Friday, February 6, 2009


here it is calling you favorite people....bitches

learned some stuff tonight about my friends that I did not need to know....still think you kick ass. drank a bottle of wine.....our hostess is already passed friends kick ass. the pics.....they are not right......maybe.....maybe will post them later.....especially since i am not in any of them.....yeahh.......bottle of wine.....gone.......mel from mama loco.....too lazy to make the link so you can click on it.....she is hammered.....okay, no she isnt......but let's pretend she super drunk......

drink. drank. drunk

8 people fed my need for attention:

The Rambler

LOL....I love 'blunk' posts!

Hope you and Mama Loco are having a blast. Can't wait for the morning after posts.



You crack me up! Enjoy blunking! I am a bit jealous BTW!
Have fun and be safe!
Hugs, Your bitch aka Jill

I Am Who I Am

Too funny!

The Wife O Riley

I am so jealous!!! Have a wonderful time!

Dawn Parsons Smith

Just how many bottles of wine do you think you'll be hittin' this weekend? I wanna get blunk too...lucky blunker...


This is gonna be good - I can't wait!! I'm livin' dangerously through y'all!!

3 Bay B Chicks

Nothing like getting drunk with the ladies in Jersey and then posting about it.

Let the good times roll! Oh wait...I guess they already are. :)



You are too funny! We SO need the pictures! LMAO!

Have flun and be slafe!

Later Tater!

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