Friday, December 19, 2008

Moments like this......

This morning after Joe had already left for work and Pierce was still in his room I was still in bed awake but not quite ready to get motivated. Mallory was still asleep (in our bed which is the norm from about midnight on) and I was just laying there watching her. She must have known I was staring at her because she opened those big blue eyes and smiled at me....scooched herself over closer, put her little hand on my face and said:

"I lub you mommy"

And that kids is the tale of how I became a puddle of mommy mush at dark o clock. Moments like this are what makes Life in the House of No Sleep totally and completely worth it.

20 people fed my need for attention:


Aww... I "lub" this story!


Awww sounds like something my youngest would do, she is so cuddly and loving!

L & W

Awwww. Mommy mush is a good good thing.

Casey's trio

So sweet!


Lovin' the toddler lub.

Mine told me today, "I don't lub you, mommy".

Yeah, he's four.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

These are the moments we will miss!


Aww!!! So sweet!!! :)


Awwww.......*heart* She is so stinkin sweet!

Kristina P.

She is so sweet!!

And sorry to blinside you about Twilight. Yeah, I had to change my profile statement several times to get across that I don't actually like Twilight. :)


:( *tear!

The Wife O Riley

That is so sweet!!! My second daughter is the cuddler and I am relishing in every moment.

When my sister is in town, we compete to see who will be my nephew's "Bright-eye question" That's the moment he wakes up next to my sister (they both have to sleep in the hide-away) and asks "Where's..." If you are that person he asks for, it means he had a good time with you the day before.

Why Mom Drinks Rum

Oh, that is too sweet! I don't think I ever had that kind of little one...mine were more of the 'take the diaper off at night and make poo drawings on the walls' kind of toddlers.

3 Bay B Chicks

Such a great post. Kids, like no others, can give you not only the lowest lows, but also the highest highs in life. Things like this totally make all of the blood, sweat, and tears worth it in the end.

I must also say that I adore your blog title. Super funny!



So sweet. It makes sharing your bed worth it.


My little girl told me she loved me for the first time this week. Yay!!

Have a great day, Pam

Drama queens mum

Aww, that's sweet.


now that is sooo cute!


Ahhh ... I love those moments, they are so far and in between!

Thanks for checking out my blog again :). From one Saucy gal to another!


That is just too sweet! ps. dark o'

Glad you stopped by my blog today!

Leah sweet. :)

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