Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I did not win the lotto

This is a sad day. This was the day that I was supposed to win the lotto. However my plans have since been thwarted by some asshole in New Jersey. Jealous? Moi?

See the thing is.....I'm not greedy about it. I would have been willing to SHARE those millions (evident in the fact that I was in on a pool of 97 people here in my office). I would have gladly accepted just ONE of those millions. Heck I would have taken $500,000. Okay, seriously....I would have taken $50,000
I am not under the impression that money buys happiness. Not at all. What money does buy is shoes, purses, a mac Book, makeup, and new wardrobes for myself and my family. THAT buys happiness.
Sure all those millions could buy a kick ass house but unless it came with a kick ass maid and a pool boy that looked like Edward Cullen I really would not be interested anyways.
Really though....I would have been happy just winning enough to pay off my house, cars and that damn student loan that has lingered longer than my knowledge from said degree did.
So screw you personinNewJerseywhowonmymillions. Way to crush my dreams. I suppose I will have to continue to live with my husband/soul mate who I adore and the 2 best kids in the world in a house that does NOT have a wine cellar.....without my macBook. Or pool boy.

26 people fed my need for attention:


What a jerk!! How could they win our money???? I want the pool boy!! Maybe we can win next time...


I've always wanted to know one thing...who drives around at night changing all the Lotto Billboards? You know...the ones that have the numbers that change when nobody wins!?

Sorry for your loss! I guess I mean, ALL our losses!!


Hmm, screw the pool boy (not literally LOL) - I just want the maid!!!


I was disappointed too... what does one person need all of that money for... he/she could share... I was supposed to win and I would have shared too!!

Jim Brochowski

We played Friday, and nobody won so at least I have no personinNewJersey to be angry with.

Besides you know me, I don't really want a million dollars anyway. $75K would do just fine. :-)


Sorry the lotto didn't get your memo that you were supposed to win. I hate when that happens.


my mom and i constant;y talk about what we'll do when we hit the lottery. if we think positive then good things will happen, right? isn't that the whole premise of that book the secret or something?!

Janna Bee

I'm right there with you. I don't want to be greedy- 125,000 would be great, you know to pay off our house and student loans, and to go on a kick ass vacation. That's not greedy, that's just good common sense. Alas, we didn't win this week either- what is up with that?!?

Bee and Rose

What a loser! I just want to go kick some New Jersey a$$ right now!

If I win, I'll send ya a few bucks...and Rob Pattinson in the flesh...

Just A Chic...

Ya know...since I heart you so much, if I win my millions first, I'm gonna share with you. I will give you the money to pay off your bills, buy a new purse, and a new wardrobe for your family and even throw in a pool boy for ya.

Just don't hold your breath waiting for my millions to be won.


Somebody came into my office today and said that the winning ticket was sold at Citgo in my Podunktown, KY. Now, I am assuming that isn't true since there is a person in NJ claiming the fortune. Bummer! I was hoping I might be related to newfoundbagillionaire and could hit them up for some cash! Oh well, maybe next time! :)


Obviously I didnt win either.

Sad sad sad day for those of those that may have spent those millions wisely!

Alexis AKA MOM

LOL I thought of you when I heard the news. Then I tought man I really need to start playing. Wouldn't that be nice to pay off the house, and those stupid credit cards that they keep calling about. LOL


Doesn't he know he's supposed to share? Sharing is the right thing to do. I mean, he's got change to spare now! Sheesh! ;0)

Drama queens mum

Aww, there's always next time. My hubby told me the other day that if we win a million dollars we can get a Winter house in FL. yay. Okay, I know we'll prob never win, but it's a nice thought.


And what do you want to bet DudeFromNewJersey wastes it all on "man things" (cars, games, tools, etc, etc, etc) and ends up flat broke in five years?

I'm not being biased against the sexes or anything. It's just that I saw some documentary last year and basically 8 out of 10 of those people who win it big, are broke within 5-10 years.


Kristina P.



Pool boys are overrated. I hear they wear shirts in the winter.


I'm trying to remember who's bloggy friend's daughter said the phrase "Dang Flabbit!", what it yours?? If yes, what is the post for that?


i didn't win the lotto either....of course i should really start playing, that way i acutally can say i though i might :)
better luck next time!


Damn it!

E @ Scottsville

Ha ha ha, I didn't win either, Dang it! Oh wait - I don't play. I guess I can't expect to win if I don't play, huh?

Sorry you didn't win.... =0)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I always say I am going to win the lotto but I never buy a ticket. Maybe I should start....


I am sooo happy to learn that I am not the only one who feels the people who win really ARE cheating me. I mean...what CAN I do to get a little help my the student loans? Or seriously...gas in my car? Anyone? Takers? No? Well damn.

Connie Weiss

BASTARD! Sorry you didn't win.

3 Bay B Chicks

On the flip side, Cammie, at least you are still here in blogland with the rest of us. If you were to have won said millions, you would have up and left all of us. I just know it. Then where would we all be?

We'd have to start a letter writing campaign to whoo you back to the internet. It would get all degrees of messy.


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