Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dani's Daily Drop and Stellan

Attention whore that I am I thrilled to be featured over at Dani's Daily Drop. If you are new here WELCOME!! Dani did an awesome job linking my favorite posts!

I wanted to come up with some witty bit of fabulessness today but really, I instead I think I will just remind you about this guy.....

I'm sure about 99.9% of the blogging world knows all about Stellan and that he is having surgery today. If you DON'T know about Stellan you can go meet him and his awesome mommy MckMama over at her blog. Instead of doing a regular blog post I just want to keep Stellan in everyone's mind today. Please pray that he comes through his surgery okay and that his doctors are able to fix his heart! He has been in the hospital for over a month now and I know his family is ready for him to come home. I am SO amazed at the number of people all over the world who have come to know Stellan just through MckMama's words.

Happy Tuesday!!

14 people fed my need for attention:


Hi Cammie! I came over after reading Dani's post. I look forward to reading all your great posts and getting to know you. I will keep sweet Stellan in my prayers today.

E @ Scottsville

I did the same thing... Did a blog reminding people to wear their orange and pray for Stellan today!!!

Good job, Cammie.

Praying in TEXAS!

Mommy of M's

Great Post, I have on my orange!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies



Been worried sick all morning long! Praying right beside you fellow wolverine! :)

Kristina P.

He will be in my prayers!

Domestically Disabled Girl

I know. I am refreshing her site about...every 3 seconds... for updates.


I too, think of Stellan today. I should post up his pic again too. Thanks for the reminder. And I'm glad to show my readers your blog! You amazing woman, you!

Kami's Khlopchyk

congrats on begin featured! And I am keeping the little guy in my thoughts :)


I think this is a great way to be "top dog" featured blog. Happy Tuesday to you and Stellan and his family.

3 Bay B Chicks

It is so wonderful to see the entire blogging community supporting MckMama and her family through this trying time. Your post was lovely, Cammie. I too have been sending my thoughts and prayers out for Stellan.



A brilliant blog today, to pass that on.we send our love and thoughts to the little one.

Hugs GJ and Carol x

Sally's World

I've been thinking of stellan alot too, my heart and prayers go out to him and his family!



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