Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yet another cartoon I love to hate

I have yet another cartoon that my kids love that I would not mind seeing go up in flames. I spoke of my annoyance for Yo Gabba Gabba here and my hatred for Max and Ruby here. Today class let's talk about The Higgly Town Hero's

Aren't they cute? The concept of this show is actually not that bad. This show teaches you that EVERYONE in your community is important (aka a "Higgly Town Hero) Everyone from the dentist that fixes your teeth to the baker at the local bakery. They of course sing a little song about each hero and what they do that makes them so awesome. I like this part. I like that it teaches my kids that everyone is important in someway.

A few things I DON'T like.......

These kids.....when they get scared.....all hop inside each other like those little stackable dolls. So in the event that something really bad were to happen....the big one Eubie gets screwed because all his little friends are safe inside. Creepy.

They also have no arms. Until they need them. Then they appear quickly but then go back to those armless hands you see attached to their belly's. Creepy.

See that squirrel sitting on top of Wayne's head? Her name is Fran. In every episode the little girl who (Twinkle) comes up with what is always a far fetched idea about how to solve a problem...she is creative and enthusiastic. Then that bitch squirrel always takes the time to point out WHY her idea kind of sucks. Way to encourage imagination Fran. Way to be a buzz kill.

I also feel like in all of the episodes that I have seen (and I have seen a lot) they really have left out a few REALLY important people in communities that should be given hero credit.

Such As:

Bartenders. Oh wait, wrong show.....that is from MOMMYTOWN Hero's

Tattoo Artists. They encourage individuality and freedom to express yourself

Drug Dealers. So much easier to call on a Higgly Town Hero then to blow the house up making your own meth lab

The Town Slut- How can you leave out that REALLY helpful gal who usually comes with a gift that keeps on giving? Oh, and let's not forget her sister the

Prostitute- These women really work hard for the money that they earn--where would the Higgly Town politicians be without them?

I am sure that there are WAY more important community members out there (in fact if you can think of some please feel free to let me know in a comment) but these are the ones that I can come up with this early in the morning with not even half my coffee gone.

Like I said, I support the idea of this show but I really wish it would teach my kids the importance of ALL of the hero's out there and not just the folks like teachers and police officers. Come on Disney....let's get it together.

21 people fed my need for attention:


LOL I love those musings. we dont get that program here but sounds interesting. I love your list of who should be on there lol.

Look forward to the next post, you keep me so amused.

Hugs GJ and Carol x

Mommy of M's

This show is on too early in the morning so we usually don't watch it.

We sleep slightly later than dark o clock, it's more like early-dawn o clock.

Sally's World

i haven't heard of this one...but all i can say is...the way you described it, i can't wait to see it...sounds better than desparate housewives this post x


Your forgot the all important Pizza Dude! He is the biggest Higglytown Hero if you ask me. Especially when I am too darn lazy to get off my a** and fix dinner! :) But they don't mention that in the show! Very annoying at 6:30 am! Have to agree with you on the creepy hands and stacking. Great post!


You are too funny! I haven't seen that show...too bad I think I'd really enjoy it!LOL


There is something weird going on in Higglytown! My kids watch it too. I enjoyed your post. So funny :)

Kristina P.

I had no idea that there was a difference between the town slut and the prostitute. You learn something new everyday.

E @ Scottsville

Wooo girl, you are on a ROLL today, aren't ya? =0)

Hey, I found another Blogger who apparantly HATES geese. She is #9 in my little "MEME" yesterday and her story is about geese. Made me think about you and your love of these "fowl" creatures.

Kami's Khlopchyk

I love these posts! I never look at these shows the same way again...

How about our friendly neighborhood car thiefs? Random vandals?

Kami's Khlopchyk

how about thieves...sheesh. I haven't had any coffee, can you tell?

and have you weighed in on my very important issue? I am dying to hear your input!

I'm just me...

My daughter LOVES this show. It drives me INSANE!

I think they need to feature the neighborhood crackhead and the house full of pot heads who keep Pizza Dude in business.

I love your critiques of the kiddy shows!


wow this is really creepy. i dont want my kids hanging around with some weird guys in the community. haha


Wow. I haven't seen this one, but I'm not much of a Disney channel fan. They've really gone SO downhill! What happened to the classics they used to play?! I say they should bring those back!


Geese farmers. Without them, we wouldn't have those lovely geese. :)

Domestically Disabled Girl

I've never seen this. however, we have been watching Wall E almost every night, so there is no time too. and I'll make sure there NEVER is...

The Rambler I was reading this...guess what show was on?

love it.

Bee and Rose

I am with you...the idea is a sound one...the implementation of the idea kind of sucks! My daughter doesn't like the lack of limbs! lol!

You crack me up with your "heroes"!




LOL Nice! I've seen some of the kid shows but never this one. That squirrel sounds like a biotch! :0P

Mama Grits

Hilarious! Have you ever seen that creepy, whiny Caillou cartoon??? OMG my daughter used to have this talking Caillou doll and I wanted to turn it into a voodoo doll...


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