Sunday, March 15, 2009

Respect your periods

**let me preface this post by saying if you are a fan of this type of product more power to you, I salute you....thank you for doing YOUR part.....please take no offense.....I'm sure I know someone who uses these, probably one of my crunchy cloth diaper mama friends (kidding)*

Considering that 99.9% of my followers are women I feel the need to tell that 1% that you may want to RUN away from this post.....hell, I am the one writing it and I want to run away from it.

Ladies.....we are going to talk about re-usable products for your period. Yes, re-usable.

Exhibit A

How pretty. Some even have ric rac. These lovely pads come in a variety of patterns in different sizes for our different needs in department. Ladies, what could be more fun each month than choosing which pretty patterned pad you are going to bleed on? Just like a regular pad it will need to be changed and this is where the REAL fun begins. Instead of tossing your pad into the garbage you get to toss it into your handy carrying pouch so that you can put it in your purse to take it home and wash it. Yes that's need to put your USED pad into your purse and continue to carry with you wherever you may be.

With re-usable pads not only do you have to wash your clothes, your husbands clothes, and your kids clothes but you also get to WASH YOUR PADS!!! Let's hear it for more laundry!! However unlike regular laundry apparently washing your period away is enlightening!

“As I rinse my pads, I think, I am releasing all the old energy from the past month and making way for the new. I like being more aware and in touch with my cycle and with what is actually happening in my body.”

Yes girls, we need to STOP thinking about our periods as a monthly hassle and start EMBRACING the energy that "flows" from us. What with the cramps, fatigue, bloating and PMS what else could it be described as other than energy?

For those of us who are more in favor of the tampon....I give you the Diva Cup

Why on earth would we continue to put millions of feminine products into landfills each year when we could simply fold this little contraption in half, shove it up your hoo ha and in 6 hours pull it back out and pour the contents into the toilet? Again....nice little pouch to carry it in your Kate Spade bag when not in use.....And to clean it??

Diva Wash.....I mistakenly took this as something for our extra skanky days but no....this is a hypoallergenic soap for your DivaCup washing needs.

Fear not, it cannot get lost....even if you are extra skanky you can always find it by "bearing down" to move it into place to grab and pull it out. Take care not to spill it all over yourself or the floor if you are a clutz....we would not want to appear as though we have committed a murder. Any virgins out there? (on MY blog...HA) You will not lose your virginity to this product.....though it is recommended that if you are attachedto your hymen you may want to wait until after you have had sex. (I swear I am not making this crap up)

I encourage you all to stop thinking of your monthly cycle as a pain (haha) and instead giving it the respect that it deserves! Don't THROW away your disrespectful to the reproductive cycle not to mention the landfills!

Save the win.......

165 people fed my need for attention:


For real? That is gross! IS there a website for t hat?! Haha!


P.S. I am sooo twittering about your post!


Ugh... I heard about the diva cup but not the other! I mean, seriously, I do my best not to come into contact with anything that comes out of "down there" so why would I collect it in a cup? Yuck! Worse than my Not Me! Monday post today! :)

Domestically Disabled Girl

I honestly do not remember the last time I laughed that hard. You.are.awesome!


I have found a kazillion DIY patterns for the reusable pads! All I can say is Thank God for IUDs!

Sally's World

OMG!!!! i'm so glad i had my womb whipped out a few years ago fourteen year old daughter would freak out if i showed her goodness.

its the way you talk about it though, i never thought i'd be crying with laughter over a post about feminine products....

you are amazing!

E @ Scottsville

They seriously HAVE those products? OMG!!!

You are hilarious and I laughed through it all. Now you can do a "NOT ME" about NOT doing a blog all about periods.

Craftymoose Crafts

Visiting from SITS! You are too funny! I'm all about being green, recycling, etc--but this is too far for me!


I love the environment... but not that much... :p

Janna Bee

I'm going to assume you are kidding.

There are some things even I won't do to protect the environment.

Mommy of M's

EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW. Where on earth do you get this stuff?!?!

Shalee- Be Speechless

oh my goodness... that nuts.. I have seen that diva cup before but not the reusable pads.

I'm just me...

Ack! I threw up a little in my mouth. As if a period isn't nasty enough, now you can wash and reuse your pads? Gross!


That's disgusting! OMG! I've never heard of anything like those. I think I'll stick to my Pearls :)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I have seen these and apparently they are quite popular. Personaly I think that is disgusting! I could never carry a used one around in my purse. I freak out if I spot on my undies....


OK, I realize I'm going to go against the grain here, but I'm actually not so opposed to these products!

And this is just the radical in me, but I do think our patriarchal society has made our monthly cycles into atrocities instead of recognizing what they are - part of the natural cycle of life. I don't need my feminine products to be pretty, but I'm not opposed to the idea that our blood isn't disgusting.

There is a book called Cunt by Inga Musico which is way more radical than me, but in it she says that she uses a sea sponge to collect her menstral blood and she mixes it in her watering can to nourish her plants - talk about recycling! They thrive because the blood is full of nutrients.

I don't think I could personally go that far, and I probably would feel uncomfortable with carrying around a used product, but I would like to change the perception of our periods. Why do they have to be embarrassing and gross?


Whoa now, slow down and think about it.

Ok, now run!!!!

(Truth be told, my daughter has been using the diva cup for about 3 years now and loves it. I'm not convinced.)

Kristina P.

I assume you saw my posts about the reusable knit tampons. Horrifying. Where do you keep the used ones, when you are out and about? Blech.


Oh sweet Lord... I just threw up a little.


I knew I should not have opened this.

I must now go rinse my eyes out with bleach!

Thanks Cammie. I fuckin' appreciate it.


I can't believe someone came up with something so ridiculous! Wow! Yeah, I want the purple pad with the pink ribbons to stain up...that's right! Ew.


OH MY GOSH....Seriously, Cammie, I can't be spitting food out at work. LOL HOLY CRAP. LOL Shove it up your hoo ha.....


Today's blog entry was brought to you by the words Hell, Fuck, and No.

Team Och

OMG! Both options seem utterly and irrevocably REVOLTING! EEEEEEWWWW! You are so freakin funny.


You have got to be kidding!!!

How gross is that? EEEWWWWWW!!!!


I hear you, my green side wants to embrace them but I have yet to.


OH MY!!!! I think I nearly puked and peed my pants at the same time!! That has got to be the most disgusting thing ever!!! Seriously too funny!!!


fucking. gross.

the end.

Connie Weiss

Holy Crap! I will linking to this post later in the week!

I'm sorry...but I would not put ANY of that in my Kate Spade!

Something else to think about...what about all of those pregnancy tests I am putting in the landfill? I don't think I have seen any environmental studies on that one!


i think i just snorted coffee out my nose.....WTF!!!!!
i mean cloth diapers isn't for me but i can respect those who use them, but seriously.....




oh yeah i forgot....did you see kristina P.'s poston reusable tampons? the kint ones? sounds like period underwear may be a thing of the past with all these earth friendly women stuff:)

Jim Brochowski

From the .1% crowd - Like any stupid man, I did not listen and heed your advice.

"It's okay Cammie, I can take it. How bad could it be?"

Heh heh, that'll learn you Jimmer.

I already feel bad enough that women have to endure all that monthly crap, this just makes me feel that much worse.

Next time, I'll listen and run away - maybe.


Seriously? They make this stuff? I mean I know I am sheltered...but come on. Whew. Thanks for the enlightenment. Ahem.


Oh my goodness - you are hilarious! I can't stop laughing!!!

Thanks for the laugh! And thanks for coming by to say hi. I love your blog. I've been here before and it's great!

have a great night!



Ummm......yeah.....I think I'll stick with my disposable tampons and pads.

I tried another Diva Cup thing that I'm drawing a blank on at this late hour, but it gave me worse cramps and kept trying to fall out even though I had it in exactly as it should've been. Ugh!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! and one more ! Luckily, I had a hysterectomy many years back---but I do have two daughters... I'm all about saving the environment...but let's get real! Seriously...

Can I just say on a side note, that you crack me up.. Thank you for sharing that Crazee business, because I wouldnt' ever have believed it...if someone would have told me


I simply can not wrap my head around either of those products. Ew. Ew. Ew.


Im a little late for this one because I've been in bed for the past couple of days on my ahem, "skankiest" days but I have just this to say...



I can't read this post with Edward over there in the sidebar looking at me! Sheesh!

Bee and Rose

Oh my word...I am glad menopause is almost here now! Bleh!


O.M.G. Disgusting! Who, WHO?!?! would be this environmentally friendly/concious/INSANE to want to wash their PADS?!? I already knew about and had thrown up a little over the Diva Cup. G-R-O-S-S!
P.S. I still love you and am sorry I haven't been around more. Bad bloggie commenter friend! Bad, bad.


P.P.S: I had to link to this post. Had. To. Do. It.


I know there are people who use these. And those people like the products.

I just can't. I mean if there were no other choice, like way back when, I guess you have to. But since there's a choice...I can't.


Oh, but that brown and pink flowery pattern on the "wings" of that one pad?

Yeah, that's my cart cover pattern. lol! Hey Melissa, think about how you could use all those fabric scraps if you added this product to your store...

Just sayin'


those are worse than yo-gabba-gabba!!!!!


And my pride? I guess there is just no saving that. Don't even bother thinking about it.


Omg...I am still rolling around laughing hysterically!! Wow....are these people mentally stable in any way? Too much tree hugging apparently affects the brain!



LOVE your signature by the way....

Cindy @ Chalk it Up!

Ok the reusable pad is disgusting but the Diva Cup made me gag!!
Why don't we just use a nice thick kitchen sponge, we could just wring it out and do the dishes. Double Duty!! lol
Your blog is hysterical!!

Tammy Howard

I can see the point, I guess, but it's not for me! A few years back I bought some sort of environmentally friendly product and it was a little uncomfortable. So I rejected it. But at least I didn't have to wash it or CARRY IT AROUND!

Casey's trio

No thanks!!! I guess I'll keep filling up those landfills!


Over from SITs to say hello!

This is a hilarious post! And, uh....I won't be trying any of those products. That's just taking recycling a little too far for me.


Ummm.... YUCK!


Aaaah! Read this w/my 2 y/o on my lap. He thought the pics were pretty. Ewww-ewwey-ew-EW from me!

Visiting from SITS and will definitely be back!


Eeeeewwwwww...that is all I have to say!

Life, Love And Lola

Seriously?!?! GA-ROSS!!!! Great post! LMAO!


stopping by from SITS and eeeeeeyeeeewwww

Mighty M

Thank you, but nooooooooo.


stopping by from SITS and that is soooo gross...I'm a very DIY kind of girl, but that's going too far!

James' Mommy

SO GROSS! I can't believe someone would actually buy that crap!


Yikes! I had no idea something like this exsisted.

Queenie Jeannie

Oh - ick -ewwwwww!!!!!

And here I was thinking about this being a "joke" post like those crocheted tampons! Some people are just plain ole SICK!!!

Running away now...


No, no no that's just wrong!


I know there are people who use those and more power too them, but there are just some things that I will not do.

Kelly Deneen

I shake my head every time I see these products. Guess what I saw last year online? Patterns for crochething your own tampons. Yes, you read that right. Re-usable tampons. ICK!!


That is unbelievably disgusting! I think cloth diapers are horrible, but this is even worse!


Maybe the people who use these have those "perfect" periods I've only dreamed about. Very light, no cramps, bloating, fatigue etc...just a little tiny inconvenience. I could see them using these and then looking smug, since they are helping mother earth. I guess its green and all, but some things are just too disgusting to ever even consider reusing. And don't even get me started on that cup thing. UGH!


I have seen the pads before (no thanks!) but the "tampon"--whoa, baby!

This post made me literally crack up!



Thank goodness I am only a baby, no need to even think about these items for QUITE some time.



MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

Oh. My.


I have never been so grateful for my hysterectomy. never.

I had to read the diva cup twice; I could just not believe it, and I wanted to puke. so gross. Pour it into the toilet? gah. Although, I guess that is where you would want to pour out the contents. GAH.

But it was a great, educational post! :)

Isk8Jewel (~Julie~)

Oh my. Those pads are pretty but I just couldn't do it. Visiting from SITS today. What a great blog you have! Happy SITS Day! :)


lol!! i'm as frugal as the next person - but this is crossing the line.

i wanna throw up just thinking about it.

visiting from sits


Sometimes you just have to shake your head.
My mom got her period about 1940, and they had homemade pads on the farm........ones you had to wash....gag. Her older sisters worked and bought"kotex pads" and gave her some, bless my Aunts!
I do have a few friends who use the Diva Cup, it's not for me, I would spill all that on the floor.
I'm not sure I'm lucky or not, but at 49 my periods are I have raging lack of hormone hot flashes...........a woman's joy never ends!


Hoo hahs all over the world quivered at the thought of this one! A diva cup, washable pads with rick rack..... what's next pads with a do-it-yourself bedazzle kit??


I only drink socially, I don't smoke, don't do drugs, and try to eat healthy - I think I'll keep disposable feminine hygiene products as my vice!


So much for the "you've come a long way baby". Now that science has advanced us to a better freer lifestyle, we are supposed to give it all up and go back 200 years? Ha!
This reminds me of the time (long ago) when I was a young teen and reading Cosmopolitan. Back then they had a husband & wife psychologist team who answered young girl’s questions. Some girl wrote in stating that she hated having her period. She thought it was disgusting and feared she couldn't go on living a life that included such. This smart duo told that poor girl (and I swear this is true) to remove her pad and not only touch the deposited excretions but to sniff and even lick it. YUK!!! Freaks!!! It was this that I stopped reading Cosmopolitan. I only hope that girl sought better advice.
Never trust a psychologist.....those people can't help themselves.


I have seen the pads before, and there is no way I am putting my used pad in my purse. I hadn't seen the diva cup. I am the one that would spill it on myself or the floor. No thanks.


yucky poo ;-) You are hilarious!

Jamie :)


i threw up in my mouth a little.


When my grandmother was young (she would be 103 if she was alive) she used to wash out her pads too. You would think we have progressed from 90 years ago. I feel a little queesy!


OH MY GOD! I sat reading this with my hand over my mouth...I can't get over that...and people really do this???? YUCK!


great post. Congrats on your SITS day.

Janna Bee

So disturbing! Congrats on being the FB today!


I wouls have never thought.... Now I have these images in stuck in my head!!

yeah for being the FB


OMG! I am speechless! Who comes up with these horrible contraptions!?!? Wow.

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I am all for recycling bottles, glass, paper...but draw the line at washing pads.
Yes, I know they had to do that in "the old days". But seriously? It is 2010~let's clog the landfills!


gross, period. (get it? period? I crack myself up.)


Your blog is so funny, sitsta! I gotta say, these reusable pads GROSS ME THE EFF OUT! Ewwwwwww...

Cheers to you today!


HAHAHA.... wow, that made may day!


Do they have a pad washing service like they do for cloth diapers?


Robbie S. Redmon, LPC

Well! LOL


Uhm, Happy SITS day?

makes me glad I am a goat


Ugh this is disgusting! I hope you have a fabulous SITS Day!!


Hello from SITS!

I'm laughing, but that could be solely because I am deeply disturbed by this. With apologies to Al Gore, my hoo-ha & I will be sticking to the old-fashioned products.


Nasty nasty nasty!

And what about the oil that's used to make those weird little catch cups?!

p.s. nasty nasty nasty

Happy SITS feature day!

Bentley Boutique

OMG, do people really buy those???? I'm going to be sick. Enjoyed the humor though!


I never knew that this stuff existed! Where on earth would you find it?



I can think of sooooo many other ways to cut back on garbage than use these!! Yuck!


I'm all for trying to be more green but ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Happy SITS day!


I can be "green" and eco-friendly in other areas of my life. I know someone who uses these re-usable things and I, personally, think it is GROOOOOSSS!!!


This is definitely something I would NEVER use! How disgusting!


That's flippin nasty! Who does that?!?! I can't stop laughing!

Mary at My New 30

Ugh gag. And totally gross.


Current day girlie products are a dream compared to what our foremothers had to bare. They had wool, cotton, and crazy ass garters! I bet they'd kill for something like these!


How gross. That CANNOT be sanitary!


Wow. Someone actually 'designed' them, colors and all.

Joy McG

What a fuss, an old rag and some leaves have always worked well for me.
I just change between my three daily bowls of muesli and bury it in my compost heap.


Oh wow! Yup, I also think that stuff is super gross. But more power to the women who can stand to do all that 'extra' stuff! Wowza.

Little Miss Baker

Oh wow. Gross Grosss Gross. Thank god for tampons wouldn't you say!


Eeeeeek! I'd heard of the diva, but the other fills me with dread! Viva la tampons, baby!



No way - eeeek!

Holly Noelle

Happy SITS day. I guess I'm just the grossest person in the world.


HOLY CRAP! You have to be kidding. But since sadly I know your not, I honestly dont want to know who came up with the "lets shove something up there collect the crap and then flush it away. And we cant be littering the landfills with anymore of them lady products" they have way to much time on their hands, among other things I am guessing!

Stereos and Souffles

I have seen it all now. So nasty.


Seriously - that is just wrong on so many levels. The thought of putting that in my purse - yuck. To each there own.......I guess.


Shut. Up.

(army)Wife I prefer to just throw away last month's energy rather than wash it away...or carry it in my purse, for that matter.

The Pretty Provy

that's just wrong on so many levels.

congrats on your SITS status today!


O. M. G.

June Freaking Cleaver

Now I know why my mom called it 'being on the rag'

I am going to Clorox my brain now.

June Freaking Cleaver

Oh, I'm here for the SITS of it. And when I first read the title, I was thinking poor punctuation. My bad.


Ewww! More power to the people that use them, but no thank you for me.

Ginee Scabrough

from a new SIS oh my word. Even grosseir? the cup you can pee in standing up if you need to. I heard about it from a friend- urban legend if you will.


Hell no! I like being able to throw those nasty things in the trash and forget all about it. I certainly do NOT want to play around in my period and carry it around in my purse. No. Thank you.


Wow. That's all I've got.

Enjoy the SITSta love today!!

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland

Oh my heck-- I don't have words but I was laughing my head off! All that's missing from those designer pads is the belts that they used in the olden days -- and heck, why not hang them out to dry on your clothes line, like my mom tells stories of! Thanks for the good laugh & enjoy your day in the SITS spotlight!

Fidgeting Gidget

Happy SITS day! This is a hilarious post!


uh, thanks! Too funny!

Amanda @ Serenity Now

I think McMommy featured those once and I was just as grossed out then as I am now. So. wrong. I'm glad we're on the same page. ;)

NYC Mama

I really do respect women who use these products. I'm not quite there yet, lol, but I respect their commitment to leaving our children a better Earth than we inherited.


that is kinda gross. I hate washing out my panties after I've leaked so I could not imagine rinsing out a pad full of blood.

I get the whole environment thing so I try not to buy the plasticy kind of pads. That's as far as I'll go. :)

Prep-E Girl

There is definitely a combination of laughing and trying not to throw up going on at my end of the computer right now!

Great post!



I use a DIVA CUP and I love it! So there. No way in hell I would go back to tampons. Ick.

Haters. tsk. tsk. Mother Nature loves me best.

Stopping by from SITS


Wait - the person above my comment just said she uses that cup thing?! OMG YUCK. I can't stand that time of the month and I can't stand to do laundry - they want me to combine those two things? OH HELL NO.

Composing Hallelujahs

seriously. people! i wouldn't use them but this is NOT a new CONCEPT. what do you think they used 100 years ago???? think about it now. disposable "everything" is relatively new, your just not use to the idea of something not being thrown away because that's all you know! guess what, we didn't always have plastic baggies either, they actually used to carry their lunch wrapped in fabric as well {GASP!}


Are you kidding me? What whack job would actually use such a thing???


I had no idea there were so many options!

I don't think I can handle any of them, but a girl like to have alternatives.


I own a diva cup!


That's like going back 100 years. I'm all for saving the earth and recycling, but that is going a bit too far.

"FINE"al thoughts...



That is one of the most disgusting things I've ever heard of. Yuck!


Eww Eww Eww Eww Eww NASTY I knew better I did but did I back away from my computer like a smart lil diva? No, I did not I had to share in the sickness.
Beyond GROSS.


Oh. My. Goodness. This is one of the funniest posts I have ever read. Thanks so much for the good laugh!

Jeannie Finelli, RN

I feel very enlightened.


hey SITSTA of the day!

OMG, I saw the pads on someones etsy and I was thinking how'd you get the pad home after it was used. I guess part of me kinda didnt wanna know so I didnt ask.

Have you seen the reusable tampons too? so gross.


SITS visitor leaving laughing and nauseated :D


No, I'm sorry... that is way too gross! Do women really use reusable pads???

I've heard about the Diva cup for awhile now, and it's always grossed me out!


I've seen these before. Yuck! Not interested! lol


OK...I can somewhat buy into the concept of reusable pads. But shouldn't they be black, or red? Why oh why would you want a pretty white one, or one with a floral print? THEY WILL GET STAINED.


Oh hell no!! Sorry but that is all kinds of nasty.


Uhmmm what?! Are you serious! No way! First ewe, then ouch!

I love the Earth, but not that much:)

The Redhead Riter

I am mortified.

My daughter and niece who can't even touch feet just freaked out over this posting!

This is more gross than my mother using leaves and corn cob husks to wipe with after she used the bathroom in the "woods" when she was a little girl.

I can not imagine walking around with 4 or 5 used pads in my purse all day. Then when I got home, TAKE THEM OUT OF MY PURSE and before putting them in the washing machine, I would have to HAND RINSE THEM!

I'm gagging.

I love my Miss Minnie (as you say hoo ha), but when she is a mess, NO THANK YOU to sharing in her mess!

I think I will go kiss my feminine products in the bathroom cabinet. Hell, I might build a shrine to "All things disposible" and burn candles.


WOW! What a posting!

That's Who I Am

OK no way? That is just disgusting please tell me women don't really....or please just let me think that way!


Those products are wrong. So very, very wrong. I can't even hang with OB let alone a cup-o-uterine lining. BLECH!

Interesting post though :)


I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit! LOL
Trying SO hard not to laugh and wake up my hubby.


I'm so glad I came by today! Congrats on being FB!

Sharon and Billy Blanks Jr.

All I have to say is ohhhhhhhhhhhhh snaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!!!! Going green is cool but I'm not about to go RED!

I am all for being green and in touch with my hoo ha but wow. Wow Wow... Those pretty little pads would not be so pretty after a couple of cycles seriously and what the hell is that cup thing. I cant even imagine an iud let alone a cup in my v ja ja canal!!
oh yea sounds cumfy enouph for six freenin hours!!!! Sure.
I want to meet somone in person who uses either of these products for realllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yuck! No way no how! LOL!


I havent read all the comments, but I skimmed them and I can see that I am in the minority...ON YOUR BLOG. On my blog, all my friends use reusable feminine products.

You was them with the towels. It takes seconds.

Its about the environment, sure. But how about feeling comfortable DURING, shorter periods and fewer cramps? Because now that I use period lasts 3 days. NO CRAMPS any more.

The cup...come on???? Not having to worry about protection for half the day. On low flow days you can leave it in for 12 hours. It's like not having a period.

Have you ever removed a tampon towards the end of your period and all the inside of your hoo-ha (your term...LOL) comes out with it. OUCHHHHHH!!! Not so with the cup...or my best friend, the sea sponge. It's comfortable going in and coming matter how much flow you have...or how little.

Just sayin'. Give it a try. Then come back to us. LOL.


I love the environment, but re-usable pads? I. Just. Can't.

I might try the diva cup, but I am sort of stuck on how the hell you empty it. Like when you pull it out is there just a freaking waterfall? I don't get it.


Oh man, I am so grossed out right now. Stopping by from SITS, thanks for sharing such great (disgusting) info.

Charmaine @ randalswife

Wow, I think I'd like to meet someone who uses these. Just to see if they are as weird as I imagine them to be.


That was disgustingly funny!

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