Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Santa Dilemma

Oh the things that I did not ever think about before becoming a parent. When I was little Santa always came and we were pretty much always happy with what he brought. I'm not sure at what age I stopped believing in Santa but even after I did I had a little sister so I had to play the game. We did not get presents from our parents, Christmas gifts came from Santa. Now don't get me wrong, we were raised to know that Christmas is really to celebrate the birth of Jesus but still, every Christmas we were up at the crack of dawn....sometimes earlier thanks to said little sister to see what Santa had brought. Now I AM Santa. But this Santa knows that sadly not all little boys and girls get to experience the joy of coming down those stairs to see what has been left because they come from families that may not be able to afford Christmas. Or even children that churches do those Christmas boxes for in other countries that have nothing. The kids' daycare even has a toy drive for families that may need help this Christmas. My thoughts are rambling here but my point is I'm just not sure how to explain this to Pierce. I want my children to know the magic of Christmas that I had as a child but I also want them to understand that there are less fortunate families out there and we need to have compassion for them. To a 5 year old though he is just going to wonder why Santa does not bring them gifts. I know that the easy answer is just to have most of the gifts come from Joe and I and have Santa just do a few things....but I'm a stickler for tradition.....I want them to have Christmas like my brother, sister and I did.

sigh. I guess I don't know what the answer is. I wish they could just stay innocent forever and not have to know that there is so much sadness out there, and not even just at Christmas time.

yeah for my first rambling post that may not even make sense.

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You know even as a kid, I never really cared about gifts from Santa. I knew early on who he really was (my parents and Santa always wrapped in the same paper!).

Good luck!


ohhhh, my kids LOVE Santa.....and Santa uses different paper then mommy and daddy....I have been taught well....lol


Santa and Jesus were always differenciated (i'm sure I butchered that) in our house. I'm not sure how I would explain your dilema to the kids though. That's a hard one. Maybe say that instead of Santa bringing them gifts, Jesus puts special people in the kids' lives to give them the gifts they need instead.
As far as my post which mentions you, go to the pink and brown button on the right hand side of my blog and join in the fun. Win fun prizes. That's all you do. =)

Marshmallow Circus

I often found my gifts from santa as a kid-I always made an excuse for why he delivered early-I was so determined to believe! lol

Marshmallow Circus

Forgot to say. I tell my kids that Santa brings them one gift-the rest are from hubby and I. Some people do not believe and that is why they do not get a gift.

I also tell them that some children need things far more important than toys and the Christmas spirit helps provide that. Not a perfect answer but it has always comforted them.


Well...There are lots of boys and girls in the world and only one Santa to deliver lots of gifts in one day, so santa has special helpers that help him choose and deliver gifts to some children. And...MOMMY is one of Santa's helpers! They will think you are super cool! (hopefully!)

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