Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I don't do serious often but I need to get this out

I know that bad stuff happens all around us in the world and I know that it sadly always will. Most of the time news stories to not really "get to me" other then a passing moment where I think that something is just awful.

For some reason the case of "Baby Grace" has torn my heart up today. Today is the day that her evil piece of shit mother was convicted of murdering her beautiful little girl who is the same age as my daughter. She will rot in prison for the rest of her life. I don't know if it is because this family is from Ohio (although this happened in Texas) or if it is because when I see pictures of that beautiful baby I see my own beautiful girl and just ask myself what kind of mother hurts her own child? What kind of monster allows someone to convince them that their sweet baby needs to "learn manners" and that beating her and torturing her to the point of death is the only way to do it? A 2 year old beautiful little girl has lost her life to the hand's of the one person who was supposed to love and protect her above all others.

When I read that Rylie told her mother as she was being beaten that she loved her I sat here in my cubicle and cried tears for a little girl who probably never knew love.

I hope she is sitting in the lap of Jesus right now and does not remember the pain of her short life.

I hope her mother gets her ass kicked in prison every day.

I want to go get my babies and just hold them.

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So tragic! I too do not understand how a mother could do this to their own flesh. It makes my heart ache..literally.


It's unreal how horrible it is. However, I've heard that anyone who harms children gets serious payback when in prison.

Kristina P.

I completely agree. It made me think of my nephew that age, and it make me sick to my stomach. They should have sought the death penalty.


Stories like this tear me up inside ! How could ANYONE let alone this childs mother inflict such pain ? There are so many loving women in this world that for one reason or another cannot have a child & to see a woman like this that does not even deserve to breathe give a child life & then take it away ~ I just can't wrap my mind aroud it !


I cant even look at this story it hurts my heart so much. Your comments about the little girl telling her mother that she loved her, I can't....god, how awful. Just awful.


I agree 100%.I can't believe any mother could do that to their child, and yet it obviously happens.


Working in the "system" I see this everyday! It is unbelievable what people can do in the name of love!


you are so right! it seems like lately there is some kind of outbreak with moms leaving their kids, or hurting their kids. I don't get it, i mean i feel i can be honest here, i LOVE my kid, and though there are some days when i don't generally like him ( or more precisely his behavior) i always love him and never want to hurt him. never. and people who do? well an eye for an eye, you know? i hope they do terrible things to her, even though it will never equal what she did to her own child.
thanks for visiting my blog:)


I agree with you as well - her story and the other little girl, Caylee. It is all so horrible what people will do, but a mother, it is just awful, to awful to even think about the one person who is supposed to protect you above all others!! I hate to even think about what those little girls went through in their final hours :-(


i am not familiary with this story.
it sounds completely tragic, and i can't understand how any mother could do such a thing.

The Wife O Riley

That is so horrible! Some people are just monsters! I thank God for my children everyday and I don't even like to imagine anything happening to them.


Even when you lose your temper with your kids, how on earth could you let it get to that point?

This is an example of the pure evil that walks this earth right along side of us.

I'm sure Satan has a special place in Hell just waiting for her.


Cases such as Baby Grace is always tragic for me! I can never understand how any parent could hurt their own child.
I do believe that God has a special place for all young children in heaven. I also believe that karma is a bitch and this woman's karma will come back to her for what she's done.

Jenny and the Princess Peonies

I will never understand how anyone can do this to their own beautiful babies. It happens more often than we know. It is to sad to contemplate.


Oh you DO NOT know how bad this story pisses me off and not just because precious Riley was found 30 miles down the road from me.

I hope that witch get what she has coming to her and then some.

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