Thursday, December 4, 2008

I guess I always have been a little on the dramatic side.....

So, my sweet friend Megan gave me the idea from one of her blog posts last week to go fishing through my diary and post some gems from my teen aged years. Now, let me preface this by saying that I really TRULY love my mother and sister and apologize in advance for the nastiness that may come them (sorry mom). For extra grins I will not be correcting grammar or spelling. Okay, here we go....

Jan 22, 1990
"mom treats me like I am 4 instead of 14. I cant call boys, no phone calls longer then 10 minutes, no dates. she used to let Lee Ann wear makeup and I cant even call Clay or Andy. What if Jason would have answered the phone when she said no calling boys? MOM MAKES ME SO MAD SOMETIMES" (underlined 3 times) okay. So my 32 year old self has taken note that 3 different boys are mention in this entry. I do remember all of them. One is probably in jail, one streaked across the campus our senior year and the last broke up with me when we dated a few years later because I would not sleep with him. Then he got a friend of mine pregnant. Good call mom.

Jan 26th, 1990
"Well here I am again the live in babysitter. I should be going skating tonite with all my friends but noooooo I have to sit and Shannon's gonna be there too, and mom has the nerve to make me sit again next friday. I cant believe her. If I lived with my dad Id never have to baby sit for Lee Ann." Well then. Yes, I lived at the skating rink for probably 3 years. And yes there is a new boy mentioned 4 days after the above entry. And live with my dad? Holy hell THAT would have not ended well.

Feb 11, 1990
My mother grounded me for calling my sister a brat. She can be such a hoe. The ONLY fun I have in my life is when I go to school, skating and when I'm with my dad. If I dont get to go skating this weekend I will run away. Im going crazy in this place. Im staying in my room ALL DAY. ohhhh, Im sorry I called my mom a hoe (Im even sorrier that I spelled it like a garden tool) but really? run away over the skating rink? and again with the dad? This was back when I actually liked him but WHOA....DRA-MUH

Nov 22, 1990
Im sitting here talking to Darrick on the phone. Im really starting to like him but Heather is a problem clingy bitch It looks like things arent going to well with them the dont match up too well. She really likes him, he likes me. I hope I can go skating tomorrow. More tomorrow
yeah, I remember that boy too. Thank God that crush did not last long...oh and that Heather chick...she could have kicked my ass.

Well, I think I have embarrassed myself enough for one day. Maybe we will do this again next week....and My mom.....she is NOT a garden tool.

12 people fed my need for attention:


LOL So funny! Little drama queens we were. heheee

I have so much more stuff that I could embarrass myself with. I may have to wait awhile to do it again, though. :0P


That is so funny! I can remember writing about how unfair my parents were that I couldn't stay out long after football games or go skating. I can't remember how many times I wrote I "hated" my parents in my diary. Ah...teenage angst. Gotta love it. Just think, Mallory will be writing you are a "hoe" someday. Then she'll look back and tell you that she loves you and you are not a garden tool! ;)


Thanks for posting on my blog! Your kids are so cute. And I'm LOL at your diary posts! How funny! I also love the twlight series, I'm just starting the 4th one.


Oh my gosh..LOL! I know it's not funny calling your mom the garden tool, but oh my gosh..that totally reminds me of when I was a teenager. I was so rude!! The stuff my mom put up w/ being a single mom!! Well, thanks for the laugh, and for stopping by my blog!!!



Linking up to you from SITS! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the teen diary posts! So hilarous! Oh, and you have some gorgeous children!

American in Norway

Oh I am so laughing over here.... Even my diaries from when I met my husband are enough to make me CRINGE! Nice to meet ya SITSTA! Thanks for popping by today!


Oh gosh. That is too funny. I have all my old journals but would be too ashamed to after post any of them. My husband read one of my old journals and I cried because I was so embarrassed.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Its nice to know there are other SITs newbies too!!!


Hey Lady! Thanks for the commetn on my blog! I love SITS! Yuor blog is so fun! I am going to go home and try to find my's such a good idea!!


That was hilarious!! I called my mom a lot worse than a "garden tool" in mine!


I loved it...Oh the drama of the teenage life. Thanks for not letting me be the only one that an angry teen. (and for letting us all in on your flash backs)

Merry SITSmas


SO funny! (and since I posted about my dramatic child today, I'm wondering if, in 13 years, *I* will be the "hoe". lol!)

It's probably a blessing that I didn't keep a journal as a kid/teen!


OMG too funny! I don't even know where my old diaries are, which is probably a good thing for EVERYONE I love, as well as myself, LOL

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