s
Missing You,
TV Whore and Whore-lets

Dear 4 bottles of wine I picked up, the 4 more I will pick up in Mt Airy tomorrow and the bottle of bloody mary mix Joe the alcohol fairy brought while I was napping,
I love you, Let's make out when we get home
Yours Till My Liver Falls Out

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday






(We went to the mountains in 2008)

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