Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paging Dr. Mommy.....

**Warning--the following post is sarcasm free**
As much as I like to grumble and complain about my lack of sleep, sharing a bed with a 23lb terror and ultimately getting up at dark o clock, every now and then my kids throw in a moment that reminds me how worth it it all is.

Last night was one of those nights.

Last night after we put the kids to bed I was all wrapped up in my Snuggie waiting on the MOST DEPRESSING HOUSE EPISODE EVER to start (okay, most depressing since cutthroat bitch died). I heard the sound of small feet that were not in bed and then Joe saying "ohh, buddy, what is wrong??"

Pierce has a few different cries. There is the "I am mad that I can't have my way" cry the "I know I am in trouble" cry, and then there is the "my heart is broken" cry. This is the one that gets me--that one comes with HUGE brown eyes that are full of tears, a mouth that is turned into the saddest frown....THIS cry breaks MY heart.

This is the cry that came downstairs last night with his stuffed EVE (from Wall-E) doll in one hand and one of her arms in the other. His EVE doll has had movable arms and somehow he managed to pull one off. Pierce has a habit of spinning his stuffed toys around by their arms/legs/ears and I keep telling him that one day this would happen (MAN mommies are smart)

I promised him that I would fix it. I told him that Dr Mommy would do surgery on EVE to re-attach her arm. I told him that it may take awhile but that I would bring her up and tuck her back in with him when I was finished.

I am not sew much a seamstress (did you like that humor?) I can do buttons, I can sew a hole, but I have never reattached an arm to a toy....an arm that has to somehow get the part that makes it move back INTO the hold and then sewn around it. Awesome.

I got out my little sewing kit surgical tools and sat down to make my baby's night all better. It did not take me long to realize that EVE's arm was not going to be able to move once I got it back on (hey, don't judge...I'm lucky I did not sew her to the couch) but I knew I would be able to at least get it back on so that no stuffing came out. I sewed the patients arm back in place and while it would not move I did a pretty darn good job on it thankyouverymuch.

Once the patient was out of recovery I took her upstairs to Pierce. I thought he would be asleep but once I opened the door he rolled over and sat up. Once he saw that EVE's arm was back in place he smiled at me. He was okay with the fact that her arm could not move. (Thank you God).

I was rewarded with the BEST hug, a beautiful smile, bright shiny brown eyes and a "thank you mommy"

Most of all I was rewarded with the fact that Mommy can *almost* always make everything better.

These moments are what makes Life in the House of No Sleep.....totally worth it.

Being Mommy is the best super power there is.

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Aww, so special!

I haven't seen House yet - it's on the DVR for me to watch today, but I did hear that what's his name died. (I can't remember names to save.my.life.)


Oh I love that. Mommies get to be the greatest thing in the world for a while. I am so not looking forward to the day when we can't fix it all.

Hey Mama where's my...

that was so sweet but i am still really laughing out loud about not sewing her to the couch!! you crack me up~

Mommy of M's

Aww, cute post.

I'm impressed there was no sarcaism.....


Oh, you made me tear up! How sweet. Being a mommy really is the best job in the world, even if the hours suck.

Janna Bee

This is very sweet. I love those Mommy moments.

Jim Brochowski

Mist - That's what I'm calling it - Mist.

There's mist in my eyes dammit.

Great post Cammie.

Thanks for sharing.


How sweet! :) Way to go SuperMom! It is so nice when you get moments like those. Moments where the child is not screaming at the top of their lungs... "I WANT TRAINS OUT!" over and over again so it makes you want to jab your eyes out with a spoon! Sweet Kodak memories!

E @ Scottsville

Awwwwwwwwwwww, that was SEW sweet! (Like that re-usage of humor?)

And hey - you said SNUGGIE!!!! =0)

Bee and Rose

That is beautiful, Super Mommy! That sad cry gets me in the gut every time too.

You are right...being a mom rocks!

(I'm watching that HOUSE episode tonight...my husband saw it and yelled HOLY S**T! I came running but he refused to tell me what happened...some dumb idea that he might spoil it for me..ugh!)


I love those moments!

Stephanie E

Awwwww I got a little misty there Cammie! lol still can't see! I love love love this! I can't wait to be a mommY!


Oh how sweet! I would have issues sewing too- I need to get a little sewing kit for such emergencies in the future. :) Right now the real problem would be that I wouldn't have any surgical tools. :)

Kristina P.

This was such a sweet post, Cammie! Who knew? ;)


How sweet!

Kami's Khlopchyk

that is is so sweet!

But also weird, Cammie with no sarcasm is like Winter with no bitter cold :)


Look at you making me cry and stuff! I wish I knew how to sew. I am gonna have to invest in a hot glue gun in order to fix stuff like that.

Sally's World

i still expected sarcasm LOL!...great post today...


Awww! so cute! Mommies make the world go 'round don't we!...

Now back to your regularly scheduled sarcasm!


You are the best mommy ever! Way to go, Dr. Cammie.

I suck with a needle and thread. If Gabe's little Australian sausage dog ever loses a limb, I'll know where to send him.

Sweet post.


How sweet! It is the little moments like that we remember when they are grown and out of the nest. Stopped by via Blog Stalkers.


Oh, I love it! The things that only mommy can make better are so special.


That's a wonderful "awwww" moment. Thanks for sharing...now I feel like "ahole mommy" for sending my kid to bed early for crying before dinner.


I had to laugh when you said...

"(hey, don't judge...I'm lucky I did not sew her to the couch)"

Amen sister! I'm right there with you. I'm lucky if buttons stay on after I sew them!

So glad you were able to "fix" Eve and save the day! Being a mom is the best super power!

Thank you for your comments on my blog yesterday! Always a pleasure to meet a fellow SITSta!


Awe. I love it!!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream

I loved this post. Sorry you didn't rest good. I agree that it was such a depressing House. I was so angry with him at the parents house. So sad and disturbing. I think this is my first time commenting over here. I enjoy your blog.

E @ Scottsville

Hey Cammie! There's a new picture in Stellan's Name Gallery of someone holding up a sign at the NKOTB concert on 4/4/09. WAS THAT YOU???? Is that YOUR pic?

Kelley with Amy's Angels

Coming over from Blog Stalkers! Too cute!


Those are the moments we are glad we are parents. The ones we know we can hold onto forever...and still have "that" feeling when we think about it years after it happens.

Thank you for sharing, doc!

Domestically Disabled Girl

Aww, I laughed so hard at the part where you said you were lucky not to sew it to the couch! Your awesome!


Awwww...Good Job Dr. Mommy.

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