Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Whoring for a give-a-way

I want a blog makeover. really bad. preferably a FREE one. So go check out April HERE

oh, and I tried to do that link with more than one word.....first I tried posting <----- that and then highlighting it and typing April Showers....once I hit space after April it stopped linking. Then I tried typing April Showers and then highlighting both words and hit Ctr V to paste and it just changed it to the http code. Now I'm not always the brightest bulb on the porch but what in the HELL am I doing wrong?

9 people fed my need for attention:


Type your words, then highlight all of them, then go click on the link button, and paste your link into that box and hit OK.



Okay I won't sound like the people telling you to hit the people telling you to hit the button on your car.

But the button looks like a broken chain link.


ohhhhhhh.....GOT IT!!!!!!! Awesome.

E @ Scottsville

I see you've already received the necessary info, so I won't repeat. =0)

Good luck on the free make-over!


It was driving me crazy last night until my son figured it out in about 1 minute! duh! The only thing its not doing is highlighting the word(s)


:) That's how I do it- like Shannon said. Honestly I didn't know you could do it the way you were explaining...I'm confused by how you were doing it. :) Is it easier to post a one-word link that way? lol

Bee and Rose

I need a makeover too...

I say do whatever it takes, sister! Whore away!


I'm so glad you got it!

You just whore yourself away!


you so crack me up!!!

I stumbled upon your site accidentally..
now still after an hour i haven't been able to pick myself up,still rolling around on the floor with laughter!!

Will definitely come back some more!:-)


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