Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Good morning! I hope that all had a fabulous Easter weekend! We were fairly busy and since I forgot to pay attention to what I did NOT do all last week this is likely to be uneventful. Please remember to keep MckMama and Stellan in your prayers, she is still with him in the hospital.
Here are some Easter NOT ME's
Sat night I did NOT threaten Mallory by telling her if she did not go to sleep that the Easter bunny would not come. Mallory has a tendancy to call for me at LEAST 3 times each night after I put her to bed. I would never threaten my baby in that way when she really just wants more snuggle time. NOT ME.
With thoughts of Easter eggs in her head Mallory did NOT go right to sleep without making me come up there 3 times.

I did NOT then think what other way that I could use such a ploy to get her to go to bed.
After the kids were all snug in there beds Joe and I did NOT go through the candy from that day's hunt and put some of it in their baskets.
Easter morning we were NOT woken up by Pierce flying into our bedroom freaking out because the power had just gone out. Surely this would NOT happen on yet ANOTHER holiday. We did NOT have to pack up all of our stuff for the day and head to my mom's early to shower there.
I did NOT have 2 of the cutest kids EVER dressed up looking super innocent.

In her beautiful dress, tights and her hair all pretty Mallory did NOT spend most of the day jumping on a trampoline with the boys.

My kids did NOT go flipping mad crazy over the egg hunt and get 35 more eggs filled with candy. Each. Joe and I will NOT be hiding most of it to avoid cavities.

Happy Monday!!

PS....I am NOT ready to kill blogger because I cant get my paragraphs to format. STOOOOPID blogger.....

14 people fed my need for attention:


Too cute! Luckily, Tater Bug is still a little young to come in our room in the mornings. He just sings and we listen over the baby monitor! Our day is coming... Cute pics! They are adorable!

Hey Mama where's my...

You have got to have two of the cutest kids ever!! I love Mallory's eyes (and her name too by the way) and Pierce is just adorable~ Have a wonderful Monday :)


The kids look entirely too cute in their Easter finest. Glad you had a good Easter.

E @ Scottsville

Oh, those are BEAUTIFUL pictures, Cammie! They are both just darling. =0)

Glad you had a great Easter - sorry you had no power AGAIN. =0(


This is super cute, your children are just BEAUTIFUL! (Just like Mommy, of course!!)
Visiting from BSU, thank you!!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

The kids look so cute! Trampoline jumping in tights is a requirement right?

Kristina P.

I did NOT think that your kids look super adorable.


Oh, what cuties! They really are adorable :)
Are you supposed to save the Easter candy for the kids? I thought eating it for them so they avoid cavities and pot-bellies was part of the parental sacrifice we all have to make...hmmm, the things my mama never told me!


Happy Monday!

What sweet pictures! They truly are adorable!


You're right - they do look really innocent. And that would really stink to have to pack up and rush to your mom's. Sorry about that!! Stinkin' electricity. Happy Monday, though!

Kami's Khlopchyk

Ha! I would never do any of that either, nope, not me.

Cute kids is an understatement! Stinking adorable plus 5!


They are so precious! Sorry to hear about the outage!


Very cute kiddos! Sorry about the power outage!


Cute pics of the little kiddos! Love that Easter candy!!! Looks like they had sooo much fun!

Have a great day!


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