Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Things That Chap Me Arse

Since it IS St Patty's day I went with the Irish titled version of "Little Pet Peeves Tuesday" hosted by the lovely Melissa over at Mama-Loco. Since Melissa is one of my real life besties I suppose I had better respond to her gentle request on her blog that I participate in her Tuesday game. Please note that I am typing this list of TOTAL randomness in my head in the voice of Desmond from lost (brotha) in keeping with my Irish theme.

First off.....MAN is it annoying when someone shouts you out on their blog and pressures you into coming up with things that piss you off. I am SUUUUUCH a happy person (thank you meds) that actually being forced to go into a dark place and make myself angry....on purpose....pisses me off. mmmmmmmWAH.

My dryer. You know, the one in my house. It is really on my list these days. It keeps shrinking my clothes. damn dryer

People who begin speaking the SECOND I pick up the phone at work without first offering me a hello, their name, screw you, nothing.

The chick at daycare who always sound like a 5 year old tattle tale when I pick up my kid. I have not seen him for 8 hours....don't greet me with "Pierce had trouble listening at circle time today" Trust me, I know he is not an angel, I'm his mother. Let me hug him and THEN tell me if he has been a pain in the arse.

Target. Yep, the store. These past few days I have been searching in vain for 90210 Season 3 on DVD (the original 90210). Season 3 is by FAR the best what with the whole Brenda/Dylan/Kelly drama. I'm almost finished with season 2 and every Target I have been to (BOTH OF THEM) is sold out of season 3. I had to ORDER it on Amazon and pay shipping. You would think the people who control such things would know that since season 3 is the BEST it is imperative that there be PLENTY on their shelves. Pay attention Target....don't make me switch to Wal-Mart

That's really all I got...If you want to play along with Melissa and have a great vent session go check her out. I will try and do a better job of paying attention to things that piss me off this week.....but like I said....I'm full of sunshine and roses allllll the time. Takes a lot to rattle my chains......

11 people fed my need for attention:


I hate it when I answer the phone and I say this is Lori and they call me Marie... It's like screw you I said Lori....

You are such a good friend to Melissa..


Things that "chap" your arse?...that's hilarious! Vaseline or Desetin might help! chapstick only if you are desparate!


You absolutely crack me up. I love reading your blog!


'I'm full of sunshine and roses allllll the time. Takes a lot to rattle my chains'

Who is this and WTH did you do with Cammie?

Kristina P.

Wow, you are one angry woman!!! Orrrr, maybe you're just normal. :)

E @ Scottsville

Ahhh, another 90210 fan. Loved that show!!!! =0)

Just A Chic...

Come get your award damn it. Or I'm gonna get pissy and have to list you in my pet peeves! ;-)


Yeah my dryer really ticks me off too! It keeps losing my socks, LOL! Fun, random Irish rant! And love the nod to Lost. Desmond has the best accent!

The Rambler

OMG....my dryer has the same problem. We must have bought them from the same place :)

Bee and Rose

Grrrowl!!! You go get 'em tiger!


i love the title:) i hate people on the phone that can't get my name right and then mail me something with the wrong name, yeah i am relly gonna buy into whatever you're selling....you can't even say my name!

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