Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the winner is........

whew. I seriously think I may have gotten carpal tunnel from all of the give-a-way entering yesterday!! Now I'm just going to kick back and wait for people to tell me I won their prize. waiting. waiting. ummmm.

Okay, so MY give-a-way......I used Random.Org to generate a number and it gave me the number 9and sooooo the winner is Shalee from Sometimes It's Good To Be Speechless. I know that she would probably prefer Edward Cullen (who yes, for those who asked is the uber hot vampire from the Twilight I love him.....) but I just can't seem to get him to leave. Probably because I have him tied to my bed. oops.....did I type that? So Ariel movie it is! Yeah Shalee!!

Thanks for everyone who came by to play! I scored some new followers (Holy crap over 100!!) and I hope you stick around for the fun! When Im not giving away movies (which is every OTHER post on my blog but this one) I'm usually making fun of my kids, husband and my life in general!

And now back to waiting for those prizes to roll in.......waiting...........

10 people fed my need for attention:

Bee and Rose

Yay for Shalee!!! How perfect for her since she is moving to a yacht!!!

Congrats on the hot 100!! You are certainly most deserving!!!

(and umm..when you're done with Edward can you send him over to me? I realize you are probably doing your signature evil laugh at my crazy suggestion, but his abs are all I think about and that's totally your fault!)

Kristina P.

Boooo. I mean, congrats to the winner!


Congrats to Shalee! I didn't make it to any of the giveaways yesterday--it was cleaning day for me:(


awwww, so you are keeping edward for yourself, thats ok, i totally get it:)
good luck on winning!


Congrats Shalee!

E @ Scottsville


=0) {Fingers are crossed for ya - which makes it rather hard to type!}

Alexis AKA MOM

Yeah my girl one! She is so sweet and perfect! Congrats girlie!!!


Congrats on the new followers! I haven't given anything away which is why my followers are staying in the low numbers. But then again, my followers have all been very loyal, so I won't trade them in. :) (p.s. - I think having a man tied to your bed is perfectly acceptable mommy behavior.)

Rosie at Vino Bodega

Did you check out Jacob's short hair and hardbody last night on, was it Entertainment Tonight? I feel like a dirty old lady! I guess I have a thing for wolfboys

anyway, congrats on hittin the 100 mark and I so enjoyed your Not so Monday post! and everything else!Enjoy, or not, your new pop-up camper!


Congrats Shalee. I never enter giveaways because people tend not to want to ship internationally. Anyhoo think of it as increasing your chances by 1.

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