Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Poor Stellan is back in the hospital on the eve of his first birthday. A baby that was not supposed to live and here he is still fighting a year later!! I think he has shown more strength in 363 days than I have in 34 years. Please pray for Stellan to recover and for his little heart to heal. And go to McKmama's Blog for details.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have you seen my creativity?

Because I sure as hell have not. I have looked, I'm considering putting up an award for it.

Part of my problem I know is that I have changed jobs within my company. No longer am I working in the awesome call center environment that allowed me the free time between calls to actually LISTEN to the voices in my head and put those thoughts here for your reading pleasure. This also explains the crappy job I have been doing commenting on the 200 blogs I keep in my reader. I'm back to actually carrying a physical work load of files versus waiting on the next call to come in. What is funny is that I fought tooth and nail that I was NOT going into the call center with a college degree thankyouverymuch. Yeah, joke was on me. I loved it and I cannot wait to go back.

So what to blog about today? I could talk all about how Pierce is kicking ass in flag that he gets that he only pulls the flag from the OTHER team. I could tell you how I shelled out $100 for Mallory to be a cheerleader for his team only to have her cheer one game and decide she hated it. Man that sucked because she looks SO cute in that outfit with those little pom poms.

Oh, I could blog about how I totally SUCK at dieting and how Joe has lost 13lbs doing weight watchers.....I lost 5 and then had to be on steroids for 2 weeks and gained it back!

I could also tell you about my new crackberry blackberry and how I squeal in delight every time I get a new IM or find something new that it does

But.....I should probably get back to reading medical records and making decisions on those darn insurance applications.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

It is my anniversary.....AKA Q and A pt 3

7 years ago today Joe became the luckiest man alive. Yep, today is our anniversary! Isn't this when that 7 year itch is supposed to kick in? I'm not really sure what that is honestly but I hope it involves me shopping more.

In the past 7 years Joe has learned more about me than any other person has. Joe has this wicked power to read my mind. Kind of like this morning when I told him that I was not going to shave my legs again until he unclogged the drain in my shower. It's fall...I can rock these hairy legs till spring if need be. Without me even implying what I really meant he knew that there would be no sex until I stop showering in 6 inches of water. Guess what, my shower got fixed today. See, it is moments like this.....our flawless communication that makes us a match made in heaven.

What better day than today to take on Martha's questions from my Q&A post a few weeks back. Ms Martha asks.....

"what is your most favorite food in the world besides wine and cooked goose? And how did you and hubby meet?"

I heart Martha....she knows me well....she knows all about my hatred for geese (unless they are dead) and my love for wine. The kind of food that will kick weight watchers right in the ass where I am concerned is chips and salsa. Is that random enough? It has to be GOOD salsa though (bonus if it is from Chipolte)none of that Tostitos crap....I want real fresh yummy salsa. I want it now actually.

New topic before I lose control and head to Chipolte. Martha also asked how Joe and I met....this is where I get lazy and direct you HERE because I am entirely too lazy to type all of that out again. Plus I need to run and get some chips and salsa.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition: 8

I can't believe it is Thursday already....well, I suppose I can since I slept the first half of the week away. I hope you remembered your kiddo's cute sayings for the week. Once again I only have one good one but it is a doozy.

Last Thursday night Joe and I took the kids to what is called "Literacy Night" at Pierce's school. Curious George was there, they had some crafty type stuff, ect. So we are back in Pierce's class and he is sitting at one of the tables with a little girl who I know he has a bit of a crush on and he is talking to her mommy while coloring.

Pierce (to Melia's mommy) "Melia wants to marry me"
"Oh she does huh?"
"Yeah, she likes to chase me around outside at recess. Jessica and Logan want to marry me too"
"Wow, you must be very popular with the girls"
"Yes, I am. It is because I am so handsome"

I thought every parent within earshot was going to die laughing. My kid seriously does not have issues in the self esteem department.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Q&A part deux

I'm making my way back to the land of the living. Which means I'm coughing my face off at work today versus sleeping in a Lortab induces haze of goodness. The past few days I have not ventured out of bed until at least noon and it has been fantastic despite feeling like total crap. You know, cuz I heart sleep.

I did not forget about the Q/A post I did last week I think it was and today is brought to you by the fabulous who wants to know:

I'd like to know...if you could take back or change one thing in your life/past what would it be?
Also, if you could re-live one great moment, what would it be?

This was a tough one for me because I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason. That said I would probably CHANGE 1999. Yep, the entire year. 1999 for me started out ending a long term relationship that I had thought would have lead to marriage. He was the love of my college life and after college our lives just took separate directions. Now I would not take back the break up because it eventually lead me to Joe but I kissed a lot of frogs in 1999 to get to eventually get to that prince. 1999 was labeled as "The year I forgot I was no longer in college" Yeah, I had some fun partying with sorority sisters who were still in school but trying to go to work in the big kid world with a college kid hangover was NO fun. There were fun "mistakes" like that random trip to Windsor that had me sleeping in a car in a parking garage with a boyfriend and his alcoholic friends because we did not book a hotel room....ahhh the good old days. WAIT, I mean MAN was I immature.

Anyways, 1999 was a year of bad choices that even though I came out of them okay I could have done without a few of them.

If I could relive any one great moment......I would probably have to go with the first few months of Pierce's life. I was "lucky" enough to be blessed with PPD after Pierce was born and it took me a good month or so to really fall in love with my baby. Isn't that awful? Instead of marveling in the beauty of my new baby I spent a lot of time crying and wanting him to be held by anyone but me. I know that he wont ever know this (unless I choose to tell him) but I really wish I had been one to just be magically overwhelmed with everything related to my newborn. That said....he is pretty darn cool now.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im alive....barely

Miss me? Im the lucky winner of pleursy which is a kicked up version of bronchitis. It suuuuuuuuucks. It hurts and I have been sleeping most of the last 2 days. Add a sick husband to the mix and Im not even sure how are kids are getting fed. Good times. So send some healthy vibes my way and while I recuperate you can find me catching up on my TIVO shows. After I wake up at noon

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Kids Said WHAT?? Edition: 7

I apologize for my lack of posting last week! This week we are back and I only have one good one for you also said by my nephew Jake who is almost 9 years old. Jake is a very inquisitive kid. He is funny, he talks a lot and he makes me laugh.

This past weekend Joe's side of the family got together to celebrate his mom and dad's 45th wedding anniversary. That is a long time people!! Jake's aunt (my sister in law) was talking about her puppies having just gotten fixed this past week and how they were not feeling so hot. The convo that followed went something like this:

J-"Why do the puppies not feel good?"
B-"Well they had a surgery at the vet"
J-"What kind of surgery?"
B-trying to tap dance around all things related to reproduction "ummmmm, a surgery that will make it so they can't have puppies"
J-"Why cant they have puppies?"
B-"Well we don't want them to be able to have puppies because there are a lot of puppies already in the world" not to mention the fact that the puppies are brother and sister and we don't approve of incest but that is besides the point.
J-"No, I mean WHY can't they have puppies, what did they do?"
B-"ummmmmm, they had a surgery that makes it so their bodies cant have babies"
J-"Oh, so you are telling me that they took her uterus out??"

I thought I was going to crap myself trying not to laugh, as did my sister in law.....funny, here she is trying realllllly hard to avoid an awkward conversation with a child who does not yet know how babies are made but he knows all about the uterus. Hooray for the Discovery Channel

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