Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh yes I DID buy a snuggie

***This blog post is dedicated to the fabulous KristinaP Who made me accept that there is no shame in owning a Snuggie***

I did it. I bought a Snuggie. Don't judge me. You don't know what it was like week after week hearing KristinaP talk about her love for the Snuggie, seeing all the wonderful ways that she uses her Snuggie to better her life. In fact, just over the weekend she took her Snuggie to meet TONS of other bloggers at a brunch. Imagine that....bonding over the blanket with sleeves.....bringing bloggers together.....what a beautiful world we live in.

My Snuggie even came with a book light. So while I am reading in my Snuggie I can have the perfect lighting......sigh.....

There is however a small problem. And by small I mean about 40lbs.

Upon seeing my Snuggie Pierce gleefully announced......"Mommy!!! You bought me a SNUGGIE!!!! Now I can read a book, and work the remote...and still stay WARM"

He then proceeded to hold my Snuggie hostage for the remainder of the day.

Once again I am suffering from Snuggie envy. Perhaps I should just put my robe on backwards and shut up.

I did get to wear my snuggie for a bit last night while watching my boyfriend Edward on the Oscars.....I am happy to report that in no way does the Snuggie interfere with my ability to life the wine glass to my mouth. In may have made the experience so much I did not have to remove my arm from the confines of a blanket and risk a chill in doing so. Long live the Snuggie.

PS---I'm not posting my Q&A post until you can still ask away if you so desire....and FINE....mommy board friends...I will entertain your questions, just don't be assholes. MMMMWAH!!!

32 people fed my need for attention:


Oh please say you did NOT!! In all honesty, yeah...I can see 'YOU' with a Snuggie :P

Country Mouse, City Mouse

Kristina has made it look so fun. My son is always asking for one too!!

Shalee- Be Speechless

okay thats it... I am going to get one... :D

Mommy of M's

I've been eyeing the Snuggie, it just seems so wonderful to me!


i am sooooo buying a snuggie and tucking it into my uggs......maybe my extra large size won't be so noticeable......
its like a blogging snuggie loving cult....
i'm still holding out though :)
can't wait for the post tomorrow!


Cammie, I am seriously dying over here about this post!! My husband would be soooo jealous!!
Hugs, Jill


Lol! Well, maybe you'll get a turn at the Snuggit tonight.


I'm jealous - I want a Snuggie. I never thought of turning my robe backwards...hmmm.

The Peacock Pearl

i've never heard of a snugie before, but my kids would probably luv luv love it... they are always cold at breakfast and it would work great to let them keep eating.

oh and thanks for dropping by! :)


I am saving up so I can buy a Snuggie for everyone in my family.
That way we can be just like the "family" in the commercial, hanging out by the fire pit in the Snuggie, going to sporting events in our Snuggies and we would do so much more!

Walmart in Snuggie
Church in Snuggie
In-laws in Snuggie
Parent Teacher conferences in Snuggie
Family night out bowling in Snuggie
In the fall, going to the pumpkin patch in our Snuggies...
the list is endless!!!

So I am saving up, 4 Snuggies are not cheap.

I am envious of the free light too!

DiPaola Momma

No you did-ent! My DH is dying 4 one.. I just told him to put his bath robe on backward!!! stoping by from Janna Bee's blog to say hey SITSta! Happy Monday.. Um can't help but notice you have a Twilight thing.. let ya in on a couple of secrets..come hang arround the Nuggets (my blog) I'm in the running for a short preview of the next flick to be reviewed on my blog.. AND I'll be giving away a FRIST additon of Twilight (perhaps signed by the author) when the movie comes out!.. tempt ya?

Dawn Parsons Smith

Now I definitely want a Snuggie! Love the picture of Pierce! How cute is that?!

I thought about you the very second I saw Edward on the Oscars! lol!

You must do a photo shoot with your Snuggie!


OK, this made me laugh. Thanks for giving me the confidence to come out of the Snuggie closet! I have wanted one for a long time now.

Now, back to my little Blog Jog. But, I am getting a runner's cramp. Can I take a breather here for a minute? :-)

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

MY boyfriend looked so HOTT at the Oscars last night. I am so gald he finally cut some of his was getting a little to unruly.

Long live the snuggie!


To funny! A snuggie!
Thank goodness the snuggie didn't interfere with you wine!


Hahaha... you bought a snuggie! Okay, ahem, sorry. I'm glad you are enjoying your purchase. If Snuggie came with said wine you were drinking- than maybe I would buy one!

Pierce looks very cute wearing it, though!

I Am Who I Am

It's like a whole cult of Snuggie lovers over here!


I have been going on and on about the Snuggie to the point that my husband was going to buy me one for my upcoming birthday...until I told him that as much as I would like one, I would prefer a new IPOD for my b-day, thanks anyway!Have fun being Snuggie :)

Kristina P.

Hahaha! I LOVE it! It really is the most awesome thing on the planet.

I am planning a Snuggie giveaway in a couple of weeks, so tell your friends!!

Sally's World

Hi I just found your blog, love it, certainly made me smile. xxx

Jim Brochowski

What is the going rate for a backwards robe?

I say - if it makes you comfortable, that's all that matters.


We keep seeing the TV commercials for it and then we saw it at Walgreens the other day.

Becky's ALWAYS cold and I keep telling her to get one, only to the responce of, "Oh, HELL no!"

That's it! I'm getting her one. And I'll put just about any amount of money down that I won't be able to get her out of it once she has it! LOL!

Kamis Khlopchyk

Peirce sounds suprisingly like a TV commercial ;-)

I think we have something like that, we got it as a wedding present 10 years ago. It's currently be used to protect the leaf from our dining room table.


Oh no. Now you have to get one for everybody!

E @ Scottsville

Ha ha ha, we've been making fun of Snuggies and yet I kinda want one too! Wish someone would give me one as a 'gag gift', cuz I think I'd LOVE THE THANG!!! =0)

I'm glad you got one!


Snuggies = Awesome.

The Wife O Riley

I stood in the store holding one in my hands but I put it back. I think I'll go back to get it.


My four year old wants one so badly! Should I break down and get it?? LOL

Can I submit a question? Since we both have "roughly" forty pound problems....

Q: What is the funniest (or one of the funniest) things you remember your son saying to you?

Alexis AKA MOM

OMG I love this, Rick told me he would divorce me if I got one ... LOL. I think it's because I buy things whatever is hot and new and then it sits in a closet. Cole saw it on TV and was like I want one. I said hun those aren't for kids, so what happens next the commercial shows a kid. Cole looks at me like a just commited a mortal sin for lying. Oh Geez! Now you have one, crap how can I sneak one in the house? :)


Ya know what? I'm really NOT surprised to see that you bought a Snuggie! LMAO!!


I'd buy a Snuggie just for the book light...

But here's the real question: Have you bought a ShamWow yet? :)


Okay, but what about your back? Doesn't your back get cold?

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