Thursday, April 2, 2009

Come on in and I will pour you a cup of random.....

Just some random thoughts from my brain this morning......

I think THIS is my new motto in life.

I woke up this morning and while putting on my make-up noticed that I now am sporting crow's feet. What. In. The. Hell. Those were NOT there yesterday. No seriously....I have never EVER seen crows feet in the corner of my eyes. I kind of want to stab myself IN said eyes with a fork.

Speaking of birds. I saw a dead goose on the side of the road this morning and it made me happy.

Wow, one MORE thought about birds......the happiest bird IN THE WORLD lives outside my bedroom window. He starts his merry little song around 4AM every day. Rain or Shine.

I need a BB Gun

This morning I had the following conversation with my 5 year old son when he came out of his room.....

"Wow mommy, you already dried your hair?"
"Yeah bud, did you not hear my blow dryer? That normally wakes you up"
"I know, I had my ears turned off"
"Turned off? Do you have a button that does that?
"Yep, it is behind my ears"
"hmmmm, that explains a lot"

I had some challenges getting off of the highway this morning. My friend called me apparently 2 cars back to tell me I almost killed the person behind me. Oops. She also said I ran a red light. I disagree. It was yellow. Maybe pink.

Tomorrow I am living a DREAM 20 years in the making. More on this later.....if you already know what I am doing tomorrow as I know some of you do (Liz, Mellisa, Lauren, Kelly I'm talking about YOU) or if you suspect.....keep it quiet until tomorrow.

I wrote this entire post without spelling one thing wrong. WHOA....I am SMRT

23 people fed my need for attention:


It's my first visit here, but it won't be my last!

Kristina P.

I haven't developed crow's feet either. Keeping my fingers crossed! Ha!

Sally's World

I have no crows feet...i think an eagle landed and made the creases i have...but deny deny deny...laughter lines, thats what we have...for grey hair, theres dye, for wobbly tummys theres spanx...crows feet, you can't hide, so tehy are laughter lines...cos i'm that happy!!!!


I love the button for your sons ears! I wish I had one of those sometimes...but I'm sure it could be a bad thing too.

...may I tell you I just love you?'s out. LOL.


You are so funny! Love this post!

I've gone through a pink light or two myself :)

Bee and Rose

Crows feet suck! Sucky suck suck!

High five on the dead goose, sister!

I wanna know what the heck is going on tomorrow!!!!


I think Luca has that button behind his ears too. Come to think of it, so does DH.


Crows feet...yeah, I've got those already. Just think of it as laugh lines. :)

I don't have a BB gun...but we do have "real" ones though...No, no that would be wrong!


haha! visiting you from SITS...have a great day!

E @ Scottsville

=0) Can't wait to hear what tomorrow holds!

My big hoopla for tomorrow is that I have to work. WOo hoo. Blech!

Happy whatever-ing tomorrow!!!


Step away from the birds. I mean it.


Let me introduce you to my friend Botox.

I believe those ear buttons are hereditary.


Oh, you know how to string a girl along, don't you?

Are you going to tell us about it tomorrow, or do we have to wait until Monday?


Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I hate birds.

The Un-Organized Mom

I love mornings, birds that sing too damn loud, and when my kids use their off buttons....

and I am in no way sarcastic...



That's the one thing i dislike about spring... the chirpity chirp chip of birds, at ridiculous hours of the morning/night.

Yay! I'm not so smrt. Spell check yells at me every post.


I am curious to know where you are going tomorrow. Great post!


I am so disappointed that the dead goose made you happy. LOL I know you're sarcastic, but you can't hate the poor birds. And don't you DARE get a BB gun!


I have been using an eye cream since I was 16. I also use retinol. It's kept the crows feet at bay for me.

What are you doing tomorrow, girl? You've got me in suspense!

Kami's Khlopchyk

How will I sleep not knowing what you will be doing tomorrow?

You are just mean. That's all.


have fun, whatever it might be!


i need that button!


Ahh, happy little bird. And when you said you saw a dead goose, before I read the rest I knew you were going to be happy. LMAO!

Pierce is too funny!


I think my hubby has that button too! :) I left you some fightin words over on my blog about Edward! :) All in good fun! ;)

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