Saturday, December 6, 2008

A letter to my children

My dearest children,

I know that you find life to be SO exciting that you just cant wait to begin another day. Mommy finds that so exhausting wonderful. I do however have a demand request of you.....

Pierce---mommy's sweet boy. I have known you now for 5 years. Trust me when I say that I KNOW you want a cracktart poptart, I KNOW you want dinosaur oatmeal, and I KNOW you want some juice and that the juice goes in first and THEN the water. I also know that you will want your THIRD breakfast sometime before 9am. That is what happens when you get up at dark o need 3 breakfasts. Speaking of time Pierce....last night when mommy told you not to come into my room until your clock said 6 on it. I meant 6:00, not 5:06. I understand that I may need to make that a little more clear tonight.

Mallory--- my baby. Seeing as you spend a majority of your night hogging my bed sleeping with daddy and I, Im not really sure why you feel the need to get up at dark o clock to spend even more time with us. Since you are up though....yes I will get you some milk and I will try my best to get it in the amount of time that you feel is acceptable. I will also do my very best to get Mickey Mouse on the TV as quickly as I can because as a child of the TIVO generation you know that you can demand that your BFF be on TV anytime you want it.

One more thing about being awake this early....I know I said we are going to see Santa today but guess what kids....Santa does NOT get up at dark o clock. So you are going to have to try this neat thing called PATIENCE. During this time of patience mommy is going to have some tea, and a shower. The BEST part of today is....after seeing Santa we get to go right to a birthday party which means any chance of mommy getting to score a nap today are pretty much shot to hell. You guys enjoy that nap in the car though...I will try not to fall asleep at the wheel.

Remember....Mommy loves you. Let's do this again tomorrow.

11 people fed my need for attention:


LOL...cute post! Our morning has been the same. It started with me almost being smothered with blankets when Mitchell came to our room at 5-something and pushed his blankets in my face. Then he wanted to turn the TV on at 5:30. By 6am, he wanted to play Elefun and then play baseball. Where does this energy come from??!!

I might steal your idea for my blog today. : )

Dee from Downunder

Hi Cammie, thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I love this post, so much like my 5yo, if only I could wake up at 5am with so much energy, Luckily, she will go play for a while, but then I worry what shes doing... my 3yo is a late riser, takes after me!

I read on your profile re the VC Andrews books, you are the second last person on earth to be reading these... I am the last. LOL


I won't tell you what time Adam officially got up this morning but his 1st time for a "snack" was 8:00am....sooo sorry you're kids like dark-'clock!


Oh this is cute!!
I know, kids are lucky (and smart) to realize that their fav show will ALWAYS be on! Lol!

PS-this is also "Hula" that you commented at on "My Secret Blog"


:O You means omeone elses kids have to have breakfast 3 times before 9AM? Oh, is it nice to have the joy of company.

Casey's trio

Dark o' it. I tell my girls not to wake me up in the morning--yeah right! The hollering for mom usually starts around 7:00 so I guess you should tell me to shut my mouth!


This cracked me up! You are a riot. :) I am thankfully more on the other side of these joys. I miss them. :)

Have a great weekend!


This is really funny. I experienced a very similar situation in my household this morning. I think you should trademark "dark o clock"! That's awesome.

L & W

OOOOH I have those days ALL the time!!! My fave was your boy finding the 6 on the clock to his convenience. You know, I don't ever remember it being this easy for me as a kid. Yeesh, our offspring have NO clue how good they have it. But at the same time, we can't help it, either, can we?
I love how you posted this. I'm just gonna gank this idea for a future post of mine. :-)


Hoping you get some sleep soon. My husband and I are failures at nighttime parenting - meaning we see way too much of the kids during the night!


Dude, I love you and your sarcasm. This post was great. I can always count on you for a good laugh.

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