Friday, December 26, 2008

And it's over.

Seems like there is all of this build up to Christmas and then it is over so fast and you are just buried in tore up boxes, paper, and those damn wires that THEY you know, the evil toy people feel the need to put on every single toy. With TAPE over the wires? I mean they think that someone is going to steal the toys right out of the boxes in the middle of Target? Or do THEY think it is fun to make parents spend an hour trying to get a transformer out of a box while the kid freaks out because it is taking to long? Hate those wires. Must invest in one of these next year....
Anyways.....we had a wonderful Christmas Eve and day. The kids were happy with their stash, I was thrilled with mine. Joe came through as he does every year and I have an awesome new camera lens, 7 more bottles of wine and an Archivers and iTunes gift card to play with. Here are a few of our Christmas pics....tons more on the kids site --you know since this is MY blog.

Christmas Eve at my mom's....she decorates her tree in all snowman complete with severed head of Frosty on top.

Christmas morning at our house before Joe and I declared war on the wires....

Yes, my baby is small enough to fit into her baby crib.

Ready to head off to Joe's parents'

I am back at work today while Joe is home with the kids....and the wires....have fun honey! Don't take a finger off trying to get the toys out.

8 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

I'm glad you had such a merry Christmas!


Looks ike you had a wonderful time!! I thougth I was going to trow a remote out the window last night fighting to get it out of the contraption taht it was in!! The way things are packaged is ridiculous!!

Casey's trio

Ahhh yes the stupid toy wires!! We have escaped them so far this year.



L & W

Merry Christmas! I totally get you on those dang wires.

The Rambler

My husband and mother were totally cursing the wire devils as 4 little ones stared them down wondering why the BIG people were taking so long....:)

Loved your mothers Snowman tree...severed head and all. Makes me think for next year :)

Is it me sometimes but does work seem like it's a "mini break" from our "real" jobs? I wouldn't have believed that before....:)

Drama queens mum

They're so cute.


when we had our 3rd kid (3 yrs ago) the nurse after gave us these little scissors that are used for the umbilical cord clamp - she told us to keep them because they are perfect for cutting the wire and hard plastic crap on all the toys - they are totally worth the pain of delivery!!
(Kelly S. watches my kids and I stumbled on your blog from hers :)

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