Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tag, Im it! Things that mad me MAD

I have been tagged by Mrs Och for a "10 Things that piss me off" meme. FUN. I enjoy complaining from time to time so this will be therapeutic

1)Winter. Yep, the whole darn season. I could not just pick one aspect of it because there are soooo many to choose from. Icy driveways, dirty slushy roads, the feeling of the inside of your nose freezing when you breath....and my favorite....big ass hunks of ice flying off of semi trucks that you never know if and when they will hit you. Yep, Winter pisses me off.

2)Dieting. I know that SOME people try and tell me that it is "not a diet, it is a lifestyle" Bite me. I hate dieting. I don't WANT a Lean Cuisine meal I want Chipolte. mmmmm, Chipolte......

3)I mentioned this in a post of mine waaaaay back at the beginning of my blog but I am bringing it up again because it really grates on my nerves. People who laugh for NO REASON AT ALL. Like they are nervous about something. I said it then and I will say it now....what are are you so nervous about? Do you have a dead body in your car?

4)Having some of my bestest friends EVER live in dumb places like Texas, New York and New Jersey. Now before you get your panties all in bunches take note....I really don't think these places are dumb at all.....I'm just bitter that I don't get to see these girls without spending money to get there. That said TOMORROW I fly out to play.....Wonder if I will have my very first "blunk" session while I am there? (blogging while drunk....get it) Wow....I just got off track....

5)When my husband answers a question I ask him with the word (if you can call it that) "eh" This gets on my nerves SO badly and he knows it. From here on out I am going to interpret "eh" to be the answer that I WANT. So if you don't want me to go shopping say "NO" not "eh" because "eh" means that I am bringing home like 8 pairs of shoes.

6)People who hurt their children. I had such a hard time with this yesterday and I don't want to get into thinking about it again but let me just say.....I hope these people get hit by the karma bus big time.......I try to "hate the sin and not the sinner" as I have been told but I want to dig the eyes out of anyone who hurts their own babies.....with a fork. I am not a violent person but this realllllllllly pushes me towards the edge of it

7)Parts of the "system" This is a new one right now because of a family member. Parts of the system that say you can't have a restraining order against someone unless there is "enough" incidences to warrant one. So what.....??? Call back after he assaults her? mmmmkay.

8)Whining. not to be excused with WINING which would be on my "list of things that make me happy" The ability of a child to stretch a one syllable word into a 5 syllable word is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

9)My Dryer. My dryer is out to get me. Not only is it notorious for eating socks as most dryers are but mine shrinks my clothes. All the time. Sometimes more then once.....the dryer shrinks them.....yep.....that is my story......damn dryer

10)Lastly....BARKING. This is a problem. I have 2 very small yappy dogs. I want to put a shock collar on them. The things they bark at include but are certainly not limited to
-toys that make noise
-anything living that has the audacity to step into our yard
-the act of standing up....yes, sometimes when I stand up to walk into another room the littlest yappy dog FLIPS OUT. Like he thinks he has to protect me from the unknown.
-each other. One cannot bark alone.

I'm not tagging because I think we could ALL use this therapy session and if you want may have it!

21 people fed my need for attention:


Um thanks, now I really want a burrito.


I can't wait for the blunk post! :)

Kristina P.

I am SOOOOOO over winter!!


Cammie girl - you are a riot!! I going to snatch this one and when I'm really PO'd (which won't be long, I'm sure) I'll post this one!!


LOL! I'll save this topic for when I'm in an ill mood and then post away!

Hey Mama where's my...

You had to go and mention Chipotle didn't you! I may have to do this post too soon, I think I need a vent session, thanks~


This post is cracking me up!!! Thanks for the good laugh!
Hugs, Jill


Cute tag
Glad you were able to get all that out!


this is one of the funniest tags i've ever seen! ;)

The Rambler

This was the BEST list I've seen in a while! I laughed so hard at the laughing for no reason one...I don't know why, then thought

'Shut up, Cammie's gonna bloggy slap you!'

And I can't believe you have the same dryer problem! :)


Okay, I needed a good laugh, so thanks!!!! And I'm right there with ya on many of 'em. ESPECIALLY THE WHINING!!!

Bee and Rose

Blunk away, sister! Oh, and gee I gotta drive 35 minutes to Tucson to get my steak burrito bowl at Chipotles...and some chips and guac....and then I'll probably have to hit the mall next door...yeah, my hubs is gonna love you today!

Bee and Rose

UGH! I mean to spell Chipotle! I promise I'm not a bad speller!

Mommy of M's

I might have to copy this one. It never hurts to complain sometimes!!


Great list! I think I'm with you on 7 out of 10. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


OMG! I totally agree w/ all of these!


I think we all feel better after reading this! I agree with you but you said it better than I could.

Aunt Spicy

Oh gosh, I am just smiling reading this! Totally support you on #2! THanks for stopping by, I am glad you did so I could really enjoy reading your blog!!!

Alexis AKA MOM

LMAO. I so agree with diet, lifestyle my rear! And I think your dryer and my dryer are the same path of distruction. You know the distruction of my ability to smile thru tears when nothing fits ... LOL

The Wife O Riley

LOL!!!! I may do this soon! I feel some hate coming on!

Drama queens mum

Oh no. I'm not gonna delete you. I consider you 1 of my bloggy friends. I just add blogs that I never look at or the person never updates it. So I'm going to delete them.

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