Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Since I forgot to write everything down this past week I am NOT going to be pulling stuff out of thin air.
The most important thing that did NOT happen this past week......I did NOT spend all day Thursday in a foul mood because BFF NYKelly was in here in Ohio for a meeting and would be unable to get together due to time constraints. Then when she called with about one hour of free time I did NOT fly out of work like the building was on fire to go meet her at the Airport to have a quick drink with her compliments of her (hot) boss. If that had happened it would have been the highlight of my week because I heart her big time.
Friday night was NOT spent at a Mexican restaurant with my work BFFs consuming margaritas and chips and salsa. We did NOT have conversations of an R rated nature in a family restaurant...I wont name names but there was NOT homework of a dirty nature assigned which apparently was rated A+ the next day.
We also did NOT buy a pop up camper this weekend. If we had, I know that this may come to a surprise to some of you because what kind of high maintenance girl goes camping? I am NOT super excited about kids are NOT going to love it at all.....If we HAD bought a pop up camper it would be because this high maintenance girl actually LOVES to camp. As long as it is not in a tent.
I was NOT super excited to ship Joe off to play poker one night this weekend. I love spending every waking breathing moment with my husband and I did NOT have a hard time deciding if I should rent a movie or catch up on Desperate the end I did NOT do both.
Yesterday when Mallory and I laid down to take a nap at 12:30 we did NOT sleep until 4:00. Oops. I imagine that if we had taken a 3.5 hour nap that would have resulted in Mallory being awake and ready to party like a rock star until 3AM this morning. In my bed. If that had happened then I would be one super cranky tired mommy this morning who was also NOT late to work because she had some motivational issues.
Happy Monday. I'm NOT about to fall asleep at my desk.

31 people fed my need for attention:


Great Not Me's! Have a wonderful week!


love it! in exchange for respexcting sleep for 3.5 hours, your daughter was off the hook for the rest of the week! not to mention that lost hour from the time change.... good luck staying awake!


For someone who pulled her Not Me's out of thin air, you did a great job! Loved it! I used your "drop it like its hot" line the other day. My hubby cocked his head and looked at me funny! I guess he isn't uber hip like me! LOL Great Not Me's! Have a wonderful day! ZZZzzzz

Just A Chic...

She'll sleep good for you tonight mommy. ;-) (maybe)

Mommy of M's

Where will you be taking the camper??

I love to go camping!!


I am NOT jealous that you got to go out and have margaritas.


So if your daughter did not keep you up until 3 am, then my husband did not keep me up with his tossing and turning all night, and he did not call in sick! Good luck staying awake today!!


These NOT ME Mondays are really fun to read. I'm almost tempted to join the fun....but I already have my Monday ritual. Hmm...dilemmas.

E @ Scottsville

Wow, congrats on the pop-up camper! That's MY KIND OF CAMPING, too! =0)

I'm so glad you got that one hour of time with your friend who was in town. I know getting to see old friends can just MAKE MY DAY! (OR WEEK)


Great post
I'm glad you got to spend time with your friend and hope you guys have lots of fun with your camper.

That is going to make for some GREAT reading (of your post)

Your homework assignment sounds very interesting!!

Bee and Rose

Hahahaha on the killing Tinkerbell comment!!!!

You rock my world every Monday! and hey...LOVE the snuggie-wearin' Edward over at Kristina P's place!!! LOL!!!!

Domestically Disabled Girl

Yes, we did the same nap thing yesterday! I was ready to party all night. Hopefully tonight will be better!
I am glad you got to visit with your BFF for even a little bit!


Great not me's!
Stay awake, don't fall asleep at work....


oh what a fun weekend, I am tired just reading this. And also drooling the thought of Mexican food....


Kristina P.

I totally do not want a pop up camper!!

The Bush Family

Great Not Me post! I so did NOT laugh my ass off to the point of NOT waking my sleeping boy..LMAO


That's a good idea!

Alexis AKA MOM

Girl you crack me up! I can't believe you didn't stop and write everything down, so dissappointed ... LOL


Still laughing so hard. However, had noooo idea they still even made those pop up tent campers.


You did not buy a pop-up camper! Road trip!

The Wife O Riley

You can read the R-rated review of what I did NOT do this weekend tomorrow morning.


That was really a great set of Not Me's! A bunch of BFF's together would never lead to an R-rated conversation. ;)

Stephanie Piontkowski

Love your blog Cammie, especially Not me Monday. But did I read correctly that my fiend, whom I have invited camping and she replied with a swift "No Way In Hell", say she bought a pop-up camper??
I'm impressed :)


you have conversations of an R rated nature?? Nooooo! I don't believe it!


Oh...I want to have a time like that...


I fricking love you. That is all.


I love R-rated convos with the girlfriends. That's how I spent last Friday night! It was a sorely needed night out!

The time change must be killing you right now!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Naps, Margarittas and chips and salsa......I need a week like this!


Really! You in a camper? I just spit my drink through my nose..bwaaahahahaha.

The Rambler


My favorite times are with BFF's having margaritas and talking like truck drivers....I mean that is so NOT my favorite things to do :)


I want a camper so bad!!!! I am so jealous!!!

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