Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Not at all Wordless Wednesday

I have some very exciting news to share!! Some of you know that my husband Joe is in the Air force....he is what is called Active Guard Reserve which means he is full time active duty but we are lucky in that he is stationed where we live on a permanent basis. He is about 2 years away from retirement (which means he is 2 years away from getting a new career but more on that later)

What I want to shout from the rooftops is that he was just selected as the Honor Guard Manager of the YEAR for the NATION!!!!!!

This is an incredible award that he won out of all of the people who were selected from each state and I am SO proud of him!! He works so hard and is really deserving of this honor! In June we are off for a week to Washington D.C. compliments of the Air force (our first time away together without kids!) as part of being the award winner. We will be toured around the city and meet some (I am told) important people (I would LOVE to meet President Obama) and attend a lot of dinners.

I guess now he goes on to win for the entire Airforce or something like that which in my mind translates to "He is already Ms USA now he competes for Ms Universe"

So yeah to my husband who even though he never reads this still needed a big old shout out on my blog!

Stay tuned in a few months from now when I stress about leaving my kids for that long for the first time EVER and THEIR first time away from both parents at the same time.

Oh, and as far as him getting a new career.....some things he has tossed around.
-lunch lady at the kids school
-school bus driver....for the kids route
-greeter at Lowes
-golf course attendant


28 people fed my need for attention:


That's awesome news!! Congrats to hubs!!

Team Och

Woooohooo! I'm frenz with a guy who won it several years back and he got to meet the Prez. So if he's in town, you'll definitely get to schmoooze!
That's a big deal. I was part of the honor guard when I was younger, and it's such a great honor to perform those tasks. Kudos to your husband for the great job and to you for supporting him!


Wholy crap! What a great honor! He deserved the shout out today!!!

Congrats to you and your hubby!


Wow!!!! What wonderful news to shout!!! Congrats to Hubby, congrats to you! Behind all good men.... ;)

I vote for golf course attendant. A man would love to be outdoors doing golf stuff, right? He can see the kids when he gets home. LOL

Janna Bee

Congratulations! What an honor!


Yay for him!!!


How exciting! Be sure to tell us all about it!


Congratulations! What an accomplishment!


I'd bet with his career history, he could totally keep those school kids in line on the bus. :)

Congratulations to him!


That is so cool! Congrats!


Congratulations! what an honor. Just think of all the clothes shopping you will NEED to do for your trip! You will need several gowns for all those dinners!Lucky you.

I vote for Lunch Lady...he can get free food!


I am in the Navy and I know what a big deal that is! So Congrats to him!! :) Good stuff! It's not an easy task that is for sure.

Kristina P.

What an amazing achievement! Congrats to your husband!

E @ Scottsville

Wow, what an amazing honor!!! Congratulations Mr.Cammie!


Congrats to your hubby! PS - my husband doesn't read my blog eihter. He says he gets enough of my incessant chatter in real life!

The Un-Organized Mom

WOW that is GREAT!!!! Congrats to the Mr.!!! My husband is medically retired from the AF and would go back in a heart beat!

Ohh, yeah, shopping for outfits...that will be fun!!! Can't wait to hear all about that trip!

Leaving the kids, that's hard, but it will be so much fun for you both...and the kids will be fine!!


That is so wonderful! It is so great when you get acknowledged for all your hard honest work! Yay for him and you!

Thanks for stopping by today...I think I have been by your blog before:)

The Rambler

Congrats on the awesome award.

So fricking funny when you said the Ms. Us to Ms. Universe. FUNNY!


Bee and Rose

Hooray!!! That is quite an honor! You must be super proud! I bet the wine will be flowing tonight!!!


Drama queens mum

Wow, congrats to your hubby. That is great.


Congratulations to your hubby!! He sounds brilliant!!

Domestically Disabled Girl

That is really cool. Congrats to him (and YOU, you know you were supporting him through this.)
I can't wait to hear and see pics. and umm, I am NOT going to tell you what the heat and humidity are like in June in D.C. (of course I was 7 months pregnant when we were there during june, but still.)
The sights are awesome, and it will be even more amazing without children, because you will see everything.


Wow!! Way to go hubby!


Hooray for Mr. Cammie!!! Congratulations and Job Well Done!

Kami's Khlopchyk

Congratulations to your hubby, that is quite an honour (even with Canadian spelling)!


SO very awesome!! Way to Go, Joe!!! =D


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