Friday, December 5, 2008

My Needs According to Google

I'm going the lazy route today because frankly....I feel like crap today. I'm home sick but have been on such a blog posting run that I did not want to miss a day....Im sure I will eventually though. Anyways....I saw this on another blog and thought it was pretty darn funny, and a nice fill in when my brain is too fogged up on cold meds to come up with something original. Feel free to do the same and give me a giggle.

My needs according to Google. What I did was type in "Cammie needs" into the google search bar. Here are the top 10 things I "need"

1) Cammie needs her virginity notarized-- Well google...sorry to say you missed the boat on that one

2)Cammie needs punched in the face-- LMAO....but maybe it would loosen up my sinuses

3)Cammie needs a house sitter.--- That should say a house KEEPER but I will take a sitter too I guess

4)Cammie needs to be done away--my goodness Google....violent much?

5)Cammie needs a fenced environment and could benefit from some obedience training.--holy crap, I could not make that up if I tried! Joe would probably agree with this

6)Cammie needs a sturdy bed for her nighttime activities--ummmm. wow

7)Cammie needs to be looked at--I guess so since it sounds like Cammie is a porn star

8)Cammie needs a job--above does not pay well?

9)Cammie needs a family of her own to love--indeed she does...thank God I have one

10)Cammie needs a second chance---at what??

Well now. This was insightful. Good to know that Google thinks I'm a skank that needs to be killed. Yeah me!

okay, back to the couch with my tea, and book--Happy Friday!

11 people fed my need for attention:

Mrs. S

This is hilarious. How did you figure out your needs?

Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS yesterday. I'm trying to make all the's a long journey.


Hola lady! I saw you copied me! lol jk jk! I love it! Especially since your a stipper/porn star now...must be nice...hahahhaa! lol Have a good Friday!

Pink Ink

I'll have to try that when my husband asks, "What do you need?" :-)

American in Norway

Hope you feel better! I have tried doing that with TRESSA..but got not so much...


okay, I'm off to do this right after I leave this comment. How funny! First time here. Nice to meet you. Love your posts. Hope you feel better.


I totally think that I will have to check that out for myself. How funny!


I can't believe I haven't tried this yet... so funny!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

paula :: plays with mud

hahaha - that is hilarious. I'll have to try that. I think I might be scared though ... :)

L & W

Hi back at ya! I am SO excited that I found SITS b/c I get to meet awesome bloggers like you! I just started this year and hope to keep it going.
It's nice to know a fellow mil spouse. Nice blog, btw!

Connie Weiss

I love this! This is the second one I have seen this weekend and I can't wait to try it!


OMG I think there is Diet Coke on my monitor...thank you very much;) LOL TOO FUNNY!

When I've done this before, in the past all mine ever comes up with is stuff from Desperate know? So it's not NEAR as funny as yours! LOL But maybe I should give it a whirl anyway, huh? LOL

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