Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

What a busy busy week of Not Me's I did NOT have. Whew.

I did NOT procrastinate on present wrapping....something I am also NOT doing so far this week

I did not flip my shit when I saw on Becky's blog that there is an Edward fleece blanket that looks like this

(I also did NOT just find another way to use that picture in my blog)

Upon seeing said blanket...I did NOT immediately picture myself wrapped up in it with no clothes on.

I did NOT want to choke my husband when he told me that he dropped and broke his cell phone that I just bought him. Because once upon a time I did NOT lose mine and steal his as a replacement.

I did NOT have to break up with a friend after she accidentally included me on an email about me.

I also did NOT get so mad about that incident that I had to bust out my emergency xanax

I did NOT mentally write this list while in a meeting on Friday

Happy Monday all!!

15 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

There is a fleece blanket with that image?!?! Is it supposed to give you nightmares? ;)


OMG! I totally spaced out that today is Not Me Monday! Wow! These are funny! Sorry about your friend... wow that's horrible! :(

I gave you a special shout out in my 100th post today :) Maybe that will cheer you up!


And I did NOT LOL at your finding another way to use that photo in a post!



When will people learn to not talk shit in emails? It is way too dangerous.

At least you know right?

The Wife O Riley

You just described my evening last night ( and tonight) with the blanket!


SHUT UP! included you in an email that was ABOUT you?? Come one, don't stop there-I need details...that tramp, I'll slap her for ya!

Loved the you naked under the blanket one...hahahaha!


meant "on", not "one"


I get it now, post below and this one....
sorry 'bout your "friend" :(

Susan in the Psych Ward

Thanks for popping in and saying hi to me... for several reasons I think you may be my new blog love... but the biggest....
This weekend I mentioned on my facebook that I was opening a bottle of wine... when a "friend" who is a holy roller called me an alcoholic and a bad mother ON MY WALL!!!! I took my time, sent her a private message and slammed her back... now she's begging MY forgiveness.... what's up with that??? Well, I'll be back to see you and hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


Thanks for popping by today! :)

The Blissfully Happy Housewife

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog...always appreciate comments from visitors and making new friends!



Thanks for the bloggy visit. Sorry about the friend, cc is such a powerful thing :)

People should not abuse it.

The Wife O Riley

I have an award for you, come on by. Sorry, it's not the blanket.

Sachin Malhotra

Merry christmas

U have a nice blog...
pls visit my blog too...

thank you

Laural Out Loud

I'm torn between admitting I want that blanket, and pretending that I don't. I guess you have my answer, lol.

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