Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm a hottie

But than, you all knew that right? This is a new award for The House of No Sleep. My fabulous friend Serena has bestowed upon me The Hottie Award!

If you do not know Serena you MUST check her out....she is brutally honest, no filter having rockstar....in other words she is my twin. Serena thinks I'm hot....she is wicked smart!

I have to pass this on to EIGHT people--so come n get em ladies

Nicole-- My darling. I'm so excited to see you next month

Dawn You know I think you are a hottie

Kami her name is the same as mine....enough said

Erica her pictures make me smile!

Kat I know you gave me an award last week and I did not pass it out, I suck...but YOU are a hottie so here you go!!

Tooj she makes me smile....therefor she is hot

AmyC I love you so much girl--let's make out next time I see you!

Domestically Disabled Girl- I don't even know your name but you are still hot--wow I have not said THAT since collage.......

12 people fed my need for attention:


Thank you so much! I am very honored.


Hot damn!! :) I will certainly be posting this tonight when I get home. How exciting! Thank you thank you Cammie. Enjoy your hotness.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

You are Hott!! Congrats on the award!


We already knew that...

E @ Scottsville

Awwwww, Thanks for the award and the shout-out!

You're too kind! =0)

The Rambler

Of course your hot!



Congrates...you are hot!

I totally agree with the talking on the phone before you even say hello...give me a second

The reuseable pads...LOL


Thanks kitten! You are on fiah!


You certainly are! Congratulations!

Drama queens mum

Congrats on your award. Happy St Pattys day.

Bee and Rose

Well, of course, you're a hawt-ie! That's why Edward loves you!

Thanks for the awesome award!!! It's very timely with my PMS and all...cause I really am hot...alot...

(you are awesome...thank you for sharing this with me!!!)


you are a hottie! so you deserve it:)

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