Monday, April 27, 2009

The Cutest Kids Ever

Okay, so I may be a little bit biased....

It is hard to believe that THIS angel laid on the floor and screamed at me for a good 30 minutes yesterday.
And that THIS adorable little boy tried to hit his sister twice this past weekend.

I have yet to see a happy medium between my children. They either love each other SO much that it makes you almost need a root canal from the sweetness, or they want to kill each other. No in between.
Happy Monday!

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Cute pictures! :) Yeah, my toddler was trying our patience this weekend! I can't even begin to imagine what life will be like when the little one gets old enough to defend himself!

E @ Scottsville

They are darling, and surely they don't hit or whine!

I mean mine sure do, but....

Yea - it's totally normal for that LOVE / HATE relationship. I can't wait til they outgrow it.

Sally's World

youre must be, these two angels would never scream or argue!!!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Oh my. Such cute pics!!! I am familiar with this disease. Sadly, I don't think it is cureable.

Kristina P.

Kids are all so bipolar, aren't they?


Oh never lol they could not do those things... Could they !!!!

LOl GJ and Carol X

Beatiful Children x


Oh never lol they could not do those things... Could they !!!!

LOl GJ and Carol X

Beatiful Children x


I feel your pain, sister. My girls either love each other or are trying to choke each other. What's up with that?


Those perfect little angels cause that kind of fuss? Really?
Happy Monday!

Mommy of M's

Cute pics!

My two beat up on each other all weekend, but they did it outside. As long as nothing inside gets broken, I'm good!

Today is my 100th post, and a giveaway!


OMG they are so cute! Huh? so, would you recommend a second child? I'm trying to decide, and posts like this make me feel....undecided!


Awe...what adorable little maniacs!


I just love your daughters little button nose. So cute.


Oh so sweet pictures! yeah, that love/hate thing seems to continue well into the tween and teen years! The arguments just get louder. Invest in a pair of ear plugs!

oh those EYES! So cute!

Thanks for stopping by!



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The Wife O Riley

Too Cute Cammie!

My kids are the same way. One minute hugging, the next hitting.

Kami's Khlopchyk

Yup, that about sets the scene for's no different around here.

Domestically Disabled Girl

I feel the same way about mine. Pure angels under that mean little shell. I just know if i can crack it...

Mom 2 Four

I have two of those kids also. It definitely a love hate relationship. Thanks for stopping by my blog and making a comment. BTW, I am a wine girl also red is my fav, or if you ask my husband a whine girl.


beautiful kids! i alaways ask my kid why he can't just behave himself all the time...his answer? well mommy, there is an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. i can't let the angel win all the time, that wouldn't be fair! maybe your kids have them too....


No way, not those adorable kids. They did NOT do what you are accusing them of.

(my own angel has that "happy to mad in 3 seconds" syndrome)

The Rambler


I loved/hated my sister until we were like 27?

I know. Grow up right?


They are pretty stinkin cute! =D


OMG die laughing. I have similar "demon spawn" as their older brother calls them...and darn if the photog place can catch the one & only moment they can stand next to each other without killing each other. If you really want to laugh you might check out my blog and the pictures of my "angels"/"demons". (i have the reverse, older diva and younger sweetie kin.

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