Wednesday, February 18, 2009

um. wow..

Holy crap!!! I don't do speechless all that often (and fear not, I'm not doing it now) but my mouth hit the floor when I opened my blog up today! 114 COMMENTS!! A bunch of new followers (welcome to my nuthouse) and now I need to up my meds because I'm stressed I wont be able to "bring my A game" every day.

Thank you guys SO much for making my day....when I started this blog last fall I was not even sure how often I would update.....I have a site for the kids after all, what did I need another one for (drunken weekends with my girls that I don't want my grandparents reading maybe?) Doing this has reminded me how much I LOVED to write when in high school and college much fun it is to put my personality into words, and I don't even have to sleep with the professor to get a good grade!! (okay, kidding.....or am I???)

A BIG thank you to pimped me out for 2 days straight.....ohhhh, scandalous. Hope Netter does not mind.....

Stay tuned for tomorrow when the topic of the day will be poop. yep. poop.

34 people fed my need for attention:


Congratulations on making it to 114!!! That is awesome! Sometimes, I can't believe that 10 people want to read my blog! I am really not that interesting. But girl, you are funny! Who are you kiddin? Here's to 200 on that 200th post! :)

Kati Sue*

I suppose I am just adding another comment to moderate.. but I heart your blog!

Just A Chic...

I don't like all blogs that I read but yours is definitely a favorite. Keep on keepin on. ;-)


Congrats!! I knew you could make it!!


Yay, Cammie!! Way to go! I'm proud of you!

Mommy of M's

Congrats Cammie, that's awesome, but then again, did you expect any less? You are TOO funny NOT to read!!

Jenny and the Princess Peonies



You go girl! Way to rock the blog world!

The Bush Family

Yay!!!! And I was gonna do my topic of the day today as Poop...LMAO! a new puppy means alot O'POO! LOL!! So glad I started following you :)




That is awesome! I love reading your posts, and I can't wait 'til tomorrow. Being a nurse, poop is a subject I know LOTS about :)

Kristina P.

That is awesome! You deserve a million comments!

Bee and Rose

Yippee! You did it!!! I love your blog! It is my "must" read every day!

I hear ya on the whole "A" game thingy! My post today is completely lame! lol! PMS is getting this sister down! I don't think you could ever write a bad post, Cammie!

You are a superstar!


Congrats! I have been doing this for 3 years now and have never gotten to 30 even....114 is quite an accomplishment!


Wah-hoo! Congrats on exceeding your goal! You fantabulous! =D


Wow 114 now that's impressive.

Have a good day


You go girl!!

Janna Bee

Look at you go! You rock!


Congratulations. It felt great when I hit 100 posts...but I've never had 100 comments! You go girl!

America's Next Top Mommy

Woot, Woot!!


WOW 114 comments! Good for you! Can't wait until tomorrow.


Woohoo - congrats on exceeding your comment goal!


Poop...this should be interesting!

Alexis AKA MOM

Yeah that is sooo cool girlie! And heck I'm so jealous with all those followers ... LOL. You rock girl!

The Rambler

Congrats on making the 100!!

I knew it would happen :)

And btw you kick A$$!

Jenni Jiggety

I am glad you made it!

Jim Brochowski

Pretty simply I believe that great talent should be recognized. I'm glad for whatever part I might have had in making that happen.

You should be proud of an awesome blog! You already bring your A game everyday, and as many comments today have noted - I consider your blog a "must read." In fact, yours is the first blog I read everyday.

Congratulations Cammie. You deserve it.

& yeah Netter is okay with me pimpin' you out for a couple days. ;-)

As I said, I'm glad I could do it.

Party on!


Wow that is some serious comment love! Hey I'm from the Columbus area too! Nice to meet ya neighbor!


What fun! I'm happy you made it. I see that you love the Twilight stuff. I have wondered about the books, but I haven't jumped in yet. Cammie, you write like you have the best sense of humor and I will be back to visit again and again.


Woot! We came to leave a comment, and stayed for the poop;-)



i am so glad i found my way to your site and got to be part of your 100th!
i am definitely waiting to read all about poop, it is such a big part of our lives and yet does not get the attention it so rightly deserves!


You've been tagged...for Thursday. =)


That's awesome! Now, if we could just get people to click on ads.... Hmm, I'd never have to work again. Sigh. Maybe I'll try this 100 Comments thing. I doubt I'd ever get 100 though! LOL


Yes, you are our goddess! and we love you!




You definitely bring your A game to every post! I love your posts! I always read them and have a huge smile on my face!

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