Sunday, December 14, 2008

I STILL want a blog makeover and happy birthday to me!

Whoring out another great blog design website in hopes of winning a makeover....check out Creative K HERE.

So, today is my 21st 33rd birthday. I spent last night at a party at my mom's where the main course was wine with a side of little sister drama. However, good times WERE had. Today I have a wicked headache.

So I follow this blog called theoneminutewriter who gives a daily "thought" for something to blog about. I keep them on file for days when I may need some inspiration despite the advice from the lovely KristinaP not to stress myself over getting a blog out every day (I promise I wont and I will skip a day eventually...) A few days ago the topic was birthday post about your most memorable birthday. I knew right away that I had to save this for today.

7 years ago back when Joe and I were engaged we took a cruise that happened to have a day in Key West that fell on my birthday. By some miracle the 8 craziest people (us included) all wound up sharing the same dinner table on the cruise. We were that table that just annoyed the hell out of everyone but we had FUN! There was a couple in their 50s, a gay couple in there late 30, a newly divorced girl who came with a friend to party for a week, and us. We spent the entire trip with these people. The last day before being back was spent in Key West which is one of my favorite places!

Lunch....oysters at the best little hole on Duval St

Followed by drinks and dancing at

I don't remember a lot of the specifics of this day (Im not saying I was THAT hammered....yeah actually I am) but I do know that this day (and really the entire trip) was one of the best vacations Joe and I have had. Someday we will do it again....

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Kristina P.

Happy birthday! And I'm so happy you "stole" my button. That's what it's there for!

And I hope you don't feel like I was chastizing you, or anything. I think it's great if you want to blog daily! I just remember setting that goal for myself, and it got overwhelming. I think I did it for over 2 months.

And that sounds like such a fun cruise! Our 5th anniversary is in March, and I have never been on a cruise. I'm hoping we can go.


Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one!


Happy Birthday! And...thanks for the fabulous k creative shout out! :)


Awesome! Glad you had a good birthday (what you remember of it anyways...Lol!)


Hi Cammie, glad you had a fun birthday. I think this last year I stayed at home ... LOL, maybe hope for next year.

I love Key West also, we went there on our honeymoon. It may have been the keylime pie that swayed me ... ha-ha.

Thanks for checking me out. I love the SITs, Alexis :)


Well Happy birthday funny girl ;-) Love your posts...your pet peeves are hillarious down there! And thanks for visiting my 'saucy' blog, hehe.


happy bday!!! a cruise...yeah! so much fun...we loved ours.

The Rambler

Happy Birthday 21 year old (wink, wink)...

and thanks for the kind words today...

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