Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday

I'm getting a good giggle at all of the people playing MckMama's Not Me Monday. So you know, being the follower I am....I'm jumping on board. Here are some things I did NOT do this past week...

I did NOT finish the Twilight Series for the 2nd time...and I am NOT thinking about starting it again. You know, because I am NOT obsessed with Edward Cullen

I did NOT eat like crap this past week only because I know there is no sense dieting until the first of the year.

I did NOT get into a big fight with my sister at my mom's holiday party. That would be immature

I did NOT turn 33. That is WAY old...I also did NOT remind my husband that when we met he was only 31 and I thought that was SUPER old.

I did NOT have a hangover the day after my birthday because I did NOT do jello shots and drink a bottle of wine by myself at my mom's party

I did not take a nap with my daughter that day and when she woke up then take one with my son.

I also did NOT have a big ass margarita at dinner that night with Joe and friends Sunday night since I was hungover

I did NOT buy myself a 2009 Twilight calender to hang in my cubicle at work...again with the immaturity.

I did NOT lie to my 5 year old that the play area at COSI was closed after spending 2 hours in the Sesame Street area because I was ready to go.

I think that about covers the main things that I did NOT do this week. Wonder what I wont do this week?

13 people fed my need for attention:


Hope you had a fabulous Birthday!! =)

L & W

THAT's the way to celebrate a birthday! Happy Happy!


I'm loving the NOT ME Mondays. They're too funny! Sounds like you had a fun birthday! I'm getting ready to finish reading the Twilight series. I loved the first book but wasn't too big on the second.

Kristina P.

Ha! You are a crazy obsessed Twilight fan! Would that be a Twihard? I don't really understand that term.


Haha, good week of Not Me's for you, huh!?



Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


I want to NOT have a few drinks with you soon!! Hope you had a great birthday!


Wow! Sounds like a slow week for you lol not! Glad you had an awesome birthday & I LOVE that you did not take jello shots... that is hilarious! Way to go, girl!

Mama Amber

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Sounds like you had a good birthday!
I too would NEVER lie to my child so I wouldn't have to play longer.. lol.
I'm NOT totally with you about eating whatever I want since it doesn't matter until after the holiday anyways. Right!? Hehe.
Happy Monday!


LOL, there is nothing better than naps with the kids to cure a hangover!

Just say Julie

So funny. I have yet to jump on the Twilight bandwagon. *gasp* but I know that once I start reading I won't stop till I've finished the series, so I have to wait for Christmas break.

Wish my kid still took a nap so I could take one too...


Thanks for the comment. Its nice to know I am not really crazy just hormone crazy haha. This weekend I DID NOT eat at two fast food places in two days. ;P

Connie Weiss

I want to NOT make Jello Shots and drink Margarita's!

Glad you had a great birthday!

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