Saturday, December 13, 2008


I was thinking about skipping today but then the anal girl in me that has not missed a day yet since I started this kicked in. I really have nothing exciting to add to the blog world as I am packing up for the night to head out to my mom's (the one who is NOT a garden tool) for some drinking festivities. She is having a girly party tonight and guess what...I'm NOT coming home...which means a sleep in day tomorrow...WAHOOOO.

5 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

Cammie, I see you've only been blogging since November. Just one friendly word of advice. Don't feel like you need to post everyday! I've been there, and believe me, it will make you crazy and stressed.

Only do it if you WANT to, not because you feel like you HAVE to. But, for what it's worth, I enjoy reading it. :)


Have fun!

The Rambler

Holy cocktail batwoman! HAVE TONS OF FUN. especially the sleeping in part :)


well have fun!!


I agree with Kristina P.-don't feel like you have to post/blog everyday or you'll get burned out!

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