Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Oldie But Goodie.....

I was remembering this craptastic night the other day for some reason and went digging through the archives of the kids site to find it. It never fails that whenever Joe goes out of town, my life is going to suck until he returns. never. fails. This is a first class example.....from June 26th, 2008

So last night ranked pretty high up on the "really crappy parenting nights" list. First off, last night was Joe's last night out of town for work. We saved up ALL the drama for this last night. Around 1130 I woke up and thought I heard our home alarm going off. Turns out it was the tornado sirens (I guess this IS better then home invasion). Pierce comes flying into my room literally shaking he is so scared. There is nothing going on outside so I'm not really sure at this point why the sirens are going off so I turn the TV on. Oh. THAT is why they are going off. The entire county is all sorts of shades of red, pink, purple on the radar. The excitement on the faces of my local weathermen (really? both of them are in?) lead me to believe things were about to get really crappy.

By now Mallory is also awake but so far no drama. I told Pierce I was going to run downstairs really quickly and get a flashlight on the off chance our power goes out and I will be right back. 30 seconds later with 2 kids stuck up my butt I get downstairs and can't find one. Call Joe, scream about lack of flashlights in frustrations (yes, everything IS his fault when he is out of town) find a flashlight, head back upstairs. By now the storms are starting to roll in and with it Mallory's panic attack. I know that I tend to be dramatic but I kid you not when I say she screamed, and shook, and got all sweaty for the next 3 hours non stop. It. Was. Awful. She would start to fall asleep (still moaning) and then those damn sirens would kick up again (yes, they kept going off thanks to the lightning, super) and she would start all over. Pierce told her at one point to be quiet because he was trying to watch the weather.

Joe called about an hour in "sorry honey, can't talk, cant hear you over screaming" We probably should have been in the basement but since our (chipper) weathermen said there was not *really* a tornado but more like the chance of one I decided to take my chances upstairs. You can mail my "mother of the year award" anytime.

3 hours later things settle down and we fall asleep (sort of, kids on top of me all sweaty, Mallory still shaking). I wake up at 7...coincidentally the same time I am due to be at work, call to say I will be late, and take 2 super cranky sleep deprived children to school. Upon leaving my house this morning a spider that had to have been missing from our local zoo ran across my garage floor scaring the crap out of both me and pierce…….he is hiding under my van (the spider, not pierce) and I'm wearing flip flops. Fun to watch me put kids in the car seat knowing that he was there. Waiting.

While leaving daycare I can hear Mallory screaming for me all way down the hall and out the door. Head right to Tim Horton's for coffee, call my mom only to hear that she "slept through it all" (thanks mom) and get to work where I sit now trying very hard to stay awake.

Joe comes home tonight and I will be going directly to bed

Ahhhh. That was a really really shitty night. I'm hoping that Mallory's fear of thunder storms is over now that spring is coming.

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Mommy of M's

I remember that storm, M2 hadn't been home from the hospital for too long and we were scared to death! Hubby ran around like a crazy man trying to set the pack n play up in the basement.

Good times!


Yikes! I hope they are too! :) My hubby gets all freaked out when storms come a brewin. He turns into those weather men that take off their tie and jacket. Pacing around. Flipping from one channel to another because the radar is going to change dramatically. It is really annoying! I can't wait for my kids to pick up on it and scream bloody murder! Fun times!


1. *I* would have been running shaking scared to your room, too, had I been there!

2. Everything is definitely the husband's fault when he's out of town/not home. Especially something like flashlights. ;)

3. 7:00 AM to be AT work? Hooo, no...I'd be fired from that job pronto. There's no way. No wonder your day begins at Dark O'Clock.

4. I hope everyone handles the weather better this year - or even better, that you don't have such storms as that this year!


One night when we were still living in Missouri we spent the entire night in the basement due to storms. Thankfully, we had a TV down there so we could get the low down about what was going on topside. It was a seriously bad night for tornadoes that night. A lady was killed in the town over when one hit her trailer (why do they always hit trailers?).

KC Mom

Oh gosh...this is like deja vu reading this post!
I don't like those sleepless tornado nights...when the husband is gone...with no flash light...and spiders in the morning. Uggg.
Thanks for visiting my saucy blog today. :)


That is one craptasic night! And what is with the sirens, like the storm isn't loud enough, they have to add that to it!

Here's to no more nights like that. EVER!


Frustrating I am sure...but the way you tell it, I had to gigle a little...

Kristina P.

I'm glad I live in an area where all we get is snow.

Connie Weiss

When I lived in Colorado we had tornado watch/warnings all the time and they used to scare the heck out of me!


I remember that night!

Just A Chic...

My Lord...I don't know how you survived work the next day. I would have just slept in.


Wouldn't that be the luck that it happen when he's out of town??

I probably would have slept through it too...lol!

Janna Bee

That sounds really crappy. I hope you get some good sleep tonight!


Ugh, I remember you posting about this. So not fun! =(


Tornadoes are so scary--one went by our house when I was growing up and took out our neighbors house but not ours. It's amazing the amount of destruction they leave behind!

Bee and Rose

The very first thing I demanded upon moving to Springboro OH a few years back was a basement. I threw a huge hissy until hubster agreed to put in on the houseplans. I spent lots of time in that basement! I HATE TORNADOS!!!!!! I would be right with Mallory..a quivering mess! Poor little pumpkin! I totally get that!

Another stellar post (as usual!!!)

Alexis AKA MOM

OMG I've never had to deal with a tornado one, a flood one once and it was wild couldn't have slept thru it. I hope today gets better!


I'm pretty sure I would have anxiety equivalent to the sirens if I lived anywhere near tornado territory! YIKES!


Oh Gosh, I really feel your pain if anything is going to break or fall apart or need to go to hospital, it is BOUND to happen when DH is away...and he went away A LOT last year...I was a little like your Mallory by the end of his 3 month stint working away!


Ros is terrified of storms.. and to be honest, so am I!


I am so glad that I don't live in your state. ;)


We don't get that many tornado warnings in CT...however, last summer, I was watching the news, and the weathermen highlighted two spots on the radar where there was some "spinning". Coming. To. My. Town.

The next day I get to work, and one of my colleagues asks me about the tornado that almost touched down one town over.

Now I wonder where I can hide out during a thunderstorm...well, some days, that is...

Drama queens mum

That sounded like a horrible night. We don't get tornados around here, I don't think so anyway.

The Wife O Riley

The last time the sirens went off here, I found the girls in the bathtub where Emerson dragged her mattress and put it on top of them. She didn't even leave room for me!


i never have had a tornado where i live, but we had this one time where there was a lot of wind....and the trees were swinging ....and i said wow, it almost seems like a tornado....
haha,my kid has like 3 flashlights in his room "just in case mommy, just in case"

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