Friday, December 26, 2008

Yay or Nay?

changed the blog it okay to read or do I need to change anything? Do tell.....

7 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

Is there one for the three column blogs? It's fine to read the posts, but the sidebars are sort of hard to see.

Like the background though!

Drama queens mum

I like it. I think you can read it fine.

Kelly Syferd

I love the background but agree that the columns are a bit harder to read.
You reminded me that I need to change my background to something less festive.


I have to agree with Kelly Syferd and Kristina P. This is one of my favorite backgrounds though!


It's loverly, but agree the side columns are a little difficult to read. =)




looks good but the white print hurts my eyes!! lol

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