Sunday, December 21, 2008


Friendship has been on my mind a lot this week. I have always been blessed with the best of friends no matter what part of my life I have been in. I have also been lucky to take those friends with me throughout my life. I have taken my friend Ruth through my entire life since 7th grade, picked up my awesome college friends, my fabulous work friends that make a 40 day work week bearable, and of course my BFF mommy friends. The point to all of this?? This past week brought out the true colors in someone who I THOUGHT was a close friend. Trust and loyalty are so important to me in friendships. I am a LOYAL friend who would do pretty much anything for my girlfriends. Your secrets? I keep em, you need a shoulder to cry on, here it is. You need me to kill someone....oh wait....let's not get out of control here. Is it to much that I expect the same out of my friends? I know that girlfriends have their squabbles...I'm not so unrealistic that I think that we wont have our problems....I will however NOT stand for bull shit and backstabbing. I am no longer in high school and I hated that crap then too. It is sad when you realize that someone you truly loved was fooling you behind your back. Fool me once...shame on you....fool me twice....shame on me. So, for all of you who are my TRUE girlfriends....the one's I laugh with, cry with, and hope to grow old with....thank you for sharing my life with me!! I hope you know that you have a true and loyal friend in me and I'm so blessed to have you all in my life.

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Kristina P.

Oh, Cammie, I hear you. I actually broke up with a friend of 8 years, a few months ago. It makes me sad on one hand, but on the other hand, my life is finally free of drama, and I don't regret my decision.

Hang in there!


Sorry you had this happen :(
I've had my share of fall-outs w/ "friends" and it's never fun. But it is always reassuring to know who those TRUE friends are in your time of need.

...Just recently had a fall-out w/ a friend and said, oh good, one less person I have to send a Christmas card too! (I'm evil....)

My Side of the Story!

I am so sorry! I had the same thing happen to me 3 years ago and then things were brought up again just this past week. It stinks! But be assured that your true friends would never treat you like that.

The Wife O Riley

DAMN IT!! I was on Matt's account again!! That last post was from me. I hate when I do that!


LOL Becky!!


Hi Cammie :-)

First of all, thankyou for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a nice message. It was greatly appreciated.

Secondly TOWANDA! (that's my favourite expression from the Book Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe)

Good for you for knowing your limits!!

~Maven from A Fabulously Good Life

L & W

I'm sorry,Cammie. It's always a heartbreaking thing when a betrayal is revealed. Hopefully everything will work out.

L & W

I'm sorry,Cammie. It's always a heartbreaking thing when a betrayal is revealed. Hopefully everything will work out.


It stinks when stuff like that happens. But it does make you appreciate the true friends more!

To the fake friend - it's her loss!


good and loyal friends are hard to find....i had quite an enlightenment this last year with who those people really were...and it was kinda sad. but, now, i'm glad to know! i hear you! i hear you!


Sorry this happened to you, but at least now you know, and you can move on. I had a friend that was really more of an enemy and once I cut her out of my life, it hurt, but now I am much happier. I hope you feel better soon!


Sounds like you're going through a tough time. I like Yaya's comment about it being one less Christmas card..mean, I know.


Mean "friends" suck.

You're better off.

Her loss.

I'm a woman of few words today.

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