Friday, April 3, 2009

Today is the day.....13 year old Cammie finally lives her dream......

First let's go back........the year is 1988.....the bedroom. My bangs are teased high, my eye-shadow is blue. My jeans are tight rolled and my Eastlands have the laces wound into those little springs. I'm wearing Debbie Gibson Electric Youth perfume. That's right....Debbie Gibson....not Deborah like she goes by now.

My clock radio is on and across the room my boombox has a tape in, the record button pressed. I am silent because that is truly the only way to get a good recording of the song.

My little sister busts in the door and ruins it. All you can hear in the middle of the song is me shushing her and telling her to get out of my room.

The song......honestly I don't remember the exact song but the group is the New Kids on the Block. They rule my world. Their posters all over my room. Someday I will meet Joey McIntyre and run away with him.

I never got to go to a New Kids concert. I know......hard knock life.

Today--The scene......My kitchen. Kids demanding their pop tarts. I no longer have bangs but I do rock my mom cut. Sometimes my eye shadow is still blue thanks to MAC makeup and my jeans....well they are just tight.

Tonight......tonight I am going to see the New Kids on the Block. My husband will drop me off downtown in my mini van and I will realize my dream! Along with BFF Liz , BFF Jess and hundreds of other screaming women in their 30's I will sing Hangin Tough, Please Don't Go Girl, and I'll Be Loving You Forever. Oh yes, I will sing.....I will dance.....I might even cry tears of joy.

I was always a Joey McIntyre girl. Remember him....the sweet baby faced Joey? How I loved him.

In fact I MET him a few years ago. Next to the births of my children and my wedding day it is one of the best days EVER. Remember he was in a little show called Dancing With the Stars? Well he came with the tour and my mom won tickets (give me some credit, I did not buy THOSE tickets) and I waited in line like a giddy school girl to get his autograph and hear him speak my name. I touched him. I HAD a picture on my cell phone but the Joe I MARRIED did not hit the damn save button and by the time I realized it we were already home. He almost died that night.

Joey looks like THIS now. Still hot in my eyes.

I cannot wait to hear him sing Please Don't Go Girl. Because I never did go....I have held on to my love for the New Kids over the past 20 years. I knew they would come back....all grown up and hot (well, most of them) and now they sing about doing dirty things.....not just about crushes and first kisses. Mmmmmm. Oops, sorry.

I'm having a hard time concentrating today. Maybe because I have the New Kids blaring in my ears through my iPod.

Oh is a good day. Think of me tonight at 7PM......

28 people fed my need for attention:


I was a Joey fan too! I went to the concert back in 1989 but I couldn't bring myself to buy tickets this time. Still love them though.

Have fun tonight!!


I was a Jordan fan ( I know, right?? )!! Have fun tonight! and Hang Tough!

Hey Mama where's my...

Hangin' Tough has got to be the most perfect song, great lyrics, a coach's whistle, and hot little boys singing~ I was with you there girl, scream once for me tonight!!


You are going to have SO much fun!!! It was seriously the best concert I've ever been to.


I was in love with sweet quiet Jonathon. *swoon* I had that perfume too. My mom told me it made me smell like a french whore. She is a sweetheart like that.

Bee and Rose

You go, girl! You rock your 80's tonight!!! (and take lots of pictures!!) I'm jealous!!!


OMG! You are gonna have soooooo much fun!!

Here is my post from when I went...

Stephanie Piontkowski

Have Fun Cammie, I know you are beyond excited for this.

LMAO at Electric Youth perfume, I had that along with my vanilla musk...


I am TOTALLY jealous! I was on of the way to young girls totally in love with them! They were the first tape I ever owned. I remember blaring them in my Walkman... which I carried in my fanny pack... Oh don't you love the 80's?

Kelly Syferd

I can't wait!!!


Have a great time! I'm sure you will be crying tears of joy!

Hmmm, do I see a New Kids on the Block scrapbook in your future? You should totally make one!

Sally's World

he looks better now...mayb cos i'm older too, you need to do a before adn after book...;)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Hope you have the best time EVER!!!!



Jim Brochowski

We all have something like this. I took my daughter to see Billy Joel, (my fav) last year. I still tear up like a baby when I hear a stadium full of people singing Piano Man!

Good for you Cammie.

Rock it out tonight!

Kristina P.

Hey, Joey was all mine!!!!

And I just realized I haven't seen you on my blog today. You're usually always in the top 10! You must be dreaming about Joey.


Okay....I am hating you right now...I might have to go home and get on itunes and get a few songs. LOL These are now STUCK in my head. OH no....but I was a Jordan fan. Not really sure why.


LOL I was never a New Kids fan, but you have a blast and rock it! =D


Oh have fun!! My sis was all for
Joey, but I was more of a Jordan girl back then.

E @ Scottsville

Oh Cammie, how fun was that post!?

I wasn't actually a NKOTB fan, but I did have my 'loves' too. I do remember the poofed up bangs, the tightly wound jeans, the high-top sneakers with tags hanging off of them, and multiple pairs of socks worn at the same time.

I'm so glad that 'fad' went away! =0)


What I wanna know is if there is gonna be a Menudo reunion tour! LOL

Have fun tonight!

Domestically Disabled Girl

Yes. Yes! You lucky lady. I had to laugh as I though of myself at the same time
Brown eastlunds? Check
Rolled pants? Check
Push down socks? Check
E.N.U.F sweater? Check.
dork? Check.
have fun!!


I. Am So. Jealous.

The Rambler


OMG, don't forget to take a pair of spare panties!!

So you can fling them on stage. It might be too crowded to do the ones on. (insert teenage giggle) Do they still do that? Throw stuff on stage?

Joey is H.O.T.

But I LOVED Jordan.

OMG...I can't wait for you to come back and give the full report. WITH pictures!!

I feel like I'm 15 again.

Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhh, O...hangin tough.

Sorry. Got carried away! :)

Kami's Khlopchyk

If I tell you that I never did like NKOB, can we still be friends?


okay then, I won't.


Hope you had fun and that blast back to the past was cool. I remember those days...well kind of, my memory isn't what it used to be.

Connie Weiss

Since you have not updated your blog today about the concert...I can only assume that Joey saw you in the audience and you have run away with him.

Please keep in touch....

Drama queens mum

How was the show? I was never into them & I'm from Boston. I was 18 in 88, so I was a little older.


I am sooo jealous! Donnie was my boy. I tend to go after the bad boys! :) Hope you had fun!

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