Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Diary Thursday

I had so much fun with this last week that I figured I would give it another go this week. I'm going to try and go easy on my poor mom this week. I feel the need to remind...spelling and grammar are as is....

May 10, 1990 (8th grade)
Me and Dalin =5 weeks today. Jason A likes me and he is cute but he is not my type, he smokes AND drinks. Dalin used to smoke I think, but he quit. Shannon is coming to my pool party but Dalin can't because he is going to W Virgina. And now time for self analysis. Yes I did actually have a boyfriend named Dalin. Bless his heart he was SO sweet. I still know Jason A in my adult life--he is now a youth minister in a church. Smoking AND drinking in 8th grade? Yowza. You know...those boys that smoke...never were my type...which is why I made Joe quit when we got together.

May 25th, 1990
"Me and Dalin =7 weeks and we are in a big fight right now cuz he found out that I sat next to Troy at the movies and had a COW. I told him I wuz sorry but it seems best to break up because Im going to Jersey in Jan. But I really do love him alot." ahhhh, young love. So sweet that I had to break up with him to go flirt with boys on my Christmas vacation visiting my dad.

Sept 30th, 1990 (big bad freshman now)
Sorry I havent writtan in awhile. Jade is a MAJOR jerk. I dont like Mike anymore. Joe J really wants me to go out with him. I like Mark S and I think he likes me. The band got all the major awards but one. Angie likes Eric G and I think he likes her too. Um wow. That is a lot of boys mentioned in one day. Yes, I also had a boyfriend named Jade...where did I FIND these guys...oh that's right...Newark. This does answer one question for me....the Joe J mentioned above friended me on facebook a few weeks ago. I knew I knew him but could not remember why...I guess it is because he still carries unrequited love for me after all this time.....

Nov 3rd, 1990
Me and Andy broke up a long time ago. I dont know who I like now. Jason B is cute but he is a major pain in the ass. Ang likes my ex Brian. YUCK Apparently 9th grade is the year I went ape shit boy crazy. Good thing I was a good girl through high school (no, really) the slut potential here is out of control.

March 10, 1991 (this one cracks me UP)

Me and Matt = 1 week and 2 days. We went and saw Kindergarden Cop today. I kissed Matt 7 times. Joyce and Bridie are becoming my best friends. Me and them got drunk last night, Matt was really mad. Ohhhhh Matt. Sigh. He was (and probably still is) SO hot. And really??...drunk??...I totally remember this night. It was a HUGE glass of orange juice with like half a shot of peach schnapps. What a lush.

Well kids, this once again was a fun trip down memory lane. Let's do it again next week, same time, same place

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Amy Lemaniak

OMG, that is just too funny!


LOL Hilarious!

All my boy-crazy days were before high school. IN high school it was all about Kyle. I've got an entire diary devoted to just him.


That is a really neat idea..I found my diary a few years back, it is so fummy! I didn't keep mine up very long, maybe about 3 months or something!


Seriously, every girl's diary sounds the same! We were all so boy crazy!


I think I liked 5 different boys a day when I was that age.

Kristina P.

Cammie, thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a button! And hopefully, you won't hate me, but I'm actually not a Twilight fan. :)

But I can still like you!

Love this post. So cute!

I am adding you to my Reader. I will be back!


Oh, if I can find my journals I will so do a post like this; I love it!

The things that are SO important to us at that age...too funny to see it again from this (older) perspective.

Columbus, huh? You're not too far from me. As a matter of a fact, my BFF and I spent my birthday up at Easton mall in October. I'm only about an hour away.

I'll be back to visit. Lovin' your blog!

L & W

LMAO! I love this! It's too bad I didn't keep my ridiculous journals!


Very funny!


LMAO!! This is too funny!! I love it! What a great idea! I might just have to see if I can find some old diaries when I go back home & maybe steal your idea! I love it! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm loving yours... you are too funny! And I'm happy to help remind you of your 19 year old days :P

The Rambler

Visiting via SITS...

I love your true of parents :)

Loved your post today. Especially the last about getting drunk. My 33 year old laughs when I pick up the old diary and read my "first" postings of the teenage years.


this was like MAJOR fun. love it. ur brave. i'm telling you.


This was so fun to read-thanks for sharing!

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