Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am an open book

Thanks for playing Q&A with me. I got some good questions out of you! So, without further's time to play What do you want to know about Cammie.......

Kami wants to know---"How did you choose the names of your children?" Actually, we had BOTH of our children picked out before they were even conceived. I had Pierce's name in the back of my mind before I even met Joe. It is my mother's maiden name. Had he been a girl we were going with Anna after Joe's grandmother. Joe picked out Mallory's name from guess where......"what will we do baby....without us......sha na na na na" Had she been a boy her name would have been Jack.

JananaBee asks....."Are you going to have any more children?" Well Janna let me put it to you this way.....Joe is no longer capable of knocking me up. I on the other hand can have another baby anytime I want to also have a divorce.

Crazy girl BeeAndRose had a few questions for me...."how much wine does it take to get you seriously wasted these days" Well Ms BeeAndRose my answer might surprise you.....I actually can cap a nice buzz on 2 glasses of wine. Based on my antics of my Jersey Train Wreck weekend to get seriously wasted I need 2 xanax and a full bottle of wine. She also wanted to know "The weirdest thing you have ever done while drinking wine?" I stole a very large plant from BW3 once in college (this is a wings type eating place) Very large. Walked right out the door with it. "Are you a cheap wino or do you lean toward pricier wines????" For the most part I am an equal opportunity wine drinker. I stay away from the likes of Boone's Farm though. "red, white...which do you or bottle?????" Ahhh the good old days of boxed wine....or as I liked to call it.....a party in a box. I'm mostly a red drinker but I also like white.

TheBookKitten asks...." would you react when you finally got some sleep in your house?" Since she is new to my blog I wont tell her that me getting some sleep would misalign the cosmos and thus make the world disappear like the island on Lost. Kitten....truth be told, I would probably implode.

Yaya wants to know What my favorite color is and how I met my husband. Well yaya....I can't tell you my favorite color.....that is WAY to personal. However I will tell you about meeting Joe....I had just gotten dumped by some asshole when my aunt decided to start nagging me to meet this guy she worked with. I kept telling her I did not need my AUNT to hook me up with a boy thankyouverymuch. shut her up humor her I decided to meet her out with a bunch of other people including Joe. We were engaged 7 months later. Um, thanks Aunt Janice.

Jineen asks...."When did I get my Uggs and what kind do I have" Joe got them for me last Dec for my bday---I have the kind that give your feet orgasms when you put them on. I mean...I have THESE ones

She also wanted to know "Where is the craziest place I have ever done the deed" That would be the library that I worked at in college. oh the irony of the book loving girl getting busy in the library....WAIT.......this story is not true at all. I saved myself for marriage. uh huh. sure did. "Would you like to write a book? What kind?" I would like to. I would have NO idea how to do it. Believe it or not I would like to write a children's book. And why oh WHY could I have not been the person who thought up Brown Bear Brown Bear....that book is SO not rocket science. Jineen also asks if I enjoy celebrating the holidays and if they include wine...... Yes, I LOVE Christmas, Thanksgiving, ect. I love when my entire family gets together. And yeah, there is generally a bottle of wine in my purse somewhere.....

Bee and Rose is back.....this time with "Why did you choose your wedding date? Was it based on time of year? Time off work?" We knew we wanted to get married in the fall sometime. I picked Oct because it usually has the best fall weather.

TheWifeORiley throws in...."Describe the worst trip you have been on" Thankfully I have always had great vacations (knocking on wood here) However....back in 2000 I had to go to my companies corporate office for a week of training. This normally would not have been a bad thing...I had been the year before and had a decent time. This week however....sucked. I wound up with some random roommate from another I spent a week in a hotel room with someone I had never met (and it was not even scandalous....) PLUS we had a tornado one we were ushered sans bra and makeup in the middle of the night with all of these co-workers into the hotel hallways. Good times that trip.

Francesca at 3BayBChicks wants to know how my parents came up with my name. There is no excitement behind this at all. My dad saw it in a book he was reading. My middle name is after my grandmother.

In keeping with the "Year of the Hula" Hula wants to know what I have done for ME lately. Well, I took a couple of girly trips in the last 6 months, plus some scrap booking here locally. Mostly I just try and get a little book time in every day

Alexis wants to know my most embarrassing moment. Well I actually have TWO. One that had the potential to really suck, and one that DID really suck. Before I started working where I do full time I spent 3 summers as an intern. My very first summer was back when we still had to wear panty afternoon I came out of the bathroom with my hose stuck in the back of my dress. HAWT. Thankfully the ONLY person who saw me and thus came to my rescue (Jodi I know you you remember this?) was my friend Jodi who YEARS later would become my roommate. Bless you Jodi. God forbid anyone random see my panties. Without having bought me a drink first. Fast forward a few years....I am late for class in one of the biggest lecture halls on campus. This classroom has steps that are far step, walk a few feet, another step. Got the visual? Good. Now picture me falling down one of the steps. In the middle of the lecture. The professor actually had to control himself so that he did not laugh at me. Awesome.

Heather asks me...."How long have you been scrap booking? Who is your favorite scrapbooker (famous one, that is)? Have you ever gone on a scrappin' retreat? If yes, where?" I actually started scrap booking before I knew what it was. I'm talking slap some construction paper down in an album with sticky pages and cut some pictures out to add. I did not get serious about it until about 2001. I don't really know that many famous scrappers so I will have to go with Heather are my favorite famous scrapbooker....and you are famous because of the 86 followers that read my blog who know that you made me a kick ass book for my girls weekend. I have been on a few in Ohio in Amish country with some friends...we stayed in a beautiful hotel with about 4 wineries nearby....thus my fondness for "scrapdrinking"

And finally.....a new blog friend Tooj wants to know the funniest conversation that I have had with Pierce. Those of you who know me here in the real world know that this is an every day occurrence with him. One of my all time favorites though had to be regarding an old hat of his. Please take note of the following:

I have no clue what he is doing in this picture but it is the best example of him in his Gap hat. Please note that it is about a second away from popping right off his head. He is probably late 3 early 4 in this picture and he wore this hat EVERYWHERE for a good 2 years. One day I was trying to explain to him that it no longer fit. The conversation went something like this.

"Hey bud, come here...I want to show you something. points to the size tag inside his hat that says 18-24 months See this tag right here? This tag says that this hat fits you if you are TWO years old. You are not two years old are you??"

Pierce points to the OTHER tag inside his hat....the one I never cut out that says "please remove before wearing...I think it was the security tag "See this tag right here mommy? This tag says it fits" He then promptly put his hat on and walked away from me.

WHEW. That took a loooooong time. If you decide to play this on your blog, please let me know so I can come ask you some questions too!!

28 people fed my need for attention:

Team Och

That was SO fun reading more about you. I love keeping up with your blog, you are hilarious.

Kristina P.

Love this post! It was so interesting to get to know you and your naughty librarian side!!

Mommy of M's

Wow, Great post!! You are such a good writer!!


Hey! You didn't answer me! I want to know if I'm your favorite and if you love me the most!! :)


You got some GREAT questions! I loved it. Q&A are great to read....multiple stories all at one reading...what could be better? Well, besides THAT type of multiple....


How cool! I might just post this one day!
"equal opportunity wine drinker" LOL
me too!


That was great to read! I think I would have busted a gut with you falling down the stairs, but when people fall and I know they are not hurt it is very funny to me....

Alexis AKA MOM

OMG girl your so brave and I LOVE it! Show it all! TY so much for answering my question about embarassing moments. I so was with you every step. OH girl that sounds like something that has happen to me! LOL yup soul sistas :).

Happy Wednesday girlie :).


What a great post! I didn't know that the whole dress in the pantyhose thing actually happened to people in real life, lol!

Bee and Rose

I loved reading your open book! Was it Buffalo Wild Wings where said plant was stolen? I love that place! Also, married in Oct too! Favorite month!

You could completely submit this as a fabulous memoir!


That was fun! I have another question? Is Cammie short for anything else or is it just Cammie?

I get this all the time and the answer is no for me, it's just Kami :)

And Mallory, that is so funny, every time I see her name here I totally think of Family Ties!


what a cute blog! I love your Edward "the only man I would ever leave my husband for" picture!



Jim Brochowski

I think it's very cool that you did this, and I must confess to being particularly intrigued by the ahem, uh library incident having worked in a library for 23 years.

No, I've never even had the opportunity. AND my wife would not enjoy such an adventure. :-0

Great that you put yourself out there to let folks get to know you that much better.

It would be nice if we could all get together sometime to meet in real life - yes?

Janna Bee

I loved getting to know more about you Cammie, you are one funny gal!


Foot orgasim's sound! Haa Haa, love it!

Drama queens mum

Cool q&a. I want some Uggs someday.


i love the naughty librarian side too! it truly does sound ads if your pierce and my kid might be two sassy peas in a pod!
i love your honesty!
i am a bit afraid to do a q and a.....
thanks once again for keeping it interesting!


You had me at "Uggs".


Very revealing girlfriend. Off to go buy me some Ugg Boots!


Great post! I still think you should have let me ask a question.


So good!!! I love that you stole a plant...I have a few drinks and I steal random junk, its baaaaaaad!!


You certainly saved the best for last. That conversation is PRICELESS! Hahaha!

Thanks for dropping by!


LOVE the picture of Pierce!!!


That's a great Q&A:-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I hope to see you back there soon:-)

Stephanie E

LOVEEEEEEE THIS! I sooo want to do that!


Oh my goodness I am joining your page. I am at work and I am crying you had me laughing so hard. You are hilarious girl! My goodness!


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