Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've been tagged!!

I have been tagged by my sweet new blogger friend Stephanie from Star and a Wish to give up 7 random things about myself. If I tag you, I hope you will do the same!

1)I met my husband Joe on a blind date. A blind date that I was very against going on. You know, because I did not need someone to hook me up with a boy.

2)Prior to dating Joe, I have had 3 serious boyfriends. They were all named David. (look out Gina)

3)I don't cook. I can make a mean salsa and really good chicken and noodles but that is it.

4)I hate to fly. I hate it so much that I have to be drunk or medicated (or both) to be able to do it without totally freaking out. I used to date a pilot

5)I almost got kicked out of my sorority in college before I was even initiated because I was a bitch to the older girls....shocker right? I then went on to hold 3 respectable offices.

6)I stumbled onto the knot.com while planning my wedding and 7 years later I have met and am best friends with "some of those Internet girls"

7)I hate needles. I have to lay down if I need to have blood drawn. However I do have 3 tattoos.

I am going to tag.....

Amy (she is a new blogger and needs something to do)
American in Norway
Mel (cuz the bitch ignored me last time)

I'm cutting it off at 5....because I don't follow rules well.

12 people fed my need for attention:


You know what? I dated Two Daves! ahahahaha one for almost 3 1/2 years and then the one I married! Gotta love the Daves!


OK beyotch....I did it. : )

Another Dave lover here since I married a Dave!

Pink Ink

I am not good at following tag rules either. :-) How bizarre is that, to have had three Davids in a row??

Makes me think of the Dr. Seuss story Too Many Daves...


Hahah thanks for visitnig me!
I laughed at the being a bitch to your older sorority sisters haha. I didnt make the cheerleading squad fro almost the same reason.oops. anywho have a great day.


I'm the same way w/ blood draw...blah.

So funny you almost got kicked out of sorority!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Love your blog too! Thanks for stopping by mine. Good Luck on the contest!


Bitch, I played you're little game last time.

I missed your stupid cutoff. Oh darn :P


I really like that you met your husband on a blind date you didn't want to go on. That is such a cute story. I have people wanting to set me up on blind dates too now that Mr.thought he was forever is out of my life!


I'm just gettin' caught up on responding to comments and wanted to tell you thanks for stopping by! How cool that you met your husband on a blind date!


Hi thanks for visiting me in my new blog! I am really a twilight lover too. I really thought I saw Edward in a Disney store (had to tell his wife about the books) LOL! She probably thinks I'm a nut....oh well. Never dated a Dave. Hmmm wonder if I missed something there!


so stinking funny. david must have been a good name for your area. glad my hubs name is ryan! and well, i never even made it in to the sorority...past rush. that give you any idea?


Cammie, you are too much. I personally only dated one David.

Thanks for stopping by my SCSI blog and for the kind comment. :o)

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