Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Alarm sounds....

Wait, who am I kidding. We never wake up to an alarm fact I don't even remember waking up to an alarm. Okay....let me start over.

3:00 am- "Mommmmyyyyyyyyyy" get Mallory, bring her in bed with us.
4:00- Evil dog downstairs starts barking. Joe gets up to let him out
5:00- Pierce rolls in. Climbs into bed with us, disturbs dog in bed who growls and attempts to bite toes
5:30-Joe gets up. One or both children are usually awake...have learned that TIVO shows can now be watched in our room-demand Transformers, Imagination Movers Mickey Mouse be put on TV (Mallory shock there)
5:45 "I'm ready to go downstairs" "It is not time to go downstairs yet, mommy still has to shower and get ready for work"
5:50 "Mallory let's go PLAY"
5:51 disturb dog in bed who growls and attempts to bite toes
6:00 drag ass out of bed. stumble blindly into shower
6-6:10 tell Pierce NOT to help his sister in and out of her crib, that she can get hurt. Finish shower, stumble back into bedroom
6:10-6:15- Put makeup sometimes with Mallory's help, sometimes not. Tell children NOT to sit so close to the edge of Pierce's bed (I remember thinking a loft bed with a slide was a GREAT idea)
6:20-6:30-get kids dress. Here Pierce remind me that he only likes shirts with "something on it" (a character of some sort) Have him remind me how to put his socks on properly
6:30 head downstairs. Hot mess at the bottom while evil dog downstairs tries to see if today is the day Scarlet will love him. Nope.
6:30-6:45- While putting Mallory's hair up "I want a pop tart, no some cereal, no a donut" (they get a REAL breakfast at school" "I want my milk" I want juice mommy...the juice goes in first, THEN the water"
6:45-feed Scarlet...while placing her food on the floor, catch Stitch when he comes running to eat it, (HAHAHA) put him in cage
6:45-6:50 kids in car "I want my pop tart/cereal/donut" I want my milk/juice" "can you put Wall-E on?"
6:50 start car. "Mommy, put Wall-E on, can you turn it up?"
6:50-7:10 Answer the same questions that I answered yesterday. Including but not limited to
"Why is Wall-E a robot?
"Why does Eve like that plant?"
"Where is that airplane going"
"Why do you have to show that guy your card to get to my school?"
7:15 Drop kids off. Head to work.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat

14 people fed my need for attention:


Hahaha..a day in the life......

La Pixie

wow... moms amaze me.

were you always patient or is it a learned behavior? I hope its learned...

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Oh the life in the land of kiddos...

I keep telling myself that I will miss it when it is over????


Okay we don't even get up until 8am at our house! Thanks for comment love on my blog!


I want some of their energy.........


Thanks for stopping by, I added you to me reader!! I actually work in Newark, Small world!


Lol! Your comment made me laugh....I know I'm a horrible artist! Ha....a ferret....Lol!


Wow. I'm practically speechless. Thoughts: If my dog started barking soooo early..I'd die. Also, I LOVE the name Mallory. So cute!

Casey's trio

Well at least you know what to expect tomorrow morning:)

Connie Weiss

There are some mornings where I just get up and check email and blogs...the kids' sleep until 8am.

Then the mornings (like today) when I needed to chop an onion, start the crock pot, make Keith's lunch and address some Christmas Cards...they are awake at 6am.

How do they know when I have things to do?


WOW busy busy busy! I actually wake up to two alarms...if not I sleep right on thru them! lol-


Oh and to answer your question....I have been ttc since December of Last year, we got pregnant in May and I had a miscarriage in July. It's been really hard on me...well on Dave too, but mostly on me.

Drama queens mum

Wow, 3am & you work too.

Random Hiccups

Wow. See this is the reason I tell the Fi I don't want kids. :)

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