Friday, February 13, 2009

Almost there......almost 100!!!!

Darnit. When I went to post today I was sure that this was #99 and that I would get to tell you that on MONDAY I will have the big 100. Well crap. I'm only at 98. I am STILL going to post #100 on Monday and I'm hoping to get 100 comments and I need you all to whore me out....sigh....just like the good old days....I mean....ummm. Never mind.

In the meantime.....I have an AWARD from BeeandRose. Thank you my dear! I will also have to come up with something witty to post this weekend when no one really reads anyway because on MONDAY I will be POSTING #100. Just making sure that you are all paying attention.

Frankly, this guy scares me a bit. He is like little orphan annie/alien who is sweating. But I love awards so I will take him. But I'm keeping him for now....I don't have the energy to pass him out right now....I will try and remember to do so next week. Yes I know.....I suck.

This award is given for "lovely and witty comments and for always knowing the right thing to say at the right time."

Yep, that is how I roll.........just ask my friends......and my husband.........

20 people fed my need for attention:

Shalee- Be Speechless

Well I will be there when you post your big 100! :D And I will give you a sassy shoutout on my blog :D


I will def read your 100! And your 99! I am one of those losers that checks blogs over the weekend. That's how I roll... :)


Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on Monday.

Kristina P.

Yay for almost 100!

Bee and Rose

We will be here loud and proud with our comment love! I agree about the poor little bald dude. He looks kinda sad to me..maybe he needs a hug...You just rock my world with your witty self!

I will give you some linky love on Monday! Now go find some slinky whore clothes and get out there and whore yourself till the comments come home!


He is a little scary!

yay almost 100! I'll be back Monday!

Happy Valetine's Day Eve


That makes me laugh as I too am so stuck. I think of things late at bed and just don't get up and jot them down. Then, in the morning, I am so "what was THAT great point for my list I wanted to write down?"

Anyway, your post today was great.


hi cammie! almost 100! i will def. be here monday, even i fi have to post many comments myself, you'll get to 100 :) and i'll read tomorrow too, cuz i check every day, cuz i have not much else to do :) happy valentines day, one day early :)

Jim Brochowski

I read on the weekends, and everyday that you post.

Your stuff is just that good.

Looking forward to #100.

No pressure...


WHOHOO! 100 posts!

(I am just practicing for Monday!)


Congrats on your award and I'll be here for your 100th!


Oh man, I will definitely try to read your 100th! If I forget, then come leave me one and that will remind me. And I'm not just feeding my need for comments when I say that. Ha!

I really will try to get back here on Monday!


Jenny and the Princess Peonies

Um he's scary....

You do like the Targay right? Or do you prefer the Starbucks???


Congrats on (almost) 100 posts!

The Wife O Riley

I'll pimp for ya on Johnny Depp Monday.

I went to post tonight and I reach 300 yesterday and I didn't do anything. I will have to get my duck in a row for 350.


Congrats on the Award!

Drama queens mum

Happy Valentine's day.


Bee And Rose is my new bloggy buddy!

Congrats on almost 100!

Christie-A Work In Progress

Happy 100th post! Wow you had a lot of great lists! I hope you make it!


Well, I'm here to help you get 100 posts! It's so hard to do. I'd love to get 100 posts someday. Right now I'd just love 50! :)

I see you are a Twilight mom as well. I just LOVED those books. :)

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