Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Burn the sausage, freeze the dog and an award

Man can we fit a whole lot of chaos in 10 minutes. Last night while putting the monkeys to bed all hell broke loose in our kitchen. Joe was making dinner (spicy sausage with penne, sauteed veggies, mmmmm) and the sausage was on the stove doing whatever he does with it before he throws it in with the noodles. Yes kids, JOE was cooking dinner....this is NOT me

Anyways....I was sitting in the rocker with Mallory and the smoke alarm starts going off. I knew Joe would go running to take care of it and I was not too concerned because it tends to go off if there is even a little bit of smoke in the kitchen. Meanwhile, dogs are freaking out, and Mallory is saying "that's too scawy mommy" I hear Joe in the kitchen going WHOA. Again, not panicking because had there been an actual fire in the kitchen he would have reacted in a total different way....he has a tendency to freak out if he senses any sort of danger...not that a kitchen fire would not be a reason to freak out.....but...I digress. After the alarm stops and I get M down in her crib I go downstairs smoke is everywhere. Apparently the sausage had run out of water and was burning in the skillet...problem solved....he had opened some windows and cracked the front door just a liiiiiiite bit. Wait a minute? Where is Stitch? You know....the liiiiiiiiitle yorkie who lives here? Yeah, um. He was gone...and in my mind I see THIS.

okay, okay....so I'm kidding sort of I really do love that pain in the ass and was so upset to think of 4 pounds of puppy out there in -stupid degree weather. Joe and I run outside calling him and whistling for him and after only about 30 seconds he comes running from the side of the neighbors house, flies past us both, onto the porch and into the house. Whew. Seriously...that would have SUCKED to try and explain to the kids.

Literally....this all took place in about 10 minutes. I went inside and got myself a glass of water

and sat down to eat my burned dinner.

On an unrelated note....my new blog friend Becky gave me an award, and I'm keeping it instead of passing it on. That's how I roll!

9 people fed my need for attention:

Kristina P.

Sounds like a fun and exciting evening! I just stuffed my face with rolls and shortbread. Like every other Monday night.


thanks for stopping by! i am enjoying new moon - i can't put it down and i even fell asleep in it last night at 5am!!! now, i'm up and ready to get started with it again. who cares about house work? and what defines clean clothes - can't you just turn them inside out??

Connie Weiss

Thank goodness the dog came back!

That is how we always knew that dinner was ready...when my Mom would set the fire alarm off!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Life would be boring without chaos wouldn't it?!?!

Sounds like you really needed that "water"!


Hahahaha!!! If my hubby did that I'd never let him live it down!


Oh gosh! What a night! LOL Glad everyone is safe and sound and you still have a home. ;0)

The Wife O Riley

LOL!!! I'm clad the dog came back, but I just can't get over
"-Stupid degrees..." That killed me!


From one Columbus mama to another! Hysterical! (I am sure ONE day you might think so too!) LOL!
Merry Christmas!


wow ! that would be a short chaos :P gosh ! I miss all my family *sob-sob* I'm all alone at home and I could feel my tears going to pour out in any minute

Anyway..Merry Christmas ~

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