Friday, March 20, 2009

yet another product that women should not have to live without

I meant to actually include this fabulous find in with my reusable feminine products, but I got so carried away that I forgot. That is okay, because truly it deserves it's own recognition. Are you ready?

May I introduce you to the pStyle. (yes, that is what it is really called)

This ladies is a dream come true.....the answer to our prayers. Come on now be many of you have found yourselves wishing that you could pee standing up? Well now you can!!

The pStyle allows you the freedom that those darn men have always had....pee anywhere, anytime!! All you have to do is place the pStyle between your legs and go! Imagine the possibilities!!

Some things you need to know before using the pStyle. The wide end goes in the back. That way you can use it to "wipe" by gently dragging the plastic device along your hoo-ha to catch the lingering drips. Something to note....the pStyle people would like to remind you that while urine IS sterile it is probably a good idea to cleanse it before sharing with your friends.

Sharing with your friends? A possibility I never even THOUGHT of. Melissa, remember in that bar in Philly when there were SO many people in our way to the potty that we had to hold hands so as not to lose each other? Had we had the pStyle with us, we could have taken turns using in and just peed in a corner one would have noticed.

The pStyle is WAY portable. In fact here are some suggestions as to how you can carry it.

-in your pocket. Because no one would EVER notice a large green contraption that resembles a very big won ton soup spoon sticking out of your pocket.

-In your glove box. So the next time you get pulled over you can WOW the cop with your pStyle when handing over your registration.

-In your fanny pack......if you are THAT cool.

-In your to your pretty reusable menstrual pads.

-In your sock. THAT sounds comfortable.

Some places that I personally would use a pStyle.....

-In the car whilst driving (had to throw use of the word "whilst" in there for my girl Amy.) The thought of driving and just whipping out my pStyle to pee instead of pulling over makes me almost need one RIGHT NOW.

-At work. I am SO dedicated that instead of taking a potty break, I just just pee at my desk.

-At home in bed. All you need is a cup or bucket and you are good to go. How much nicer would it be just to roll over and grab your pStyle AND a cup and pee over the side of the bed instead of getting OUT of said bed to go to the bathroom.

-At the park. I can think of no better way to bond with my son than to pee on a tree together. Don't get me started with Mallory....I don't think she is ready for the pStyle....she is just now accepting that the potty will not swallow her....

-Any public facility....why squat over those yucky mall bathrooms when you can use your pStyle and pee standing UP.

-In the snow. So I can write my name.

One final bit of advice. Don't get too confident in using your pStyle. Yes, I know that it seems super easy but one wrong placement of the pStyle and you will piss on yourself. Thus defeating the purpose of "convenience"

31 people fed my need for attention:


Girl you kill me with your reviews! LOL! :) These are some random things that I can say that I probably will not use. Eww. Thanks for the laugh though!

Shalee- Be Speechless

You had me laughing so hard my dog woke up and came over to see if I was okay (or still breathing) haha



What is it about companies thinking that women needing to stand and pee all of a sudden? I've got the hover mastered thank you very much!! =)
Great review =)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Where so you find this stuff??? Who would ever think this up? Crazy.

Sally's World

OMG...please tell me this is not real...i think the wishing to peeing standing up thing is because it seems so easy, this would complicate it, and what tehn, you just carry around a peed on bit of plastic in you bag with your sandwiches lol????? yuck yuck yuck


that would come in handy when we I find a fallen tree to sit on


I can't even imagine using this...I think I would have it every where. I don't know how to pee in style. *snort*

Bee and Rose

I need that right now because I am laughing so hard I need to pee!

Your reviews are always just simply amazing!


Incredible tool.....I think I can live without this one...even on my drives to Las Vegas non-stop...ha ha ha...


Hmm. I think I'll stick with hovering or lining the seat with those protective thingies.

Domestically Disabled Girl

I need one of those right now. I am too lazy to walk all the way down the hall to the bathroom...


When I started reading this, I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. By the end, I was thinking...hmmmmm.....


Great way to bond, not only with my son, but with Hubby too!

We can hold eachother as we "go" tender and loving is that!

Kristina P.

I don't need this. I just pee all over myself while weearing a Snuggie, and no one even knows.


Soo I had to go look this thing up after reading about it here. OMG! They suggest wearing underwear with a fly!! I guess if we want to pee like guys we have to borrow their undies too! "Practice in the shower", tips to stop dripping", "don't pee into the wind"....classy stuff here!

Connie Weiss

I need this for the trip to Wisconsin! Do they sell it at Wal-Mart?


Where do you find this stuff???


I was JUST about to type "how in the world do you come across these things?" but I see that Lori right above me covered that question. LOL

The Rambler


Okay totally would ONLY use this while...

camping with or without disgusting park restrooms(cause I always piss on myself no matter how careful)

and to pee my name in the snow....(cause look, it can't be done as a woman without one of these won ton looking spoons)

This was an awesome review...I peed a little when you wrote fannypack.

E @ Scottsville

Is it sad that this stupid side of me would love to try it just to see if it works in the slightest! Who comes UP with these things, honestly???

I was laughing, once again, all the way through your post. TOO FUNNY! You rock, Cammie!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane

That is too funny! Great review...

I can so relate to your blog title right now. My boys are sleepless day and night lately and it's killing me!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


looks like a pretty versatile little tool there...


i once tried to pee in a urinal while standing (or sort of hovering...) just because the line was too long in the ladies room....


I don't even know what to say about that... but I think I'll have to take a pass on the pStyle... LOL!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!


OMG! Hahahaha!

The Wife O Riley

My sister has a knack for peeing standing up. I think I smell an early birthday present!!!


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Now there's a gift for the girl who has everything!

I'm getting one for my 83 year old grandmother! Or not, I might get her those panties which promise to absorb your farts. I think those are more her speed.

Hi from another SITS girl!



Adventures in Mother Venture

I just wet my pants. Thanks for the ab workout. Wish I had a wonton spoon in my sock or something!


OMG YOU CRACK ME UP! I just stumbled across your blog and you are hilarious! Definitely a reader from now on :)

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