Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another cartoon that makes me want to claw my eyes out

I must apologize to those of you who were not expecting to come here and cry out of sweetness instead of laughter. I do have a soul, every now and then it pushes it's way out. Have no fear though, I have pushed that part down for at least a good few weeks. I now return you to your regularly scheduled sarcasm.

Last month I told you about These guys....and how much they drive me nuts. I have to say SORRY to my sister in law Gina because I do know that THESE guys allow her much time to clean, do laundry, ect and I do love my sweet nephew a lot and he pretty much lives for them---so I will give them a reprieve and instead tell you about another show that makes me want to drown myself in Merlot.

mmmmm, Merlot.

oops, got distracted. okay. Let's talk about Max and Ruby. You know them? Good. If not.....let me tell you about them.
This is Max and Ruby. They are brother and sister. Who apparently have no parents. This is the first thing that bugs me about them. Where in the hell are their mom and dad?? I have seen a big old family picture of them on the wall but parents are no where to be found. Hello, Child Protective Services? They do have a grandma who lives up the street but I don't think she would be much help in case of emergency.

Ruby.....big sister Ruby. I kind of want to punch her in the face. Apparently since she is in charge in the house with no parents she has to kick "bossy big sister" to an entirely new level. All she does for 30 minutes is bitch at Max about what he is doing, not doing, supposed to be doing or already did. Really Ruby....since you are already in charge of bathing your brother with no parents around will it really kill you to let him eat ice cream in the tub? And please, get your ass OUT of his sandbox when he wants to play in it. It is NOT you and your equally annoying friend Louise's personal beach. Ruby is in charge of grocery shopping and feeding her brother. In my house that means Pierce would be feeding Mallory pop tarts 3 times a day.

Max----USE YOUR WORDS. While he is fairly cute in a mischievous sort of way his use of ONE WORD over and over in the same episode tap dances on my last nerve. Maybe if you TOLD your sister to piss off (don't forget to say please) she would leave you alone to play with your ROCKET. Yep....a ROCKET for a 3 year old.
Thankfully my monkeys have moved past their love for Max and Ruby...they have since given me other shows to hate but I will save those for another day. Yes, I know I could turn the T.V. off but every now and then I like to do things like go to the bathroom alone or refill my wine glass.
on an unrelated note.....which one of you can tell me how to make a link with more than one word...I know to post the link and highlight it and then retype what you want it to say but as soon as you hit the space bar for another word it no longer links it.

22 people fed my need for attention:


You should do a post about the Doodlebops! :) My hubby and I try to figure out which one of the guys is gay. We both disagree. He says Rooney and I say Moe. Hehe Merlot... don't forget the Xanax!


Type the words first, then highlight (all of the words) and link. :)

And, thankfully, I don't have to watch kiddie tv shows. I might have to punch her in the face too. I'm thinking of making my future kids watch Dr Phil re-runs over and over....

Emilee Roberts

I too have wondered why Max doesn't say anything? And what's up with Ruby being so whiny? Her voice gets on my last nerve! Thankfully, my one-year old cant talk yet, so there are no objections when I quickly turn it when M&R come on! :)


My friends and I were just talking about this the other day! Where the heck are Max and Ruby's parents?! LOL!!

Melina and Denise

Flashing back to my nephew who, when he was around 3 years old, would watch nothing but Barney. No other show. Just recorded Barney over, and over, and over again. Oh God, now I have the song in my head. "I love you, you love me..."


I, too, loathe Max and Ruby. Luckily for me, I still get to pick exactly what shows G watches because she is only 16 months old and can't yet whine loud enough and long enough to get her way (mostly)so M&R is not on our viewing list.
When I make a link type the words first, then highlight them and link. Then I hit "enter" before I type the next word, then clean it up by "backspace" and then hit the space bar. Does that make sense? It seems to work. Don't know if there is an easier way.

Kristina P.

Maybe we can run Max and Ruby throught the Dirtyplay machine, and see what comes out?


i thank my lucky stars i haven't seen this show. among my sons favorites are the sweet life of zack and cody, phineas and ferb and of course his all time favorite sponge bob square pants. we let him watch the family guy sometimes, i know, i know, i'm not expecting the mother of the year award any time soon.....
mostly i am at work when he is watching his shows, if not as you said, the wine gets me thru:)


Luckily my kids have pretty much outgrown the Max and Ruby stage. Every once in awhile I will hear Ruby whining Max's name and I want to stick forks in my ears to just block out the sound of her voice.

As far as why Max doesn't talk, I feel like I remember reading a theory that he is autistic. I think the creator of the book/show has an autistic child. It still doesn't explain the lack of parents, though.


I'm glad my daughter is over that! I hated that along with a few others. Oh is Barney still around or did someone finally kill him?? LOL

Just highlight the enter blog and ctrl C and when you hyperlink highlight the word or words you want to link to and ctrl V and there you have it. does that make sense?


I ment blog address.

Bee and Rose

I can't stand those little freaks! lol! I also really hate freakin' Oobi! UGH!

Jim Brochowski

Shannon has got your link instructions for ya.

Thanks for making me grateful I have adolescent daughters, if only for a moment of course because there are of course other annoyances involved there.

That's So Raven or some such thing is the first to come to mind. Yeach!


Did someone say Merlot?

Sounds like Max and Ruby's parents either, A. were murdered by Ruby or
B. committed suicide.


Grandmother Rabbit comes around every now and then.


There's a facebook group pertaining to where the hell max and ruby's parents are. You should join it!
Thankful the big man hasn't "blessed" Lukey with an interest in this show just yet!

E @ Scottsville

Oh, come now Cammie! I think in your own little way, you like those adorable little fluff-ball bunnies! =0) ha ha ha

AND if the little one did tell his sister what you said to tell her, you might not let your kids watch it. Well - I guess that would solve the problem all-together, now wouldn't it? ha ha ha

Kelly Deneen

bwahaha! That was hilarious! You are too funny. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

And I LOVE the New Moon ticker! I need one!!


Right on sister. There's a FB group asking about their parents for good reason, you know. I am SO glad Lauren has outgrown her love for them, but I fear Christopher's is yet to come.


I watched this show for the first time the other day and I sure hope the little guy doesn't like it when he's older. If I had to hear "cookies!" one more time I was going to throw something at the tv!
As for linking I type all of the word first then put in the hyperlink.


lol I always thought she was the mom. Der.

(and I only watch it when watching evan and kingston...not when I'm home alone. :0P )


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