Thursday, April 16, 2009

I want to BE a part of it.....

Tonight at about 7PM I will be boarding the "FUN BUS" along with my mom, sister, aunt, and 2 of my work BFFs. We will be driving all night arriving tomorrow morning in the Big Apple!! While I am not overly excited about sleeping on a bus all night I AM excited about my very first EVER trip to NYC. Fear not though, armed with my snuggie and my Twilight movie I will manage to deal with the bus trip.

We will only be there for a day, hopping back ON the bus tomorrow night to come back home. While I am most excited to be purchasing AUTHENTIC purses such as PRODA and LUIS VITTON, I am also looking forward to seeing Central Park and NOT getting mugged on a subway.

My mother has us on an agenda that will get us to see most of the important sites in New York in a 12 hour period. What she did NOT factor into the agenda is extra time for her to argue with my sister which is almost a guarantee.

Here is what we have planned.....

-Ground Zero---which I am sure will be very emotionally overwhelming but I am glad to be seeing it to pay respect to those who lost there lives there.
-St Paul's Cathedral-Where I will pray for all of your sins.
-Statue of Liberty - eh
-China Town-to buy those authentic purses, once you knock twice on the secret wall....
-Empire State building
-Hard Rock Cafe for lunch
-Rockefeller Center
-FAO Schwartz
-Central Park

Now, my mother did this same trip last year and apparently if you stay on schedule it can be done.

The negotiations for what is considered an "appropriate amount of money" for me to take shopping have been completed. I won.

Look out New York.........

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Mommy of M's

Oh, I have taken several FUN BUS trips!! The buses are great!! Really clean.

My Dad and Hubby take the FUN BUS to the races a lot too!

Have fun in NY, I haven't been there since 9/11. It would be neat to see Ground Zero.

The Statue of Liberty is one of my favorite places to visit!!

Shalee- Be Speechless

Oh man that is so exciting! I went to New York once when I was like 6 months doesn't count. haha


I am jealous! Not over the bus riding part..but the sight-seeing and the AUTHENTIC bags. Think of me as you pick out your next purse!


I. am. totally. jealous. of. you. There I said it! Now, HAVE FUN and no table dancing! :)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Wahoo!! I am so jealous!! Have a great trip!!

Sally's World

I'm very jelous...I've never been although many of my family and friends have and absolutely loved day....

have a fantastic time

E @ Scottsville

Oh, you're gonna love it! We took a trip to New York back in 2006 and we made a day of New York City. It was very cool!!!

Can't wait to see your pics!


I am so happy for you! I love NYC!! The food is wonderful, especially the bagels and pizza.
You will so not get mugged on the subway, LOL! Have fun and thanks for saying hello today from SITS!


You're going to LOVE NYC. It is an amazing, amazing city. I am so lucky that I am only a train ride away.

Plus, you're going at a great time of year.

What time are you leaving NYC? If you're leaving at a later hour, make sure you hit Times Square at night. For a first-time NYC visitor, it is a sight not to be missed.

Let us know your thoughts once you return!


How exciting! I wish I could go with you! Make sure and take me there with a post, though!

Connie Weiss

I am sooooo jealous! I love New York City! And Central Park is gorgeous.

Please say you are going to twitter while you on your whirlwind trip!


Oh Boy...I will be holding onto my hat while you're in my "fair" state! Have a ton of fun, and try to go easy on those poor muggers...they're just tryin' to make a livin'
And a word of advice, don't get lost in Time don't want to know what happens to people who get lost in Time Square...

Kristina P.

That's a lot of sightseeing! Good luck! I think I have been to all of those places.

Drama queens mum

Have fun.


Can't wait to hear about it when you get back!

Jim Brochowski

I was there for less than 24 hours more than 20 years ago. Flew into Newark, took a cab to the hotel, went to an audition. Walked up and down 84th street, (I think it was 84th street), begged my way into a movie theater so I could use the restroom, took a cab to the airport, spent $600 on souvenirs for myself and my family, flew home.

Have always regretted that I didn't take at least one extra day and do some sightseeing. Was in too big a hurry to get back to my psycho girlfriend.

Sigh! Maybe someday...

Enjoy your trip!


Wow! sounds like fun! Bring me back a Channel Purse will ya! and some D6 sunglasses. You not only need to knock twice on the secret wall but you need to tell them the password too!
Oh, and thanks for praying for my sins, hope the holy water doesn't burn!


Oh, man! I just saw my name on the top stalkers list! That must mean my mug shot is at the post office!

The Rambler

Knock twice, spit on door, turn around and then they'll let you in. Weird? I know.

Have a Effing good time!!!


Ummm...I'm pretty sure you mean St. Patrick's Cathedral. But whatever. I can't believe you're going to be 45 minutes away from you and I don't get to see you. SO unfair.


have fun!
and try not to get picked up for hooking!

The Wife O Riley

Ooohhhh I am so jealous!!! Have a wonderful trip and say an extra prayer for me!

America's Next Top Mommy

If you have time, you definitely need to try and catch a broadway show. It will change your life!!


Have fun!

Bee and Rose

Cammie! You are going to love New York! I can't wait to hear all about it!


Oh mY Gosh! I have never been to New York, but would LOVE to go! You are going to have so much fun. It sounds like you have some great places planned to go, and some great people going with you! Have a blast!!

3 Bay B Chicks

Look out New York, indeed. You two are going to cover a lot of ground, but I am sure that you are going to have a fabulous time.

Looking forward to reading your posts upon your return.



Have fun, and enjoy every minute!! You'll love it all, and the shopping is the best...I thought a week was short...ha ha...can't wait to hear all about it.


I love New York, i lived there for a bit. Although i would rather visit than live there. Too expensive. My favorite hang out was Mozart's its the best dessert only house on the planet.

Days of Whine & Noses

I'm sure you had a great time in NY!

Stopping by from SITS!

Future Mama

Oh man! I've never been there! I'm SOOO jealous!! Happy SITS day!


As soon as I read your post title, I had the song stuck in my head! Love it... and love New York - one of my favorite vacation destinations!

Helen McGinn

Hoping to get to New York soon. I hope you had a great trip. xx


How fun! Happy Sits Day! It's your day Mama!

Magaly Guerrero

WOW! Did you really survive all these things? I figure I'd be beat by the Rockefeller Center. Hm, maybe I should stop taking a brake every time I see a vendor, those those hot dogs can really get you tire, you know....

Cairo Typ0

Here from SITS :)

I went to NYC this past April and had an amazing time! Hope yoru trip was fun too! :)

Reluctant Housewife

I remember you! I read your NYC post... I was so impressed at your mad purse hunting skills.


Cool....NYC..something I"ve not done yet..maybe when I retire
congrats on being FB


Great choices to go see. I hope you got a real purse and not one of the many fakey ones out there. Ground zero is definitely a sobering place but a must do. If you get to come back again, you really should take in a Broadway Show. It's a shame to come to NYC and not see a show... Happy SITS day!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas

Ahhh, New York shopping. Love it!!!


Oh. Now I have to search for a post on how it worked out.....


Now I want to know if you did it all? The only part I would jettison is Hard Rock. Have/Had fun!

Creative Junkie

Did you stick to your schedule?

I went to NYC in April and did most of those same things, except the purse thing which I did 2 years ago with my daughter on a girl scout trip - I think we stopped at every single purse vendor in the greater Manhattan area.


Visiting from SITS

Sounds like a whirlwind trip, but a fun one nonetheless! (Unless you don't count mom and sis arguing as entertainment, then it could get tedious *wink*). Good idea on taking Twilight with you - What better way to travel than with Edward and the Cullens?

Sadly, I have never been to NYC ... someday I plan to go, really I do. I will have a slightly different agenda, however ... because I will need to see a Broadway show and I MUST eat at the Mesa Grill (a Bobby Flay restaurant).



Wow, that sounds like an incredibly full 6 hours! I would love to see a Broadway show ON Broadway, but unfortunately I live on the other side of the country and absolutely WILL NOT fly so a trip of that magnitude will have to wait until the kidlets are older. Were you able to fit in everything on your itinerary?


WOW! How long was the bus ride? I've yet to venture into NYC....I'd love to see the sights. Maybe some day!
Happy SITS day!


love the chinatown bargaining. my mom was super scared to go and then once she got in her first "secret store" she was a negotiating machine! hope you had a great trip.


I especially love tha part about "authentic China town purses"!LOL!Wach out New York! We are comming! LOL


That sounds like a ton of fun! I love NYC! :)


Wonderful post! I enjoyed reading it this morning.


I love NYC! I want to live there so badly! The sights and sounds and noises and people....I miss it so much....

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought

Happy Sits Day! I adore New York City. I need to go back with my husband. He's never been, the poor fool.


Sounds like you're going to have fun. I hope to make a trip to NYC someday, but I'm in Mississippi so it will take more than just a hop on the bus to get there.


i dont see broklyn on the list.....:(


Congrats on being Queen SITSa! Hope the NYC trip is fun, that a lot in a day!!


Hope your trip was as much fun as your preview!

Mama Mair

I love New York! And really, who doesn't. I'm from Canada and it's always so exciting to visit a metropolis like New York City.
And I'm obsessed with the black and white cookies. They should be a food group.
Happy SITS day!


What no musicals? Guess that would be hard to fit in with all that other stuff. What did you buy???

Tiaras & Tantrums

oh I love NY - I have not been there in so long!!!

Angie Marion

I've never been there! And I live in Maryland!

You must have been in the Cathedral a LONG Time, praying for MY sins!

Happy SiTS day... yes, a day later!



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