Friday, March 13, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba.....reason #421 why I drink

For those of you out there that may not have the JOY that is Yo Gabba Gabba in your life......let me ruin that for you now.

Now that I have burned your retinas let me tell you all about this train wreck. This boys and girls is Yo Gabba Gabba.

Every day D.J Lance (the freak show in the skin tight orange jumpsuit) brings his little friends in their radio case to play. He pulls them out and they come alive to teach all the children about eating healthy, being nice to others and how to be safe. Seems innocent right? Well, I am a firm believer that if you slowed the dialog down or even played it backwards that they would be telling the children to do drugs and put the cat in the microwave. They are just THAT freaky.

Let me introduce them.

On the far left we have Muno. He is the one that looks kind of like a sex toy with arms. He tends to act like an asshole and needs to learn manners from the others.

Next to him is Fufa. Like FUPA with an F. And if you don't know what FUPA stands for I am not going to tell you. She is so happy and cheerful that I want to kick her in the face.

Plex is the yellow robot and is the only one that I DON'T want to kick in the face actually.

Broby is the "little green one". He seems to always be the one that needs some sort of guidance

Finally we have Tootie "She likes to have fun" oooooookay.

Throw in a random music act for the super music friend show, Biz Markee who teaches my children how to beat box, and a random C list celebrity to show them a "dancy dance" and you have Yo Gabba Gabba

I remember the day that the Gabba's came into our life. As I stared in horror my children were mesmerized by what could only be described as the Teletubbies on crack. Broby (the green one...are you paying attention?) only ate the pancakes and bacon off of his plate (which we got to see singing and dancing in Broby's stomach) and left behind the fresh fruit....what happened next I have tried to block from my memory but I just cant--folks the fresh fruit CRIED because they were left behind and did not get to go to "the party in the tummy"

While Pierce and Mallory watched I sat in terror because I knew....I just KNEW that they were to become permanent fixtures in our life. This was at least a year ago. I have 18 episodes in my DVR because you just never know which one Mallory will want to be watching that day.

I long for the days of Blue's Clues and Dora........Yo Gabba Gabba makes me want to cut myself.

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E @ Scottsville

So I should count my blessings that my kids are too old for that, huh? Whew!!! =0)

Mine were back in the Blues Clues and Teletubbies days. =0)


just for you, my love!,,20265490,00.html

Janna Bee

That show freaks me out too. Thank god DRew didn't show any interest in it. There is no room in his heart for anyone but curious george.


My daughter loooooves this show! besides Muno looking like a sex and his friend looking like a giant condom and well Dj lance the show isnt all that bad well maybe it is but my dauhgter does actually learn good songs from it!!


Yeah...this show freaked my out when I watched it too and I just can't help laughing at them because they are just so stupid. I never noticed the things you did though. Freaky.

I'm just me...

I refused to let my daughter watch Yo Gabba Gabba whe she was smaller. Now when it comes on she tells me "Yo Gabba Gabba's on and it's stupid, turn the channel!" I am soooo glad she hates this show.

Bee and Rose

I cannot bear it when these awful creatures show up on my TV. Cat is completely mesmerized by DJ Lance and his wicked minions...

Kristina P.

So, apparently the creators are Mormon, and one of my Mormon blog friends posted about how her kids watched it all the time, and she was so sick of them.

Someone posted about tearing fellow Mormons down and how mean she was!! Hahaha!


I came to know Yo Gabba Gabba one rainy afternoon. Luckily, my kid was barely talking and not able to tell me what he wanted to watch. We have avoided them like the plague since then. I sat, horrified, for a half an hour! I feel for you. I really do.... Wine? Xanax? Gun?

Rosie at Vino Bodega

In defense of the crying fruit...well, maybe not!

And I thought the Bananas In Pajamas were freaky! yikes! thank God the only thing driving me nuts these days is Hannah whats-her-face, The Wizards of Wacky Place and Star Wars

You mean the one with the box is a dude?

Rosie at Vino Bodega

shoulda posted this as your reason for opening a bottle of booze!

Mommy of M's

I could't agree more, I.HATE.THAT.SHOW. I just don't understand it. That dude in the orange is just gross to me. The first time we saw it Hubby and I were in awe. We turn the tv off as soon as it's time for it to come on. I think it is the DUMBEST thing I have ever seen.

I am sooo showing your post to Hubby, he has such issues with that show!


Thank God I have teenagers. (Never thought I would say that!) Thomas the Tank Engine was our favorite. TTE undies were how I got my son potty trained. My daughter was upset they didn't make them for girls, too.


Holy crud you crack me up! That was hilarious! We don't get to see many of those shows because we are out of the house by 6:30...but that was stinking hilarious.

Sorry for your pain though. :(


I have not actually seen they show, except for flipping channels. I don't slow down out of fear that Abigail will fall in love with them and I'll be forced to watch those creepy looking things.


THIS WAS HILIARIOUS! I have somehow been spared the agony of this show. I thank God for this every day. And also the Teletubbies.

I am a lucky woman and I count my blessings daily.

I feel for you. I do. Maybe removing all sharp objects from the house is a good idea?


Connie Weiss

Gabba is a perment fixture in our house. In fact on Mallory will unwrap a GIANT Fufa for her birthday. She loves Fufa!

You forgot to mention MARK, the freaky dude that draws pictures. Mallory was scared shitless of him for a long time!

Did you know that you can buy DJ Lance's hat and glasses?


Theres a party in my tummy, So Yummy, So Yummy...

Make it STOP!

I have learned to located the LAST button on the remote in my sleep so I can avoid watching this train wreck.

Domestically Disabled Girl

No~ I will never meet those weird little things. even if I don't have a job next year. I wont.
Luckily? Mine were never into Barney or Teletubbies, but I saw enough Thomas the train....


I have no words... I never knew you were such a hater of your sweet nephew's favorite show! The only kid show Dave and I can tolerate and the only thing that can get rid of meltdowns. We are anxiously awaiting new episodes next month!

By the way..Mark is Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo - he's multi-talented!


My kids love it and I call it Sesame Street on acid :)

Drama queens mum

I don't think I've heard of it. My daughter doesn't even know who Dora is yet. She just likes Elmo so far.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I am so glad i don't have cable.


Yo Gabba is definitely the life in our house. We still do Dora and Diego and Blues...but YG has become good fun for the 11 year old and Hubs as well. Figure THAT out. :)

Jim Brochowski

My wife gave one direction to babysitters through the years that had nothing to do with emergency numbers or where we were going.

"Do NOT let them watch Barney."

You have our sympathies.


Hahaha! "makes me want to cut myself" Hahaha! That's how I feel after too many episodes of Dora or Diego!


Cammie, I am total, absolute agreement with you about this show. I actually blogged about it last month:

I used to think Barney and Boohbah were bad. They're nothing compared with this crap. I watched one episode--just one--and I wanted a Xanax afterwards. Or at least something to kill the pain.

The Wife O Riley

"There's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy!"

Yeah, I've seen it one or 2 million times.

It's better than that Boobah show.

Team Och

I agree....C-R-E-E-P-Y!!! I HATE that show!


I'm a mean mom. I won't let my kids watch. Main reason being that it scares me, but also because I think the orange guy looks too much like a sex toy too. Talk about weird.


my name is jineen and i like to dance.....

Sally's World

most kids shows frighten the hell out of me!!!i had recurring teletubby nightmares through my sons early years!!!

i have an award for you, come get it......


I swear that when my kids would watch Teletubbies, they would misbehave the rest of the day. I actually did a little experiment one month, noticing the days they watched the show and how they behaved. I'm convinced there are subliminal messages coming through on these shows.

I feel for you. At least Gabe likes Scooby Doo and Goosebumps shows. No stinkin' Gabba Gabba for us :)


I'm only responding to get the title of your post off my reader. Also to say that I read the warnings long ago of this show and thank my lucky stars my children have no clue who this idiots are.

Bless you.


okay...this was so so true and funny...teletubbies on crack! Oh, and did you know, you can get that orange hat thing the guy wears at TARGET...i think I have a coupon.

3 Bay B Chicks

This post is exactly why I adore you so, Cammie. Seriously.

You ability to express yourself through the written word is a gift. :)



YOU ARE A GENIUS! seriously i am typing up my post on this exact thing but went as far as calling muno a dildo looking thing. and totally that her name was fupa. and was linking to urban dictionary.
we should be blog friends. great minds think alike.

i was just looking for images to go with my post and found your blog.

i'm so glad i'm not the only one that has these thoughts.

you are RAD!

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