Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Story of Us

I'm feeling kind of crabby today so I figured I would grace you all with a feel good kind of blog in hopes of perking myself up. Nothing in particular is wrong....just feeling a little bitchy. Might be the kink in my neck compliments of sleeping with my daughter sleeping wrong, or maybe just the never ending rain. At any rate.....this guy suggesting I blog about something my husband did to piss me off yesterday in hopes to cheer myself up and give him something to laugh at....but then I remembered that I keep seeing everyone blog about the "how they met, engagement, wedding stories" days in their life and that I wanted to do that as well....

Quite a few dress sizes years ago I had just gotten dumped by an asshole my boyfriend and I was realllllllly jaded. My Aunt had been telling me for like a month that she knew this guy out at the Air Force base that was really nice, cute, blah blah blah and that she wanted me to meet him. I had told her over and over that I did NOT need my AUNT to hook me up with a boy thankyouverymuch and that boys were dumb and I did not need one. Finally in an effort to shut her up I agreed to meet him in a group scenario, no pressure, no strings, no thanks.

I met my this group including my aunt and this random guy that I probably would not like anyways out at a bar that night. How cliche right? Much to my surprise he WAS cute, and he WAS nice but I still did not think I would like him. I never did go for the nice one's....which was probably why I was still single.

He asked if he could call me sometime and I said yes. Meanwhile I was ALSO working on this guy who was WAY to young for me, lived with his brother and took me on a date to BW3 (wing joint) for our first (and only) date. Clearly he was the better choice.

Joe called and asked me out within a few days. I would not let him pick me up (no strings, no stress) and said I would meet him out. We went to the Shadowbox Cabaret for our first date which is kind of like a comedy club but more of a Sat Night Live skit type feel. I really enjoyed myself. Our date ended with him promising to call me again and me starting to think I just MIGHT like him. I went home since I don't put out until the 2nd date. And I'm kidding. About putting out, not that I went home.

It did not take long for me to realize that I was in trouble and that little by little the bricks that made up the wall that kept my emotions in check were coming down around me.

We met in February of 2001. We got engaged 7 months later. He proposed to me in the middle of a fountain area at an outdoor shopping mall......we were walking across to the other side and I was like "what in the hell are you doing down there.....OHMYGOD"

6.5 years, 2 kids and a mini van later takes us to today. Those of you who know me know that I tend to be a little on the pain in the ass side (I know, you are shocked) I don't cook, I'm kind of spoiled and I do things like wreck his car in the garage. He snores (although I have heard that I might as well), stalks my shopping on our bank website, and FORGETS TO TIVO Matt and Maddy Logelin on Oprah 32 seconds after I call and remind him to do so. He is my best friend, the love of my life, and my soul mate.

I still stand by my statement that I did not need my Aunt to hook me up with a boy. Although I DID need her to find me a husband.

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Kristina P.

What a great story! The Internet fixed me and my husband up.

Kami's Khlopchyk

I love it! Stories of how people met and got together are always so interesting...

and that last line? Made me laugh :)

Jim Brochowski

That is a very cool story. I am really glad you shared it, and I love how you turned your post into a positive for the day.

I'm sending a monsoon of admiration your way. ;-)

Thanks for the shoutout!



Thats a terrific Story! LOVE it!

Hey Mama where's my...

that is so great!! i may have to put my story of how i met my hubby but i could lose a few followers as it is not the most storybook. we'll see! thanks for sharing~


And badda bang! You have a cheer-up story!! :) I hope that made you feel a little less crabby. It certainly made for a feel-good, smiley read.

E @ Scottsville

Awwwwww, great to hear your story. Thanks for sharing, Cammie!


How sweet!!! :) I get ya on the feeling crabby lately. I am right there with ya! Maybe just a little tired. Thanks for sharing your story! :) Although, you should have drug out the wedding pics for us to gawk at! :)

Connie Weiss

I love these stories! How could he NOT record Oprah? I bet Joey wouldn't do that?



aw, what a sweet story! except for the mini-van part. blech.


Oh my gosh, I am always asking my hubby to tape things and he says "yeah okay" and forgets!!!

Love the story. I have a thing for people's get-together-stories. They make me all warm and fuzzy inside.


I met my husband through my ex-boyfriend. Don't worry we made sure it was cool before we started dating (not that it would have stopped me if he had said no).

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

That's a great story Cammie! I hope you are feeling a little more cheerful now.


I met my husband when I was 16, he was 8 years older and wanted me BAD...lol.

Great story. And I love the being spoiled and having a man that snores...he. Women never snore. We daintily sigh...

Domestically Disabled Girl

what a cool story! it is amazing the way we connect to our men sometimes, isn't it? BTW, good thing you found him before me. I do some of the same things he does, and we would be a disasterous match!
p.s my hubs stalks my shopping too. I swear the man smells a purchase before I make it.

The Wife O Riley

That's a great story! Boys are stupid, but Husbands can be a little better.

Going to request you as a friend on Facebook now.


What a great story!


What a great story!

I love the Shadowbox!

And I saw that Oprah episode, days after I had discovered his blog. I was making a fool out of myself at the gym, tears on my cheeks while on the elliptical, watching his story.

I met my husband at a bar. His name is Joe. I live in Ohio.

What else do we have in common?

3 Bay B Chicks

Oh, how I have missed you and your stories, Cammie. I see that you were the FS on Blog Stalker last week. I'll have to go back and read all of your old posts to make sure that you weren't beating down any geese with your Kate Spade while I was gone!

This is such a great story, as only you can tell it. I never tire of your wit...aka sacrasm...but in my book, they are one in the same.



Awe how sweet! I do think that writing about the love of my life always cheers me up. It also cheers him up. I wrote a poem for my hubby before leaving town (and him behind) for the evening (which he always hates) and it seemed to make the parting a little sweeter for him. (It's posted at my GoldenTearsofJoy(dot)blogspot blog, by the way).

And just for the record, I was also the dumbest dater ever and needed help to find a hubby.


Aww, I like this story! (I don't cook either, so I'm in the spoiled section as well.) Sounds like a great match!

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