Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So proud to share a hometown with THIS hot mess

I came across this little tidbit of awesome-ness in the news yesterday. Then BFF Liz sent it to me in an article not only because it is just that random but because this incident occurred in the town that I had the pleasure of growing up in.

Feast your eyes upon the motorized bar stool

Some dumb ass super smart guy in my home town came up with this little contraption. Now, don't get me wrong....back in the day I really could have used this. It was a long walk from the bar that played 80s music on Thursday nights back to the sorority house on campus. Especially in the winter time. Since I tend to be a bit on the lazy side I think it would be pretty cool to pony up on one of these...pass all the other people headed to the bar and get the best table. At the end of the night I was usually super trashed mildly buzzed (the perks of having the bartender be your roommate) and here is where the problems would kick in.

See, my problem is not so much with the motorized bar stool as it is with the DUI he got for riding it up the street wasted. Yes, you read that correctly. He got a DUI. I'm a huge fan of NOT driving under the influence.

Let me give you some specifics. It can reach speeds up to about 38mph but he was only going about 20 when he WRECKED IT. When the officers reported to the scene and found Stupid McDumbass sitting with his crashed up barstool they handed him a citation for drunk driving. With a suspended license no less.

Believe it or not you can buy KITS to make these and they are not cheap....I found (thank you google) that these kits run from $700-$800. From the looks of it though, our hero made his using parts of a lawn mower. Way to be frugal during the recession.

The town that I grew up in has long been known to be a little on the hick side but it has come far in trying to break that image. It even has a SUPER Wal-Mart now. It is hard enough being a city in LICKING county without putting a target like this out in the news.

Yes, the town I grew up in may have come far but this guy just took us back a few notches into the white trash side of the scale.

23 people fed my need for attention:


HA HA! This is funny! I saw something like this on that show My Big Redneck Wedding. Although that guy put those fancy handlebars that they put on motorcycles on it! ROTFLMAO!!!


I sent this news article to Jamie with a note that said this is why we left Newark. had to share. I cannot believe we used to live in this town. and my parents still live there. ahh.

Mommy of M's

OMG, THIS IS GREAT!! As I was reading this I was thinking, this SOOO would have happend at home.

I think I may be from the next 'hick town' over from where you are from. Seriously.


Awesome. Just awesome.

ps - we SO could have used this for the drunken trainwreck in Jers. It looks to be just about as nice as our first geriatric bus!

Mommy of M's



I could use one of those! I'm too lazy to walk over to the refrigerator.

It looks like it gets good gas mileage too. I can strap my kids to it and take them to school.


Gotta love hillbillies.

I can say that, 'cause I grew up in Ohio, with my high school surrounded by corn fields, and redneck being just about everyone's middle name.

A DUI on a barstool...maybe he'll make it into the Guiness Book...get it, "guiness"? Although he was probably drinking Hudepohl light...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are so funny. I'll have to stop by more often just to get laughs in being a non sleeping mom myself.

Kristina P.

Wow. DUI on this. Too weird.

Kami's Khlopchyk

Oh my word! That could have happened in any one of the small towns in the area surrounding where I live. Including using lawn mower parts....



LMAO. Funny. What an odd little contraption.


I have this big ass smile plastered on my face because that is the most awesomely bad thing I have seen in the last 2 weeks. I can actually imagine someone (in particular actually) back home in South Carolina building one of these things.

Bee and Rose

Oh yeah...they probably race these bad boys down in my home-town...you know where;)


I heard about this on the New York radio this afternoon. It was one of those stories where I had to stop what I was doing and listen to the whole thing. The newscasters couldn't believe it, either.

E @ Scottsville

My goodness! You do find the FUNNEST blog topics, don't you?

What a hoot!

E @ Scottsville

My goodness! You do find the FUNNEST blog topics, don't you?

What a hoot!


So, one question: where do you park that thing while you play pool and hit on "hot chicks"?


I was about to ask if this was MY hometown, but when you said it had a wal-mart, I nixed the idea. Our town just achieved mcdonald's status not too many years ago, we'll never have wal-mart.

Domestically Disabled Girl

I saw that news article! I laughed at it, but never knew you came from the same town. I might have to *rethink* my blog association with you, huh?
Anyway, it was sweet!


Oh my gosh I saw this on CNN yesterday--crazy!

Stephanie Piontkowski

Hmm, probably shouldn't admit this, but Mike wanted one of these for use at the campsite...

He went as far as pricing it, I stopped that sh*t immediately. I want a golf cart LOL

Karin Katherine

I needed a laugh and I'm so glad I found your blog to get it.


OMGosh! That's frickin hilarious!!!

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