Monday, December 8, 2008

Dont Let the Face Fool you.....This is Pure Evil

I have told you all about my dog that bites here. I figured it would only be fair to give my other dog his moment to shine. Let me introduce you to Stitch. Just like his namesake he is evil. No really....PURE EVIL.

This right here is 4 pounds of rotten. When we first saw him on the breeders website and saw that his name was Stitch we knew he was ours. At the time the kids were in love with Lilo and Stitch. We dipped into the kids college fund to pay for him (KIDDING) and brought him home with us. Something so small and sweet could certainly not rule the house right? Oh wait...I just described Mallory too. forward just over a year. While we truly do love this dog here are a few things that make him a total pain in the ass he could work on.

After a year....he still shits in our house. He has been known to eat his own crap, you know, with the same mouth he kisses my children with. He has not yet learned that Scarlet hates him, and will always hate him, and does not WANT to play. Despite the fact that he has numerous toys, his favorite thing to chew on are the kids' toys and my books. He will take food and possibly a finger right out of your hands at the speed of light and be gone before you even realize what has happened. He eats his dog food from the bottom of the bowl up....getting it ALL over the kitchen floor...He knows when you are getting ready to put him in his "house" and runs like hell so you cant catch him. He begins complaining to get out of said house around 4am. Loudly. What may shorten his life span though is his constant mission to destroy the cats. He thinks he was put on this earth to torment them. He guards the cat door like he is on border patrol and if he even SEES a cat will dart through it to chase them back down the steps. If he suspects they are near the cat door he will fly off of the back of the couch barking like Cujo to make sure they are not thinking about coming upstairs. The only time they get out of the basement is when he is in his house.

A few endearing trademarks are what saves him....When you give him a treat, he runs around the house with it is his mouth growling like a bad ass...cracks me up. When you are telling him how rotten he is he cocks his head to the side like he is really understanding (not so much caring about) what you have to say. Every night around 8 he jumps up on Joe, gets right up in his face and makes these little growls because he wants to play. Unlike Scarlet, the kids can pet him without fear of getting bitten.

He probably could have benefited from some obedience training....hmmm....maybe his Aunt Gina who I know will be reading this will come and take him to doggy boot camp for awhile....

Happy Monday all. Sorry all you get today is a dog blog....that is all I can come up with this early in the week.

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That is seriously THE CUTEST thing I've EVER seen !!!!!!


We got a Yorkie...He lives with the neighbors up the street now. They are such precious dogs, but SOOOO hard to train.


What a little stinka! But such a cutie patootie!!! How could you not melt from that face? heehee =)


You have another Scarlet in the works - that's a dominant little guy you have. Get him off the furniture and quit letting him dominate's not cute- it's trouble in the works. Going out of town anytime soon? Give him a week with me.....muuuahh haaa haaa!!


There is NOTHING at all wrong with my sweet Scarlet Gina....except for the whole bites issue....heeheee

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OMG, he is SO CUTE!!!
My favorites are yorkies, mine died and I never got over it :(


He's sooooo cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!


I've got a yorkie too.

He was trained by a paid trainer because I could NOT handle him

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