Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pet Peeves

I can go from zero to SUPER annoyed in about 2 seconds. Not many things set me off like this but I do have a few hot buttons.

Such as.

People who laugh for no reason at all. There are 2 ladies I work with that are NOTORIOUS for this. Drives me bat shit crazy. They will transfer a call and laugh when they give me the name of the person on the phone. Ask how they are and they are fine with a giggle at the end. Seriously....why are you so nervous? Do you have a body in your car?

My husband answering a questions with the sound "eh" I asked you a question that requires a yes or no NOT make a noise that sounds somewhere in between...unless of course you just want me to pick the answer I like best....."But honey you said YES when I asked if I could go shopping"

My is safe to post this because she really only reads when I send her the link to a really good post....My mother has a habit (that I don't think she is aware of) of bringing my sister up every time I do something that she wishes that my sister would or could makes me feel like crap. For example...most recently my Christmas cards that I put together from Shutterfly..."those are So cute. sigh. I wish L would do something like that" or when we take the kids somewhere...."sigh....I wish L would do that with her kids" Okay, when you say this to me you make me feel guilty and then I get pissed.

Empty wine bottles. MAN that chaps my ass.

Thinking about the fact that Stephenie Meyer may or may not finish Midnight Sun. Gets my panties all in a bunch whenever I think about not ever reading Edward's version of Twilight.

Oh here is a good work.....people who call me and immediately start chirping my ear off without telling me what their name is....or pretend like they are the ONLY person that I am dealing with that day.

I know there is something I am forgetting.....yeah, forgetting things gets on my nerves too....

What are your pet peeves?

7 people fed my need for attention:


I have a pet peeve of people pulling OUT of the ENTRANCE to a place...thsi couls seriously cause me to have road rage!

Another pet peeve my 8 year old constantly sniffign for no freaking reason at all.

One more having someone's hand or my hair or ANYTHING in my face....I destest it!! lol
Thsi was fun!

Kristina P.

Does he do the Canadian "eh" thing?

Oh, and mine is tampons without strings.


Mine are those people that work at the kiosk thingy's in the middle of the malls, the one's who, I swear are REAL LIFE stalkers!! They almost chase you down to ask if you want your jewelry cleaned, or if you need a new cell phone, or some perfume! I've resorted to FAKE talking on my cell phone to act like I do not even see these people! GRRR



The cliff-hanger of Midnight Sun. If she's not gonna finish it, you and I are gonna make a little trip to Utah.

Did you ever read or see Misery by Stephen King? Yep, we will go all Misery on Stephenie Meyer and MAKE her finish that book.

Yes, we will.


My hubby will ask a question and then say "huh?" before you even have time to answer.


"Ask how they are and they are fine with a giggle at the end. Seriously....why are you so nervous? Do you have a body in your car?"

Haa haa you are so funny!


God, I have so many pet peeves... but my biggest are slow drivers on my way home from work. The speed limit is 55, yet EVERYONE does 40 on these country roads. Takes me twice as long to get home!

Also, the midnight sun thing is really annoying.

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